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  1. If more and more cards are being pumped up in price then it's more likely to go even or profit with every booster you decide to open. If the prices rise, you don't buy individuals, you open packs. Since we can't buy anything for actual money this is your only option given that booster prices are fixed. Either this or you wait x days for the prices to normalize again.
  2. Been playing since release, other than the notorious night on Saturday I had no issues whatsoever.
  3. Demiron

    German Chat

    Ok, I've gone off-rail. Let's stick to Battleforge, or on a larger scale, to the Internet. Chances are, you are young (before your 40s), you play games, you watch streams and movies, you play with people from other countries. Unless you're really young there is NO WAY in Hell that you don't encounter English on a daily basis. You just decide not to use it because it's more convenient to talk in your native language.
  4. Demiron

    German Chat

    I don't know, maybe most people working in catering? Lodging? IT? You can insert almost any profession here and it still will be true. The only narrow minded person here is you, believing we are living in the middle ages where german people only speak german and nothing else. I could pack my stuff, get to Austria tomorrow and I'll be greeted by English speaking personnel in the first, second and third hostel I decide to stay in.
  5. Demiron

    German Chat

    Anywhere you go in the world the globally accepted language is English aside from a few exceptions. The forum is in English, Discord is in English, the patch notes are in English, official streams are in English. Not German. You MAY have the option to switch to German but it's not always the case. Meanwhile English is default everywhere. So yes, you are expected to be able to talk in English not just by me but the majority of the world.
  6. Demiron

    German Chat

    I just think it's flat out rude spamming the chat in german when you are 100% aware that there are non-german players present. You can expect someone to be able to speak English even if it's just for a couple of words, that's not the case at allwith German. If you want long chats you can always whisper each other or group up.
  7. Demiron

    Booster packs

    I agree on that with splashing green life becomes much easier but the most fun spells can be found in purple imo.
  8. You can't reroll your dailies more than once as far as I know. I sure can't.
  9. You've set some kind of parallel in your mind that anything too easy or not annoying enough means the game's eventual death. That one should feel some kind of accomplishment when doing these quests. You're wrong. It's the unnecessary, time-consuming things that make everything worse, there's absolutely no logical explanation as to why I shouldn't earn the same bfp in the map or mode of my choice instead of doing pretentious things like wasting my time with chores. You know, so I wouldn't have to go through 30 minutes of doing things I don't like to get to the actual fun part. And let's skip th
  10. The whole existence of dailies is inherently flawed in a game such as Battleforge in my opinion. Daily quests were put in to encourage gameplay and the sake of having dailies. But if there were no dailies and instead I was given the extra bfp for spending time in ANY map I'd be having fun 100% of the time. What they stand for are redundant and the same could be achieved by simple game time.
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