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  1. When the lifestaler usaes its ability to feed of own units but dies (gets destroyed) mid- animation the game crashes for the lifestealer player here is a test replay reproducing the crash; movie.pmv
  2. huh either i am crazy or at least it is not published...
  3. This still looks to be the perfect idea however it will probably not happen anytime soon so iw as courious if maybe someone in the comunity came up with a temporarily solution. thats why i necroposted here...
  4. it exactly doubles the healing since the effect would normally heal every 2 seconds but when used the "buged way" it gets refresed once every second so it does heal twice as fast
  5. This has been mentioned a couple times already I dont know if it can be called a bug since there is no other card to compare the nether warp to in oder to judge if the way it works (double the healing since it refreshes twice each second) is inconsistent or "wrong". We have multiple instences of cards (jugger double stampede, nightguard nasty interaction, or even the way damage reductions or damage amplifications do interact in general) The question should be if the effect of the card is overpowered in general. and as other people descibed already it actually only works versus pure nature and even pure nature does have options (oink + creeping p. stacked) can be used to counter the mage port. Any fire splash can just use lavafield after the first volly from the shadow mages and they all die instantly most shadow splases can use some combination of nasty (for example 3 mages+ port is already 220 power... ) most of the time the pure shadow player has already a huge advantage prior to the mage port...
  6. +1 for random maps (cant vote since it was added after i voted)
  7. Well i think this topic is a bit mislleading in fact i think amii monument is only the tip of the mountain..... The Problem when trying to balance Competetive pve eg speedruns and record hunting is obvious. There will always be 1 best strategy resulting in it beeing "op" compared to everything else. This does hit pve way harder than pvp since there is no "metagame" its jsut 1 best way = low variance. Also i think there is a significant diffrence between something beeing overpowerd and something beeing "broken". For me i would consider stuff like lss or buffed up batariel "overpowered" since it does clear faster than prob every other strategy while there are still other ways to get the same result just way slower. I however would consider amii monument broken it opens up new tactics which are impossible to repicate in any other way. however i feel like there are some more equaly broken mechanics for pve. First of all there is the funneling strategy which saves insane amounts of time just by evolving 3 persons t1 energy into t4 energy with only the 4. person to actually spend power on monuments enlightment is another candidate... tbh almost all speedruns do abuse some if not all of those problematic mechanics not even mentioning various ways of void manipulation and i thik this is fine i dont think there is a actual way to balacne cards like amii monument either its op or useless. Im case it would get nerfed i guess the palyers would need some time to figure out if its still playable. If nnot screw it and the next card to nerf would be enlightment or decomposer or whatever. From a non speedrunenr perspective i think the best way to break up the "boring" and "1 sided" pve meta would be monthly card restrictions or smtng. i would be intrested in the speedrunranking ladders if there was a monthly card restriction on lets say decomposer, shadow phoenix, sow, amii monument or some other crucial cards. I think this would actually require some new strats, creativety and would generate variance. Just starting to nerf card after card can not be the solution!
  8. edit

    1. Eddio


      Shouldn't this have been sent in a pm?

  9. https://ufile.io/x8pnu - >fyre +2 spec slots https://ufile.io/mb4zi -> turan + 2 spec slots https://ufile.io/dnwwn -> danduil +2 spec slots
  10. the card heals units once per second for a set duration but when the warp is used on the sport the buff refreshes twice every second basicly doubling the heal value but i cannot see any "bug" abuse there its jsut the way the card works i guess all this wired interactions (eg jugger double stampede) are not considered bugs by this point
  11. i personally would be intrested in providing video content or helping others to do so for the community channel not sure if the bad english doenst scare ppl off i most likely would focus on either gameplay guides or gameplay reviews
  12. i made a win rar archive of all the custom maps here including the pvp specator maps converted to .pak files https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AY45jTQt27i5HZRdOGzMLCEMMrdUVdH9/view
  13. who knows what happend to bfcards.info ... @xHighTech
  14. Congratulations buddy :')

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