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  1. 2. Look HERE. It's mostly the use of shadow to create a more plastic and 3dimensional feeling. 3. I like it when it is seen on the card. But maybe I'm sentimental. 4. As I said I don't think the font itself is an issue. Rather it'd be things like font colour, texture, transparency, scale (for example the first letter of a word is always bigger), framing, etc... Usually card games use a simple, consistent font in white to improve readability but it often looks better when the text is designed for the background. You could google 'trading card games' for some inspiration.
  2. I never wanted an advantage nor any benefit besides from being acknowledged as an alpha tester. To me that doesn't only mean a badge on the forums but also to be taken seriously when I post something. During the course of this project I have gathered a lot of experience regarding both the game and especially the community. For me, seeing that respected means being acknowledged. All that I ask of you is to not make the development cycle into a 'pay-to-talk-to-the-devs'. You guys talking with any- and everyone, taking their suggestions and feedback is what makes this project more than just BattleForge or SkylordsReborn but into a community. I just hope this won't change. Seeing you say our status will be reflected is nice though.
  3. Sorry I didn't say exactly what I meant with the orange shine. I thought of making the inside (or the main line) of the symbols brighter and a bit more saturated (or orange) so that the symbols shine stronger on the dark background. What you are saying is right, I wouldn't add a shine behind the symbols nor would I darken the background further. But making the symbols themselves shine is something I imagine looks good. You do you, no need to if you don't want to. Everything that I say is only a suggestion based on my personal preferences. What I meant is a relief effect for the medal. The symbol is still needed to tell which edition the card is from. Also it looks nice. Yup. Maybe. Depends on the style. I don't really have any ideas for it though sry. I never did like the old text that much but it was readable and that's what text is for. So yeah it sufficed then and it suffices now but it could still be improved if anyone here has a flash of inspiration. Again your choice. While I prefer 'used' I could still see a tidy and clean look too. If you do go for used though why not simply give the metal a couple scratches and a bit of rust here and there? And if you make the metal frame coloured by rarity the rare and ultrarare cards (or the promos) could have a cleaner, 'out-of-the-box' look. Glad you took the time to read and think about my suggestions. I'm curious to see the next version.
  4. already listed any objective criticism I have. Personally I feel that the old design fits the cards quite well and apart from not being into the whole 'shiny metal' design myself I also find it to contrast the used look of the card frame in a bad way. If you go for modern and shiny imo you should improve on what is already there and change what doesn't fit. In that sense The original design has a glossy edge that is supposed to give the card depth. It doesn't fit the used look but the effect is weak and doesn't disrupt the visuals. You exchanged it for a metal frame which serves a very similar purpose and looks way cleaner. This is a successful example of what I meant by improving on what is already there. While the outer frame of the original is a bit glossy the inner frame is the exact opposite. It has a rugged, used look that really doesn't fit your style. If the design is supposed to be consistent you'll need to completely redo the inner frame. The damage and health symbols of the original have an orange shine behind them to improve their readability. Your symbols are pretty but they neither stand out nor do they compliment the design right now. A suggestion of mine would be to give the outer line of the symbols the same roundness and depth of the metal frame and make the current colour a bit brighter and a tad more orange-y to make them pop out. Also try to scale the size of the symbols so that there's a bit more space towards the metal frame. The edition badge already got a metal-like look in the original. In your design it feels a bit flat though, given the texture and depth of the metal frame. On the same note have you tried making the metal colour the same as the rarity? That way one would immediately see the rarity and it might compliment a card. Keep in mind that for example the same brown doesn't necessarily work with both and . The text style doesn't fit your design (the font is good though). Plain white text looks a bit weird when everything else got so much detail worked into it. Overall the card should look like it has a glossy surface. A light reflection somewhere on the card (where it doesn't obstruct readability) could achieve this. But if you want to go all out you can redo the complete card texture if you want. Just my 2 cents
  5. When the game is released, will you create smurf accounts with cursewords in their name just so that @Eirias will have to curse when hosting replays of you? :kappa:

    1. Ultrakool


      damn that would be evil, and dope.

