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  1. Name: Element of Surprise Tier & Orbs: T3 Colorless Type: Building Power Cost: 150 Hit points and Size: 2750, Large Attack value and Type: - Abilities: Control the Elements! Element of Nature - Powers the Crystal with the element of Nature, healing all friendly units within a 'x' radius for 'y' value every 3 seconds, for the next 30 seconds. Element of Frost - Covers the Crystal in frosty mist, greatly reducing the movement speed of all hostile units caught within a 'x' radius, for the next 15 seconds. Element of Shadow - Coats the Crystal in dark energy, pois
  2. Name: Shrink Tier & Orbs: T1 Nature Type: Spell (utility) Power: 60 Spell Effect: Miniature Warfare - Curse target hostile squad or unit within 'x' metres in a way that they go down one unit size for the next 30 seconds. Target(s) under the effect of Shrink cannot be cursed again. Explanation: I think a spell like this fits the color perfectly. It's a fun way to engage with units (in both pvp and pve) in a way like never before. I don't know about the technical difficulties/limitations but it'd be cool to see an L-sized Juggernaut.
  3. That artwork is sick. If I started today I would not be able to tell it apart from the og cards.
  4. Soultree, Sunbridge, Siege of Hope, King of Giants
  5. Due to lockdowns, crazy amount of time I might have in the future. I might take your advice and give it a go, thanks! And sorry for overreacting, you are or were in no way aggressive, I just felt like I was being a target for trying to be objective (or, in fact, brutally honest 🤣) about the patch. Whoops! Thank you for your post. I don"t want to judge too soon so I guess we"ll have to wait and see how things turn out. I trust the dev team and if they and the data they monitor say it"s a working system then I"ll have no problem with it. So far everything has worked out pretty
  6. I never said that it's an easy solution. I do think however that it's the better solution, long term. Besides, why do I feel this hostility towards me? I wasn't vulgar or aggressive, I am merely giving feedback, based on my experience. I appreciated the work, effort and dedication that the team has put in, some of it I like and some of it I don't. I was asked on multiple occasions and multiple social platforms by you, the developers to give my feedback on what would make the game better and here I am, giving my honest opinion. I am no developer so it's a little bit unfair to ask me t
  7. Thank you for your thorough answer on this matter. Some of my questions got answered but I need more clarification. Since you've brought it up let's stick with your example card, Infect. A highly sought after, ultra rare card that's always been expensive and I guess out of reach for some players, especially newcomers. It definitely shines in the right deck and makes life easier. But is it really a necessity? Not to sound like a broken record but I still believe that no ultra rare card is needed to finish the game (on any difficulty). I view it as some kind of a luxury item. Something
  8. There could and should have been limitations to the system. Outside of PVP (the mode that already offers basically all the cards, free of charge), the game can be easily completed with a limited collection. A limited collection means goals (expensive cards) to look forward to. At least to me. The game can be completed without needing any of the ultra rare and most rare cards. I agree that Shaman is a card that is essential in most nature pve setups and as such, should be included in the reforge system. Ultra rare and rare cards, however should remain ultra rare and rare, respectively. And not
  9. The system was already generous as far as bfp gain and card acquisition goes (daily quests, achivements), FAR more than the original design, it did not need a new way to crush higher end / rare card prices imo. Because of how reforging works, card prices are now tied to rarities rather than their usefulness or the value they provide in games. Bad rares and ultra rares will become valuable craft materials, despite how little they offer during actual gameplay, which is not ok with me. There are essentially no bad pack openings anymore as you can just sell 4 bad ones and buy something good o
  10. As a returning player here's what I think about the latest update: What I like: - new cards - the art on them, their models and the voice samples I've heard are all very high quality - balancing - I went through the patch notes and most of these changes make sense, spot on - new rpve faction - I welcome every change as it's my most played mode by a large margin and the tower defense mode is by far the most interesting idea that'll happen eventually I guess - avatar system - it's cool that you can collect these avatars under a new tab, again, quality work What I do
  11. There are lots. My favourite T1 card is Firesworn. My favourite T2 card is Lava Field. My favourite T3 card is Giant Slayer. My favourite T4 card is Maelstrom.
  12. If more and more cards are being pumped up in price then it's more likely to go even or profit with every booster you decide to open. If the prices rise, you don't buy individuals, you open packs. Since we can't buy anything for actual money this is your only option given that booster prices are fixed. Either this or you wait x days for the prices to normalize again.
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