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  1. Every time I play Battleforge and I select exit game it crashes. If I don't go back to the Forge before exiting it BSOD crashes my PC. These crashes happen playing solo not multiplayer. It completely locks up my system causing Windows to lockup and not even Atl+TAb, Alt+F10, even Ctr+Alt+Delete do not recover from this. I have to manually push the power button off and then I have to go into recovery to get my system back and its slow recovery every time. This is caused from selecting exit game from options. I have Ryzen 7 5800X, 32Gb DDR4 3600 Memory, RX6800XT, Seagate FireCuda 520 M.2 SSD which the game is installed too. I have more then enough computer to play and this is a new issue before the last reset this never happened, it also does not happen on my old PC, which had Ryzen 7 3800x, and RX5700XT with same M.2 SSD. Can you please fit this issue.
  2. My channel where I stream Battleforge, and a few other games.
  3. The Log file you requested along with the crash dump file from the same folder. I don't know if its related but I found 2 large Battleforge Crash dump files in C:\Users\AppaData\Local\Crashdumps They are ( Battlefore.exe.4740 & Battleforge.exe.6656 ) This problem went from once or twice a week to every single match. My brother lives in the city 15 miles away and he is having the same issue at random. We both have completely different computers but both have 200Mb Xfinity Comcast internet. Any other info or help I can be let me know. log.txt crashdata.mdmp
  4. Every victory I get disconnect at same time it pops up Victory. The exact same time victory comes up disconnect comes up. Game sound freezes and game lockup and has to be reloaded. Its happening every match now, I have dozens more pictures. Does not matter if I am in 4 player rpve or 1 player rpve same issue. Still crashing..
  5. For the last 2 weeks now this is happening almost every 4player PVE match. I took screen shots of two of them. I have been keeping track of my XP and gold, I am not rewarded my XP when this happens but I do get the collected gold NOT the match earned gold either. Its not worth playing if this continues, after a 25+ minute match and you win, you expect the reward. Note does not matter if I host the room or join a room same out come. I am playing in North America and have 200Mb internet.
  6. I never hit the button to flip open boosters, I had my mouse over it but was pulled into a party. I looked through my cards and I see no change. I never open it, it was not there after I left that party and went back to look.
  7. I finished a match and received a booster for my quest completed. I was about to open and a person from the match that just got over started anew match it pulled me to that mach and my booster vanished and I did not get it or get to open it. Gone without a trace.
  8. I first would like to say Wow! Finally after all this time playing Battleforge again. It runs smooth no lag no disconnects and looks stunning in 4k except the UI is super tiny. I can't read the text, and the cards are beyond small. I set my display lower to 2K and everything gets super blurry and fuzzy and the UI is way over sized now. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks and keep up the great work.
  9. Wow!! I first would like to say Great Great job team!!! I read the Dev notes every Sunday evening for the last year and a half but I never comment I just keep following and reading. I set up my game today correctly several times. Avast keeps attacking the Updater Launcher even when I set it to disable everything, even making exceptions. I have to uninstall Avast completely in order to get the launcher to run. I did manage after hours of trying to get into the Forge. Looks very shape in 4k. After trying to join a game it locked up kicked me out
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