  6. @Asraiel There are different wells ingame with different amounts of power. They are part of a level design so one doesn't have too much or too few power in the long run. In PvE it is usually the case that one struggles for power early but got tons of power later on. Therefore in regards to PvE it doesn't need to be increased. Regarding PvP the balancing is far too frail to make such a change. As you said anything can be overcome by changing strategy and/or deck composition.
  7. There's another purple dot in Germany
  8. Wait seriously? Sorry dude, but I think your ideas are really bad if you honestly want them implemented into the game. They would completely change the whole game balance without any reason for the change. The changes that we will see in Battleforge will be only the ones necessary (e.g. earnable BFP) or majorly helpful as the devs already stated and I simply can't see a way in which your suggestion is helpful. I feel bad for only speaking up against your idea but I just can't see any pro's right now. PS: Just FYI PvE suggestion #2 is useless to implement if it is weaker than an orb as currently orbs only do minimal amounts of dmg.
  9. I think if they don't make that jump then they never wanted to play PvP from the start. After all the sparring bot would be an experience closer to the predictability of PvE even though it plays 'PvP-style'. But people won't be able to only play this mode if they want to progress. This mode should definitely not reward BFP for playing. While that may seem harsh towards new players it is necessary to prevent the mode from being grindable and used for multiaccounting. And a mode that doesn't reward one with anything but knowledge isn't attractive longterm.
  10. @LagOps I know what you are getting at with possibility space and the like. Yes, I agree, but then again we don't need a very good bot to teach basic mechanics. My idea was never intended to teach more than the very basic game mechanics absolutely required to play. For example I was quite oblivious to the "behind-the-scenes" of the power system, regularly binding 400+ power in buildings in PvE for almost a year. Simply because I never got confronted with it ingame in a way that clearly required me to understand it. If we combine bots and tooltips/chat a bot could very well be a decent PvP tutorial. And lets be real. The ingame tutorial is only scratching the surface of game mechanics. The difficulty level also doesn't need to be (artificially) hard as the bot does not need to be challenge for experienced players. The bots in LoL (on intermediate difficulty) are actually quite hard for someone who plays this game for the first time in their life. After 10 games he might not be good at the game but at least he got some fighting (and learning) chance in the toxic pit that is normal, unranked LoL (let alone the 5th circle of hell - aka ranked). As I see it people who never move on from bots wouldn't even be playing if they got pushed into the cold water from the get-go. But that's just LoL. For Battleforge the matching of new players might be less frustrating but it also teaches less as both can only learn so much from somebody else who doesn't know much. It's okay to get into the game but it is completely different from the role of a tutorial (or sparring bot). @Fauchderial I don't know how a bot could possibly create chaos at PvP. If it is officially implemented into the server the code obviously needs to get checked by the devs first. And the program would most likely not even have the possibility to access any server functions as it essentially only needs to receive information and not send it. And yes, it needs to be decently programmed to actually be helpful.
  11. Always happy to help
  12. I had an idea that might be helpful to all the PvP noobs out there (like me). In theory it should be possible to create bots that will be sparring partners for the PvP mode. What I have in mind is an automated algorithm that "plays by the book". For example it would use the rock-paper-scissor mechanism in Battleforge to counter units also automatically placing them far enough apart and microing well enough not to get easily erupted or the like. I know this will never be as good as a real player but after all it's only a sparring partner. The point is that this kind of sparring partner would be able to teach new players how important specific game mechanics are. And there is a lot to learn: Power management, microing vs CC, countering unit types, defending rushes and the list goes on and on. To be realistic creating something like this is most likely a lot of work if it is even feasible at all. But let's leave it to the devs to decide what is possible and whatnot and rather discuss if this is helpful. I'd like to hear your thoughts Skylords and -ladies. PS: As there were (illegal) bots during the late Battleforge the feasibility shouldn't be an issue. And it also shows that the devs don't necessarily need to program these bots themselves. Anyone in the community could have the opportunity to create something like this. The only difference being whether the bot is an official or unofficial (illegal) one. PPS: If @Eirias idea of composed PvP decks gets implemented then these bots could be using those decks.
  13. @DawsonTheFish I think specific profile pictures are a nice way, especially as one is already able to change their avatar picture ingame for a card they own by paying BFP. But I don't think it should be bound to being an alpha/beta tester. People can't earn a title they never had a chance of getting, which will be a lot of people that join after release. And imo this is a bit unfair. We already got the badges on the forums. But in general it's a nice idea to give people additional avatar choices ingame. My suggestion is to join that idea with another art competition. The best pictures will be available as ingame avatars. Also there are still some artworks that can be used for that purpose. Like Lost Souls and Bandit creatures that haven't made their way into the game as cards. And I think from the map loading screens alone I could compile a whole set of avatar pictures that is only related to the lore instead of ingame cards.
  14. The difference is that there are always lurkers on forums. And while they do vote on polls or reputation they often don't comment. Another reason is that nobody really counts agree/disagree comments after 3 pages of long texts and explanations. I'm not saying it can't work but from what I saw on here it often tends to be a lot of work just to get a general overview if the suggestion is liked or not.
  15. Reputation has become something similar to prestige for a forum member. Someone with a lot of rep usually is known by a lot of people and is also very active at one time or another. That is why nobody likes to take reputation from somebody if there isn't a reason for doing so (for example flaming or other bad behaviour). That is why the current reputation buttons work as means of expressing support for an idea but not for disagreeing with said idea. My suggestion is to implement buttons with which one can specifically agree or disagree with an idea without the need of a poll (which can't even be created for posts in the middle of a thread). This should have no connection whatsoever to reputation and would be used strictly only to see the community opinion. While I am quite fond of my own idea I have to admit there is a drawback. By having 2 rating systems for different but seemingly similar things it is easy to confuse the two.