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  1. TheYog

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    Jup this site works perfectly or photoshop :p https://battleforge-card-creator.firebaseapp.com/#/
  2. TheYog

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    Please don't forget to show your appriciation by liking the post or leaving a suggestion! Thank you!
  3. TheYog

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    I think it will work better in a fire deck but a bandit deck might work aswell to be honest
  4. TheYog

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    Thank you! You can show your apprication by making some sugestions for it or liking the post! Suggestions are definatly welcome!
  5. TheYog

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    I was thinking about 4 seconds-ish?
  6. TheYog

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    Hello there fellow Skylords! I'd like to suggest a new card, the balancing of it might not be intirely on point yet but I do like the Idea. Opinions?

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