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  1. Mark of the Keeper. I just love utility cards and 'Spellbane' is a great example.
  2. I don't...I do find it weird though
  3. Of all cards you go with Mauler? Wow. To OP: mine's Glyph of Frost. So satisfying in PvP
  4. Messing around in the Forge, listening to the wonderful ost while doing the auction house
  5. Ravenheart
  6. June
  7. Knight
  8. Let's just see the game up and running on stable servers and then, after a loooong period maybe we can discuss such massive changes to the core game. I'm not so sure the majority would welcome these changes and like RadicalX said some of these could potentially damage the market so bad it's not worth it.
  9. Voted for no change at all. There was GREAT satisfaction in upgrading my first deck to lvl 120 and it didn't feel like a grind to me. I don't want stuff handed over to me for free like in most games today.
  10. I might've eaten his cousin for lunch today
  11. Hell yea it's a repost but I don't mind these reposts tbh... Favourite card is prob Defenders or QueekQueek Frost Mage
  12. Please don't call it 'open beta' in that case...it's really deceiving...this is rather a second phase of closed beta. ( Is it open to every member? Nope. Only a select few are given access to the game? Yep. )
  13. Whenever I think of Battleforge Fathom Lord comes instantly to my mind so I guess Fathom Lord (and his epic voice) gives me the most nostalgia.
  14. Fire: Juggernaut Shadow: Harvester Nature: Windweavers Frost: Frost Mage