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  1. Thats incorrect. Mountaineer for example will splash to air units.
  2. You pinned it a couple months ago D: I had somehow saved the tool over the years and was using it to rename replays en mass so thanks!
  3. My replay file of the same game. Seems to be a bit bigger. I got a normal victory screen. autosave.pmv
  4. Outright banning a shadow orb instead of using a point penalty would be better. It would be very weird to have to gauge what kind of players you can beat when using non shadow vs shadow for points.
  5. Curse Well Card Changes: • Energy Cost increased to 200 Discussed card changes: Curse Well is a very one dimensional card that removes all defensive options as soon as an enemy gets spell presence around a power well. While a counter attack with a temporary 150 energy advantage is a strong downside for wide spread use of Curse Well, the card is very oppressive in the match ups it’s used in. Because of that a multitude of rework ideas was discussed. While the card offers little interaction besides the temporary power disadvantage the alternative isn't exciting eith
  6. Thugs Card Changes: • Looter Ability removed Discussed card changes: While thugs see some use in PvE and the proposed change will diminish that, thugs are very problematic for PvP game play. They are highly impactful in the two most common match ups as they are strong in a mirror and against shadow. While their short term strength in most fights is not over the top, their efficiency due to looter is. Thugs can easily produce drastic energy advantages even when trading badly on the battlefield. Looter itself creates a lot of hidden strength in a game being very straigh
  7. Hello, in this thread I will present the first proposed change from the newly found Balance Discord. You can check it out here. We are currently still trying to structure the way we work but you can most likely expect a similar post for every card change we will propose. The first card we agreed to change is obviously not one targeted by heavy discussion but a simple buff to a clearly under performing card. Keep in mind while we can change core values like hit points redesigning abilities will have to wait. Greetings, Hirooo Twilight Hag Card Changes:
  8. Yea I agree Lajesh is really one of the most unfun maps in the game. A removal is needed.
  9. As always thanks for the great cast and organization
  10. Hirooo

    The ELO system

    Its matching you by your base elo. Thats starting off at 100k. You are just inactive when you begin playing so you are shown a lower score.
  11. If you destroy your monument before it finishes building you gain 75 energy instantly but 25e are lost. In case of the monument actually getting destroyed while building I think you lose 100% of the energy. Unit/building abilities only refund 90% of energy cost as long as they arent toggles. E.g. Defender ability is 100% back to void and nomad spear is 90%.
  12. Hirooo

    Church of negation

    For that he has to play a unit to get spell presence to port units before they enter church range. Together with the rather tight power schedule for 3+ churches you can outplay and break a church. Winning on time once churches are set up is not easy considering all the enemy has to do is get spell presence for cursed well.
  13. Hirooo

    Church of negation

    In 1n1 you can most likely break the church. You are dealing damage against 1 kobold trick so spawn 7+ high HP units and get them into the church at the same time. The damage should be more than the one kobold can sustain.
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