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  1. Hirooo

    Balance Proposal: Thugs

    Thugs Card Changes: • Looter Ability removed Discussed card changes: While thugs see some use in PvE and the proposed change will diminish that, thugs are very problematic for PvP game play. They are highly impactful in the two most common match ups as they are strong in a mirror and against shadow. While their short term strength in most fights is not over the top, their efficiency due to looter is. Thugs can easily produce drastic energy advantages even when trading badly on the battlefield. Looter itself creates a lot of hidden strength in a game being very straight forward in communicating advantages or disadvantages. A dropped well or monument or a couple energy parasites getting to your power well unhindered are very clear sings something went wrong. With thugs and the included looter you would have to analyze a replay carefully to know the amount of energy created over the course of an engagement. Its very hard for a player to judge if his current play worked out and how strong he is compared to his opponent. Because of this we wanted to rework looter as whole. One idea was to change the energy generation from creating new energy to only take energy out of the void pool of the player. This would keep the concept of looter in place. Units in combat would create a short term energy advantage due to increased void return but would not quickly snowball a game due to energy generation. But since we are currently heavily limited in whats possible to change we will have to wait a while on an ability rework. We still plan to reintroduce looter to thugs once we can redesign the ability. Since looter was the trouble point of thugs, we discussed if they would need further nerfs or buffs without the ability. The removal is a drastic reduction in efficiency and the unit did not dominate dazed fights before the energy generation changed flow of battle. Further reducing its strength did not seem necessary. It was pointed out, that thugs themselves are lackluster in stat/energy efficiency as they are comparable to several 50 energy cards in tier one. The slot thugs fill in fire is rather unique and the use case for the other 50 energy cards is very different. Here is a more thorough explanation about the topic from RadicalX: Chosen card changes: While we are not convinced, thugs will be in a good spot after the removal of looter, we would like to test how they perform without the ability. The nerf might warrant a stat increases to keep them relevant. While looter is in the game it is very hard to calculate, how strong of a buff would be needed. Because of this we chose to remove the ability keeping in mind we might have to buff thugs soon afterwards. As soon as an ability rework seems feasible, we plan on revisiting looter and might adjust thugs with a reintroduction of the ability. Update: Since we now expect to be able to change the looter passive in itself, we will not change thugs until the passive gets changed.
  2. Curse Well Card Changes: • Energy Cost increased to 200 Discussed card changes: Curse Well is a very one dimensional card that removes all defensive options as soon as an enemy gets spell presence around a power well. While a counter attack with a temporary 150 energy advantage is a strong downside for wide spread use of Curse Well, the card is very oppressive in the match ups it’s used in. Because of that a multitude of rework ideas was discussed. While the card offers little interaction besides the temporary power disadvantage the alternative isn't exciting either. The match ups where Curse Well is currently strong in are those that have trouble translating tempo advantages into well kicks. Shadow Frost mirrors are a good example for that. If Curse Well becomes completely unplayable due to nerfs or no longer serves the same role due to reworks, the match up could easily end up at a state where you expect 30 minute score wins to happen. Compared to that scenario having a sudden death mechanic in Curse Well is by far the better option. We have the overall goal to reach a sate where tier 3 game play is highly interactive and does not easily lead to 30 minute games even without Curse Well. This would make the function, Curse Well fills, obsolete. But since we are a long way from that, the damage reworking Curse Well would do to the match ups its used in, isn’t justifiable. Once a better tier 3 balance is reached we will revisit Curse Well for a rework. Chosen card changes: We still want to limit the use case for Curse Well only to decks that aim to close out highly defensive match ups. For that we chose to increase the temporary disadvantage the application produces.
  3. Hirooo

