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  1. FarRockBF

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    Thank you, this is indeed fabulous news. Question I'm sure you have thought of, with only 108 views on this update stream, will there be enough players to keep the game alive? How can you blast this out there so it will get attention and new people will join? I currently have 32K followers on LinkedIn, but most aren't gamers though I'm happy to lend a shout-out if you feel it would help.
  2. FarRockBF

    Offer for Editor on YouTube

    But do watermelons really smoke pipes?
  3. FarRockBF

    FarRock 1st Video on YouTube

    Hey Guys! A short RPVE (not short enough sadly I'm terrible right now) video about me, my life, what I've been up to, etc. Catchin y'all up to speed. Looking forward to some real PVE matches and even PVP when it gets real! See you soon! https://youtu.be/ROIvu1Zc4XA Sorry for the delay. It's processing quite slowly.
  4. FarRockBF

    Offer for Editor on YouTube

    Hi Y'all, So despite my crazy current schedule (I work 4AM until 11PM) I still want to make time to get some BF content out on YouTube again once the game starts running smoothly. I was never popular by today's online gaming standards but in the BF world I was the most viewed content creator back in the good ol' days. But times have changed. People don't have the patience they used to. I doubt people would sit through my 40min+ videos anymore. So I would like to "hire" an editor. Job Description: Edit my videos (probably 1-2 a week) as 2nd sequence does for Imaqtpie for example. Shorten the videos, add some cool effects, etc. Initial Salary (first 6 months): Whatever YouTube pays me. It's all yours. Caveat: I don't expect to make much, probably $100-$300 a month, maybe even less? Either-way, it's all yours for the first half a year. After this we can revisit the terms. Who knows though, now that the game is much more popular then it was when it was being shut down maybe this could be huge. No idea. PM me if you are interested.
  5. FarRockBF

    Stress Test going well

    Yeah that merge thing sounds cool, though I haven't done anything on that other account in 3 years I think. Can't wait to get the old guys back together for a 4 way RPVE. Any chance we'll get TheBlackOne back?
  6. FarRockBF

    Stress Test going well

    Thanks, yeah I wasn't trying to be mean at all. Just was stressed out I suppose. The instant reaction and calling me a troll was ridiculous. I guess that's the age you guys are growing up in. Someone looks at you funny and you report them to the police for offending you. Peeps need to chill.
  7. FarRockBF

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    Ha! One of them was around; he remembers Juggy. I can't remember the exact video on YouTube but I recall him calling scythe fiends "red buggies"
  8. FarRockBF

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    My two oldest are obsessed with Hearthstone. They are dying to play Battleforge.
  9. FarRockBF

    Stress Test going well

    My whole YouTube channel (as I posted many times on vids) was to try to increase popularity of the game. I made a few hundred dollars on the channel in total and pumped it all back into the community by throwing contests and giving away promos. For context at the same time I was trying to build my online businesses and chose to spend my spare time on BF rather than those for this cause. I never made a cent on the game or my channel and after all that effort (years of promoting) was heart-broken when EA took the game apart.
  10. FarRockBF

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    Man I hope so, life has changes so much. I was an intern then, now I have 4 kids and run an online company with over 200 active students while working 12 hrs a day at a bank. Still, I love the game would be excited to get back into it.
  11. FarRockBF

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    Ah OK, thanks. So many threads to catch up on. Sorry for missing this.
  12. FarRockBF

    Stress Test going well

    Only if I'm impersonating myself. I made two accounts I probably forgot the pw of the original. The question was how was your experience. Trying to login so many times unsuccessfully does mean the experience was horrible. I get its a stress test but if I can't even get in the game how can I test? I reread my post and stand by everything I said. I without a doubt put more time into trying to save the original Battleforge than ANYONE in the world so talking to me that fiki574 and Readymade is just rude. I finally got in today, played 1 game, and was promptly kicked out. It's stressful for all of us, I get it. Just after putting thousands of hours into something I was excited to see it back and I don't get that experience that many others seem to be experiencing so it's a bad feeling. Maybe cause I'm in NY. Be nice to me MrXLink I gave you a legendary drake if I recall correctly Anyhow, looking forward to when things get more stable. Caio
  13. Hi guys, FarRock here. I have logged in probably over 30 times now only to get a single game in. I would be curious to know what the cost would be to get a stronger server, happy to donate to make this a reality. Cheers, FarRock P.S. For the 1,000 time, yes it's the real farrock whatever the heck that means.
  14. FarRockBF

    What do you do in life?

    I work for a bank and I'm CEO of this bad boy: www.ScriptUni.com
  15. FarRockBF

    My Dear Friends

    I'm loving how everyone doubts I'm me, even in-game (got in today). It's the biggest compliment

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