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  1. Demiron

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

    Defenders, Parasite and Mark of the Keeper for the flavor and not so much for the effectiveness
  2. Demiron

    Open Beta Information

    All I'm gonna say is that while I *really* appreciate their work and effort they put in this project, they need to work on their communication..I mean, you set a date, you got people fired up, no words from the dev team..what were you expecting? Of course they are gonna come and rage (and let's be honest, they are not completely wrong doing so). That's just the way people are, man. I personally don't care wether it's a day, a month or a year till this thing becomes reality but try not to make promises you can't deliver cause this is how it's gonna end.
  3. Demiron

    Best cards in the game (?!)

    Strongest in PvP (1) - Firedancer - they just win games, man.. Strongest in PvE (2) - Easy Lost Spirit Ship Funniest one (3) - Giant Slayer - a little guy carrying a huge ass thumb on his back Most versatile one (4) - Windweavers Holds a special place in my heart (5) - Defenders
  4. Demiron

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    My favourite though was probably Titans..I liked the chaotic ending and the way we brought down Brannoc
  5. Demiron

    Who is around my age or older?

  6. Demiron

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    Anything but the map (cant remember its name) where the map was split vertically and Mo always got stuck in the end, ugh
  7. Demiron

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Move, you ragged goat!
  8. Conceptwise I like Bandits the most, gameplay wise definitely Stonekin. I kinda dislike Twilight because it lacks individuality, they all look the same.
  9. Demiron

    What was your favourite expansion and why?

    They lost quality with time; I remember Renegade being a *major* hit and the Amii Edition a huge disgrace and a slap in the face. Renegade had new models, new animations, new voiceovers, new campaign, and the list goes on. After that they just used old models and re-skinned them, most new units were mute with no new animations (except for a few spells maybe?) and no new maps whatsoever.
  10. Demiron

    Skylords Reborn Traders Union

    I'm totally in
  11. Demiron

    Skylords Reborn Traders Union

    At one point I had every promo card in the game..I did invest a couple thousand of BFP though. I mostly made my fortune with old Tome decks, for 1200 BFP you could end up with loads of valuable rares and ultra rares. I also occasionally held trivias in the chat for a few hundred bfps or cards like Mountaineer because a card like that probably meant the world for a pleb/kid just starting out
  12. Demiron

    You're favorite type of deck

    Well, I consider myself the builder type, I preserve things not destroy them therefore Shadow is naturally (he-he) out of the picture for me (sorry Shadow!). Nothing like an unexpected Heal just when your opponent thought he had the upper hand. Nature all the way, baby! (I like Frost, too.)
  13. If it came out today it would be so much more successful
  14. Demiron

    What do you do in life?

    Currently a sys admin at my local police station but I'm also starting my art studies in a few months' time
  15. Demiron

    Avatar of frost fanart

    I like the shading, coloring and details on that one. What software did you use and how long did it take you to finish?

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