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  1. Hi, sorry for my late response @T1421. That obj file is GREAT! When I got a little more spare time on my hands I will defenitly print it. I got the Photon Mono X printer, which can print in super high detail, i think ill do a mini sized one and a bigger one.
  2. I did not, thanks 🙂 (sorry for being a lazy bum haha, you can delete this topic)
  3. Hi, I was wondering if the 3D models in BattleForge are accessible anywhere? I've got a 3D printer and would love to try and print some of the figures. Kind regards, Xsissel
  4. Im pretty excited about this event, but am by no means a good PvP player, just a quick question though, ill be home at 17:45 cest and probably only able to log onto skylords reborn (test) at say 18:00 CEST, will the packs be ready so I can create a deck asap?
  5. What have you been smoking? There are more console exclusives then you can play in a lifetime. To name a few: Metal Gear Solid, Final fantasy, Halo, God of War.
  6. Great advice, will check it out. Up until now I have been struggling with AVG. I put all the specific paths in exception within avg, but it still put the BattleForge.exe file in the quarantine, which is very frustrating. Since my roommate also uses my computer and I don't always think of re-enabling my anti-virus, my computer goes unprotected sometimes while he is on it :/
  7. My best guess is that you are going to have to use a VPN and create a bot that rotates the cards over multiple accounts dropping the price paid (or value of cards traded) in favor of a single account with each trade. You should also rotate the accounts used for such an operation (the trades) so it can't be tracked which accounts are real ones and which ones are fake (that means rotate them out and never use them again because that might be suspicious). That would probably be the best way to circumvent their system as they would not be able to prove you are doing so. Then again, if they see your fast growth (quickly getting rare cards, as I can imagine they have a "card-value" attribute implemented and can just log the "net-worth" of an account) they might ban you anyway since they have no obligation to allow you access to their service. Finally, don't be a twat and just play the game fairly like everyone else. Bye.
  8. I will be your DOOM! I am your worst NIGHTMARE! I'm not.
  9. Which brings me to this point.
  10. Something has been bothering me and I bet i'm not the only one. So we're nearing open beta we're now in what you call "stress-test" phase (which isn't really a phase, it's a test, so we're technically in open beta). But it seems your "beta-tester" badge on the forums is only for closed beta testers, whilst we're all now beta testers because we're testing the game and we're in beta. So why do we not have the badge? And if we don't get it, shouldn't the badge that they have be renamed to "closed beta tester" because this is obviously inconsistent with the actual course. Just something to think about.
  11. Treim how many shameless counts have you done on this topic just to boost your posts number? 2852
  12. @Ch'Pec the file might still be in your quarantine or you might not have added the files in the right folder.
  13. Don't know if this has been said yet but is very value able for all people: Add the project map to exceptions in your Anti-Virus! And remove the launcher from Quarantine if it has been placed there or this will happen to you indefinitely.
  14. After checking out your profile I've decided to give you your first reputation. My god your Hype Train persistence over the last two years is inspiring. Well done, my good sir, well done.
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