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  1. Silverdragon

    Problem with spectator maps

    There is a huge problem with spectator maps since the auto kick was implemented that leads to the kick of player who are inactive for 3 minutes. This new change has killed the function of spectator maps because people who want to watch a match and take a place in one of the inactive positions to watch other player compete against each other are now kicked out of the match after 3 minutes and they cannot do anything against it. I understand the point to not reward people for beeing afk in pve or pvp and this change may be good for pve because this way no player can just stay inactive in a map for 30 minutes just to get a booster. But it totally kills not only regular spectating but the option for tournament leaders or commentators to stream and comment matches. Tournaments and tournament streams like the ones done by @Toggy cannot be done with this auto kick feature. Also all buildings and units are obliterated if a player leaves a match. This is a huge problem if a 2vs2 match is nearly won and one player of the winning team gets kicked. This may be game changing. It is a hard punishment if the mate in a pvp-match is afk but it is even harder to still win if also all buildings and units just disappear. I suggest that this change should be excluded from the sparring grounds or at least for the community maps. Would be nice if there is a way to just make the match and all quest progression done through a match not count if a player at one time was 3 minutes or longer afk. This would prevent the problematic of this auto kick.
  2. Silverdragon

    Introduce Yourself!

    hey, im silverdragen and i am the biggest bafo pro that ever existed. 1vs1 Rank: Pime Best ranking: 1st in 1vs1 and in 2vs2 with xsteahltx, xhightech, jenskendrik and many others
  3. Silverdragon

    Global Warming Rework

    [quote='Treim' pid='8600' dateline='1437500213'] Okay to make it understandable for you: i mean that enemy units within the range of gloabl warming get X% more damage from allied units( thats your own units). That would fit the aggressive playstyle of fire but also brings some kind of risk with it as the damage isnt guaranteed and is really dependent. if your own units gets cc'ed that would be doing pretty much nothing, but if you can fight a lot with those units youll get some nice extra damage. high risk high reward? got it now? [/quote] was it that hard to express urself, so everybody can understand what u mean? i sended ur message to 3 people (hirooo/cy/takeoshan) and nobody could understand that u would mean this by ur message. it also could have meant what i wrote. just learn to express yourself. ty
  4. Silverdragon

    Global Warming Rework

    [quote='MarbSlonk' pid='8592' dateline='1437499429'] [quote='Silverdragon' pid='8586' dateline='1437499029'] and it seems like u can also not judge about pvp at all. you would destroy the complete balancing by letting fire units take more dmg. at least when u dont raise the HP of the units by the same amount and then they would just be better with live weaving. so ur suggestion is just bullshit. if u dont have an idea from pvp and balancing then u shouldnt try to suggest things for pvp and balancing. [/quote] I think he means that Global Warming makes ENEMIES take x% more damage. You could try to make a more constructive comment as well, you sound extremely offensive. [/quote] yeah, it seems like he means that but he didnt said it this way. and if he means, that global warming only should deal more dmg against fire units or that global warming should deal more dmg just because its fire and it should make more dmg because its fire then its also a bad idea.

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