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  1. Yea I agree Lajesh is really one of the most unfun maps in the game. A removal is needed.
  2. Hirooo

    The Stress Test Open#4 26.01.19

    As always thanks for the great cast and organization
  3. Hirooo

    The ELO system

    Its matching you by your base elo. Thats starting off at 100k. You are just inactive when you begin playing so you are shown a lower score.
  4. Hirooo

    The Stress Test Open#4 26.01.19

    How do I wake up in time to play?
  5. Hirooo


    If you destroy your monument before it finishes building you gain 75 energy instantly but 25e are lost. In case of the monument actually getting destroyed while building I think you lose 100% of the energy. Unit/building abilities only refund 90% of energy cost as long as they arent toggles. E.g. Defender ability is 100% back to void and nomad spear is 90%.
  6. Hirooo

    Church of negation

    For that he has to play a unit to get spell presence to port units before they enter church range. Together with the rather tight power schedule for 3+ churches you can outplay and break a church. Winning on time once churches are set up is not easy considering all the enemy has to do is get spell presence for cursed well.
  7. Hirooo

    Church of negation

    In 1n1 you can most likely break the church. You are dealing damage against 1 kobold trick so spawn 7+ high HP units and get them into the church at the same time. The damage should be more than the one kobold can sustain.
  8. Hirooo

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    A defensive campaign map.
  9. Hirooo

    Netherwarp Green bug abuse

    So thats the topic worthy of your first post Aaabama? No idea why.
  10. Hirooo

    The Stress Test Open#3 08.12.18

    I like the idea to spread price pool down to reward most participants in some way. If possible with time concerns in mind a losers bracket would also help to increase the minimum amount of matches a player is able to play.
  11. Hirooo

    Building Cards (PvP)

    We should allow nether warp to move buildings that would fix all problemos
  12. Hirooo

    Stress Test Open#2(vs2) 17.11.18

    Considering how unstable lobbies are from time to time a disconnect at the start of the game (e.g. first 10 seconds) should not result in a loss.
  13. Have the same problem. Disconnect or crash when a lobby is launched. I am still ingame and the game finished loading for the other player.
  14. Hirooo

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello, I am Hirooo (or Tzinjo#9117) and was one of the best PvP players back in the good old days. To get there I spend a tremendous amount of time playing BattleForge. While I enjoyed the PvE part of Battle Forge I enjoyed competing in PvP even more. I loved crafting decks and figuring out how to optimize every color combination. Testing around with different cards or adjusting decks to watch list changes excited me. So with a reborn BattleForge as a possibility I spend a good amount of time talking about the game and planning what decks to play. Trying to remember how everything worked. As a result RadicalX, whom I played many matches with back in the days, and I wrote this PvP guide covering every single match up. I am a student and as such can create free time as needed. I am highly motivated to test and play BattleForge and will stick around as an active member. While reading the analysis of @Ultrakools gameplay by @ImperatorSK is fun some replays to analyze where he does not have to scream power management might be fun too. Greetings, Hirooo
  15. Hirooo

    PvP and PvE Wombo Combos

    I am pretty sure portal nexus only deals damage to friendly targets. You could try to tower with Motk or Stronghold. FoF Balsa is pretty strong yea.

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