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  1. BlueMoses

    Trade doesn't show entered bfp

    Tried it even with different people and its always the same problem. Sometimes it works sometimes not
  2. BlueMoses

    Trade doesn't show entered bfp

    Name: Trade doesn't show entered bfp Severity: 1 Location: Trade Window Reproducibility: 4/5 Description: When I invite someone for trading or got invited the trade window sometimes doesn't show my entered amount of bfp (stays 0 bfp) after accepting. But nevertheless my side of the window gets green. The other person doesn't get any bfp when he accepts as well.
  3. BlueMoses

    different versions of one map online

    No idea, it was just something that came to my mind
  4. BlueMoses

    different versions of one map online

    A password option inside the map editor could be an option so that only he can delete and upload new versions ingame
  5. BlueMoses

    Jungle Temple Scenery

    Hey guys, today I was in the mood to play around with the map editor and thought to share my result with you. Maybe it will also revive the mapping section a bit ;) Tell me what you think about it. It has no special purpose like a pvp or pve map. It's just a scenery :)

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