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  1. * impossible creatures * Crossout
  2. From The Depths! Insane good game with tons of hours of playtime. Build your own fleet or battle against one another with our own creations! The Whole campaign can be played together on a huge map against very different AI opponents!
  3. Interresting! Tell us more
  4. It's so nice to read that people know twilight lore. It keeps the Battleforge universe alive!
  5. Little Lambs
  6. RoganFayle
  7. #ViridyaNo
  8. Same here! Twilight is a ferocious swarm faction combined with mind control and plague/poison. What spell?
  9. Indeed! And that would also fit better to the lore, as it's a disease/curse and not an independent race/units Just look at the Infected Towe's ability. the Twilight faction need more of this. maybe even a spell, which can take control or infest and enemy building
  10. @ICEFound some more Infested tower is placed as a meele unit (card type) Hatecaster is placed as a meele unit (card type) Twilight bombard is placed as a meele unit (card type) Skycatcher is placed as a meele unit (card type) Infested tower , Hatecaster and Twilight bombard is placed as offence small, don't know if that is 100% correct
  11. @ICE and also the Sunken temple is under T3 orbs, and not T2
  12. Very good! Just found a minor error. Protector's Seal description is not working properly
  13. I really hope so! This project is amazing and i can't wait to test out the old cards (childhood memories)
  14. Hey MrXLink!

    I just wrote this post (Almost)

    Tell me what you think of it, i'm looking forward to your response :)



    1. anonyme0273


      As far as I know, moderators read most, if not all, posts by themselves. If they have something to say to them, or just want to join the discussion, they will do it with no need of a notice like this :)

  15. Going down the well. Just like most of EA's products