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  1. Open Beta Information

    I'm so ready to kick some Viridya ass
  2. How old are you guys?

    Why is everyone wearing a top hat and a moustache? Are they necessary accessories on these forums now?
  3. Card Art Rework

    Well, its definitely possible I'm far too attached to them Moving out of my comfort zone is not something I easily do..
  4. Card Art Rework

    The arts: they look awesome, well done. The orbs: I don't like them. They aren't as clear to me as the old ones; the orbs were much larger, you could easily see them even from a distance, they were positioned in a straight line which gave me the impression of something being well organized and they did not have 'shining' and other effects, just flat colors which I also prefer. There's no need to fix something that's not broken imho. That's all Keep up the good work!
  5. PVE, PVP or BOTH ?

    Its funny but its true xD I enjoyed messing around at the marketplace, hunting for the best prices, collecting promos and cheap ultras..darn, those were the times /shreds tears/
  6. PVE, PVP or BOTH ?

    Both. I played 30% pve and about 30% pvp (40% was market )
  7. Card Art Rework

    Hey thanks man!
  8. Card Art Rework

    Best looking art: Aggressor (obviously :D), Bandit Spearmen, Core Dredge, Giant Slayer, Giant Wyrm, Ice Barrier, Hurricane, Ice Guardian, Parasite Swarm, Rioter's Retreat, Shadow Mage, Spearmen, Vileblood Worst looking art: Burrow Ritual (wtf is this??), Cluster Explosion (the ugliest and laziest art ever), Earthkeeper (the unit is badly positioned in the picture even though he's in the focus), Earthshaker (I like the colors but the picture seems empty), Forest's Vim (almost as bad as Cluster Explosion), Green Peace (ugly)
  9. Card Art Rework

    No, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear..by Twilight and Renegade I meant the edition of the game, Twilight was the basic set of cards and Renegade was the very first expansion.
  10. Card Art Rework

    I wouldnt touch the Twilight and Renegade ones..they're really well made. Anything beyond that is up to debate imho
  11. Favorite Non-Meta Card

    Mark of the Keeper. I just love utility cards and 'Spellbane' is a great example.
  12. What is your favorite "this card is fun" card?

    I don't...I do find it weird though
  13. What is your favorite "this card is fun" card?

    Of all cards you go with Mauler? Wow. To OP: mine's Glyph of Frost. So satisfying in PvP
  14. MBTI Personality Test

  15. What hypes you the most about BF?

    Messing around in the Forge, listening to the wonderful ost while doing the auction house