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  1. heecks

    nerf amii monument

    When EA owned the game they made so many nurf about many cards in the past that the game was no more fun at all. Amii monument isnt even a pvp card. I dont own it yet and I have the bf to buy it but mainly because the card take another card spot. I had the card in the past and its a cool card.
  2. heecks

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    All cards games have useless cards until someone find a death combo :p or the card finish in the garbage.
  3. I have no idea how all of this work but, the game need north american server
  4. heecks

    Someone is changeing the old cards!?!

    I recall EA nurfed alot stuff in the last days of BF like the wheel of gifts, one of the main reason I stopped to play this amazing game.
  5. heecks

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Just add my 5 cents to the post. I know its a stress test and note a working game actually. I entered the solo tutorial and game crashed / disconnected. All good I'm gonna wait a finished product because I'm not gonna fight over the others players to get a spot on 200 Not sure if dev planning to merge the game and the updater together because it seem alot peoples don't know how to do it by themself. Thank.

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