    2v2 Troll-nament

    Outright banning a shadow orb instead of using a point penalty would be better. It would be very weird to have to gauge what kind of players you can beat when using non shadow vs shadow for points.
  4. Hello, in this thread I will present the first proposed change from the newly found Balance Discord. You can check it out here. We are currently still trying to structure the way we work but you can most likely expect a similar post for every card change we will propose. The first card we agreed to change is obviously not one targeted by heavy discussion but a simple buff to a clearly under performing card. Keep in mind while we can change core values like hit points redesigning abilities will have to wait. Greetings, Hirooo Twilight Hag Card Changes: • 785 hit points changed to 850 hit points • Femme Fatale Ability: 100 energy cost changed to 50 energy cost Discussed card changes: Twilight Hag barely sees play in its current state. The card isnt viable in PvP and doesn't perform strongly PvE either. This means we are purely talking about increasing the cards strength in some way. One aspect we talked about but decided against was increasing the units combat ability by raising the damage value. Fire Nature already has a wide array of L counters available in Drones, Virtuoso etc. Fire splashes even have magma hurler as a ranged L counter. Further buffing Twilight Hags damage would only make her contest magma hurler in that role. Instead we wanted to buff the unique strength of the card in its crowd control ability. Increasing the radius was something we wanted to do. But due to current development limitations and feared problems with the corresponding animation made us stick to pure stat changes. Chosen card changes: For what it offers Femme Fatale has a very high cost of 100 energy. To be able to use the ability in an economically viable way we chose to greatly reduce the to 50 energy. The card is on the squishy side of tier 3 units. The stat efficiency is low even for the low energy cost. So we increased the hp pool to allow the unit to better use its ability. Overall we might further buff Twilight Hag but would like to see these changes play out.
  5. Yea I agree Lajesh is really one of the most unfun maps in the game. A removal is needed.
  6. Hirooo

    The Stress Test Open#4 26.01.19

    As always thanks for the great cast and organization
  7. Hirooo

    The ELO system

    Its matching you by your base elo. Thats starting off at 100k. You are just inactive when you begin playing so you are shown a lower score.
  8. Hirooo

    The Stress Test Open#4 26.01.19

    How do I wake up in time to play?
  9. Hirooo


    If you destroy your monument before it finishes building you gain 75 energy instantly but 25e are lost. In case of the monument actually getting destroyed while building I think you lose 100% of the energy. Unit/building abilities only refund 90% of energy cost as long as they arent toggles. E.g. Defender ability is 100% back to void and nomad spear is 90%.
  10. Hirooo

    Church of negation

    For that he has to play a unit to get spell presence to port units before they enter church range. Together with the rather tight power schedule for 3+ churches you can outplay and break a church. Winning on time once churches are set up is not easy considering all the enemy has to do is get spell presence for cursed well.
  11. Hirooo

    Church of negation

    In 1n1 you can most likely break the church. You are dealing damage against 1 kobold trick so spawn 7+ high HP units and get them into the church at the same time. The damage should be more than the one kobold can sustain.
  12. Hirooo

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    A defensive campaign map.
  13. Hirooo

    Netherwarp Green bug abuse

    So thats the topic worthy of your first post Aaabama? No idea why.
  14. Hirooo

    The Stress Test Open#3 08.12.18

    I like the idea to spread price pool down to reward most participants in some way. If possible with time concerns in mind a losers bracket would also help to increase the minimum amount of matches a player is able to play.
  15. Hirooo

    Stress Test Open#2(vs2) 17.11.18

    Considering how unstable lobbies are from time to time a disconnect at the start of the game (e.g. first 10 seconds) should not result in a loss.
  16. Have the same problem. Disconnect or crash when a lobby is launched. I am still ingame and the game finished loading for the other player.
  17. Hirooo

    Shadow T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    You can use executioner to push Frost in case of a huge energy advantage but thats basically the only case you ever want to use that card. So probably group 4.
  18. Hirooo

    The PvP Deck Builder Compendium

    And you really dont want to use purple night guard against frost in any case. That wont help you against MA spam.
  19. Hirooo

    Old name in Battleforge

    XikuKiju - old mainaccount that got hacked Hirooo - new mainaccount DasErsteHorn - mostly Fire Frost TheTrinity - mostly Shadow Nature Benforcer (shared account with cDkillroy and the actual Benforcer) RadusDamusRadus (for some reason I played there too idk why; mostly pure shadow) inYaaaa (no idea who named this account - somebody else smurfed there for a long time) RadicalX (when I was really drunk and did not want my main accounts to look bad I used that account; I also played 2n2 with myself trust me)
  20. Hirooo

    Battleforge PvP with RadicalX

    Win a game by only using towers and Grigoris as units.
  21. Hirooo

    Say something about the person above you.

    Had a very low tech answer
  22. Hirooo

    Say something about the person above you.

