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  1. Lost Souls are a very Completed faction in Battleforge but my heart always will belong to the Twilight. Their units (even though many are the same models as the other factions) just feels so unique. maybe it's the unknowing control of them i like the most, or just the fact that even a touch can turn a Grimvine, colossus or giant wyrn into an abomination of nature. The twilight curse it realy the most powerful weapon in the battleforge universe
  2. nanke

    Thoughts about the Auction house

    That's actually a very interresting idea. Any thoughts on how to value the cards? like, is it the seller who desides what the demandig card should be, or can the buyer ask to trade a card for something they have. Or... Are there gonna be assigned value to cards on rareity so you can tade any common card with another common card?
  3. nanke

    You're favorite type of deck

    I don't see any fire/nature combo in there! Lost Soul was kinda epic. To be able to revive your units for a second wind really gave a new playstyle to the game
  4. Fire Sphere for PVE Lava Field for PVP Both are pretty good
  5. nanke

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Another chance for the Twilight Curse! let us in!, so we can burn away your spirits and unify the community in our desire for destruction!
  6. nanke

    You're favorite type of deck

    Gotta love The nox-Carrier. spread the taint and knock down even the biggest frost towers
  7. nanke

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    I couldn't stop myself. I ended up paying around 100-120 USD. even got the legendary harvester (and also used some time in the trading business to get more BFP)
  8. nanke

    Are towers underpowered?

    I came here just to post Phase towers
  9. nanke

    You're favorite type of deck

    Well, this is to no one's big surprise When i say that my favourite deck is Twilight. I would love to see the massive horde, ones again, come charging down with deadly poision filling the battlefield, as the Twilight units mutate into horrifying abominations of nature. Unified in their desire for destruction. They are enduring terrible pain and only destruction provides any hope of relief.
  10. nanke

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Can't wait to play this beautiful gem again! Skylords will forever be known as the game of the people, for the people.
  11. nanke

    Twilight transformation questions

    Even though. from the http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Void_Power#Void_Power it states that: As with all abilities, 90% of the power required is returned immediately and 10% is lost immediately. Creatures summoned with abilities do not bind any power; no power is returned to the void when they die. so i might be wrong about your question 2,3 :/
  12. nanke

    Twilight transformation questions

    Heavy questions mate. bth. I'm not sure I know the anwsers to all your questions if we are talking technically but, I will try (and please correct me if I'm wrong)... 1.yes, the unit are removed from the game (not sure if the old unit leaves corpses for shadow players) 2,3. the first unit releases its binded power and the new unit will have its own binded power (as you would summon it normally) 4. yes (and also note that the new unit only cost 85% of the original cost when you transform) 5. yes, the enlightenment card work and transformation will consume enlightenment Just remember, this is most of the top of my head and some searching. I haven't played this game since it was shut down.
  13. nanke

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    To me. It's ofc. Twilight cards. but most importantly, this combo. Infected tower to change all my crappy units into twillight. fleshbender to change all my enemies units into twillight. And the Twilight curse to empower the scrap who needs it, or the tainted version on the enemy
  14. nanke

    The Age of Twilight

    Maybe to balance the new cards, but all the twilight units are there, just not as playable cards. For some reason the old dev. didn't add them in for players to use, only the bot. And to add the missing cards would be a huge step in the right direction
  15. nanke

    The Age of Twilight

    Yes... They are lacking alot of spells (imo) Hope to see them bloom again

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