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  1. Do you also get the freeze when watching the replay?
  2. We could hide all Inc Mo icons besides one though 🤔
  3. What's stopping you from just not building them though? 👀 With unity and nature support its perfectly fine for anything really.
  4. What I find confusing about the reflected damage of the Evil Eye is its ability to damage units, who are currently getting dissolved. This is not the case with other damage reflects like Life Weaving or Wrathgazer.
  5. While I agree in general, NG changes are getting announced now and map changes aren't. 🤷‍♂️ No need to be so rude.
  6. Pretty sure Phase+LSS(g) clears but the T4 take would be very annoying to play :^) Thinking about it Comet Catcher Nomad should be less annoying to execute.
  7. 9:30 Short lag, Shatter Ice on coldsnaped Spitfire; Shrine of Martyrs, Insidious Mo active Second lag a bit later in the same camp but dont remember exact trigger; should be Shard+Shatter on Spawner + nearby units ~11:17 Lag the moment Frost Shard is played Frost Shard hits: 2 Spitfires + 3 hp sunstrider half squad+Juggernaut; Jugger and frozen Spitfire die, one Spitfire gets frozen Ice Age played a bit earlier; Wheels, Insidious Mo, Shrine of Martyrs, SoW, Dread active Does not lag in replay for me. 20220304_203556_GeneratedMap.pmv
  8. Freeze isn't really detrimental for static defense here due to access to North Star.
  9. Thats incorrect. Mountaineer for example will splash to air units.
  10. You pinned it a couple months ago D: I had somehow saved the tool over the years and was using it to rename replays en mass so thanks!
  11. My replay file of the same game. Seems to be a bit bigger. I got a normal victory screen. autosave.pmv
  12. Outright banning a shadow orb instead of using a point penalty would be better. It would be very weird to have to gauge what kind of players you can beat when using non shadow vs shadow for points.
  13. Curse Well Card Changes: • Energy Cost increased to 200 Discussed card changes: Curse Well is a very one dimensional card that removes all defensive options as soon as an enemy gets spell presence around a power well. While a counter attack with a temporary 150 energy advantage is a strong downside for wide spread use of Curse Well, the card is very oppressive in the match ups it’s used in. Because of that a multitude of rework ideas was discussed. While the card offers little interaction besides the temporary power disadvantage the alternative isn't exciting either. The match ups where Curse Well is currently strong in are those that have trouble translating tempo advantages into well kicks. Shadow Frost mirrors are a good example for that. If Curse Well becomes completely unplayable due to nerfs or no longer serves the same role due to reworks, the match up could easily end up at a state where you expect 30 minute score wins to happen. Compared to that scenario having a sudden death mechanic in Curse Well is by far the better option. We have the overall goal to reach a sate where tier 3 game play is highly interactive and does not easily lead to 30 minute games even without Curse Well. This would make the function, Curse Well fills, obsolete. But since we are a long way from that, the damage reworking Curse Well would do to the match ups its used in, isn’t justifiable. Once a better tier 3 balance is reached we will revisit Curse Well for a rework. Chosen card changes: We still want to limit the use case for Curse Well only to decks that aim to close out highly defensive match ups. For that we chose to increase the temporary disadvantage the application produces.
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