    Has a signature that makes me want to blow things up.
  23. Hirooo

    Battleforge PvP deck overview - by Hirooo & RadicalX 

    Sorry I was referring to ghostspears.
  24. Hirooo

    Battleforge PvP deck overview - by Hirooo & RadicalX 

    Rageclaws dont do well against shadow splashes since DA is way too efficient. Nature can use ghostspears. Fire wins with scyth. A spam is only really useful against pure Frost or stonekin and well microed Frostmages beat rageclaws(you need to kite until rageclaws are clumped up again). They can be useful to snowball a temporary energy advantage but you might as well use mountaineer for the slot since the card is way more useful in other matchups and probably even better against pure Frost.
  25. Hirooo

    Battleforge PvP deck overview - by Hirooo & RadicalX 

    This was fixed in one of the later patches so Lightblade can tank heavy hitters a bit better now. Ashebone has pretty good general dps so he is used as an Xl counter. Frostbite and homesoil + a lot of building protection let you grind down a xl unit. Homesoil + Ward are enough buffs to make offensive ashebones work really well. Dmgreduction+lifesteal works great. If you would give up ward your defense isnt nearly as strong as before and you will have trouble holding any kind of counter attack. Grigori would leave you open to any kind of xl attack. Neither silverwind nor timeless one can offer decent dps to clear and Grigori in its self while having decent stats is far from great and will lose a xl vs xl especially since pure Frost has rather weak support compared to shadow buffs or nature cc + heal. You could swap in Grigori for Ward to make your defense work a different way and to deal with Juggernaut more easily but you are pure Frost and pure Fire should not reach t3. There is no way you can play a decently long t1 if you cut mortar. Later stage nature t1 has so strong unit compositions you wont win trades anymore. With mortar you can hold positions and transition into t2. Same goes for Frost. If the map is small enough to allow IGs to kinda reinforce while not needing to spam icebarriers you cant hold that without a tower. And since pure Fire wants to play a long t1 in many matchups mortar helps dealing with early burrower/nightcrawler attacks. Scorched earth can work if your enemy decides to take a monument and you arent close enough to double erupt and you are in a position to rush it. So now you spammed t1 unit ands have a monument interrupted. Your enemy can now simply cancel that and gain 75 energy back and should be already on his way to t2 at another position. This is only beneficial if you can deny this other position and force him to stay t1. To rush a t3 is rather rare considering there are enough monuments on most maps to do it safely and well you can simply cancel and hold without too big of a loss. If you cant hold even while canceling scorched was probably not needed. So overall not strong enough to really warrant a slot in a deck that wants every other t1 card it can get. Taking advantages or even freewins against nature and frost t1 is very strong for one cardslot. Phasetower even helps in mirror matches because you can be the first one to take a well and hold. Attacking with phasetower spam is strong against every single t1 and having a unit thats cc immune helps if you stay t1 vs t2. You dont have to play phasetower but you will have to heavily focus on splittattacking and fast t2s against nature t1 and on some maps even frost. Well you can heal Mo since surge of light is a bit too strong on xl units and you can close out games very good with him. There is nothing that helps you more to close against timeless one than a stampeding xl. You certainly can play many different t3s for shadow nature though. Sandstorm/Grigori can be played for sure. Skyelf templar actually only helps you against pure Frost. You might be able to play it against bandits sometimes but you should win that one anyway. Glacier is very important to counter wellfocus and you cant cut that by adding in a 100 power unit that slowly repairs while being cc-able. If you spam skyelf templars pure Frost wins due to frostbite/homesoil (you dont run any of those since you dont have the slots) and area iceshield. Frostsorceress is useful but not as useful as the support pure Frost offers. Pure Frost t3 is also superior as long as you dont cripple your t2 to nonexistent. Adding in skyelf templar would allow you to trade a bit better in early t2 but you wont apply any real pressure and the one card less will probaly hurt you more in other matchups than it adds here. Well the thing is you always start Fire or Shadow if possible since Frost T1 can lose a lot of map control on some maps and Nature T1 is inferior since you are way weaker in early fights and at the point where you can win the other player can hold with towers (mortar/phasetower) and transition into T2. As mentioned phasetower and frost mage can make the game very hard for you on a lot of maps and without primal defender you can have autolose situations. So the only interesting starting choices are in Bandits and Stonekin. In Bandits you will have to add nightguard and probably even eruption for t2 since Ng is your primary L counter and eruption is very important for drake trades. Shadow T1 will probably want to play motivate since its still very solid in t2 but you dont have to add it in if you go for Fire t1. Overall it comes down to preference but we could definitely expand on bandits and stonekin choices.

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