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  1. Kaliber84

    Failed assertion when opening map editor

    It worked. Thanks a lot
  2. @chickennoodler Just report him and go on with your life. If you think he might need some help you can always whisper a couple of friendly words yourself and maybe make his day a little better. Also I think namecalling wasn't allowed in the forum rules but honestly I'm too lazy to look it up. Either way I don't think making forum threads to point out a problematic individual is the right way to go.
  3. NAME: Failed assertion when opening map editor DESCRIPTION: When trying to open the map editor directly or by opening an existing custom map file it fails an assertion due to not being able to find the configuration file. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happens after my latest installation of the game onto a clean Windows 10 installation. SCREENSHOT: LOG: _log_proxy_latest.txt, log_gd.txt ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Reinstallation of the game as well as the VC++ redist files didn't work. Neither did deleting /Documents/Battleforge or running as adminstrator. Might be connected to differences between the latest version of the game files as the installation before this one earlier this year was running smoothly. _log_proxy_latest.log log_gd.txt
  4. That's why I added the "supposed" into the sentence. I feel like faction abilities should be something that give the faction character. Currently that's not really the case as both Twilight and Lost Souls active abilities are useful in far too few cases. Stonekin passive is more useful, given that it improves the value of heals and buffs. But you are right that it doesn't really define them as it is not dominant enough a factor. I guess that it is similar for the Bandit Lifestealer passive but never played the faction so I'm not sure about that. All in all I think those faction abilities and passives should feel like a characteristic that makes the faction special and open up faction specific strategies. But you are right, "defining" might be a bit too strong. The main difference right now between Twilight/LS and Bandits/Stonekin is that the passives actually make a difference even when one doesn't feel it that much. The abilities of Twilight/LS are basically never worthwhile to play.
  5. Kaliber84

    My Improved CardBase

    Wrong categorization of Bandit and Stonekin cards is still implemented, as they are both labeled as Frost.
  6. In theory you have my support on this one although I do not agree with your priorities. Imo almost none of the T2 & T3 Twilight units are worth a deck slot even when their concepts are good in theory. But fixing Twilight Transformation (I'll just call it TT for short) is a must before any rebalancing of the current units can take place. We are talking about an ability that is supposed to define a whole faction and major changes to it can easily make or break the game. The whole thing becomes a lost cause if we first determine what buffs Deathglider needs only to change its ability completely and unwittingly make it OP/UP. I feel that changing TT takes priority over individual balance changes but it should be possible to work on both at the same time. I don't think the proposed changes to the current TT are enough to make it a good ability while it might be a quick-and-dirty buff that'd help it out a bit. Honestly speaking I'm not sure if it is worth the time and effort implementing such a change if we can also just straight up aim for the big change from the start. Having units fulfil multiple roles is both an advantage and disadvantage gameplay-wise. While those units become more flexible and attractive to play, it makes other cards obsolete. If a card only replaces the roles of a single existing card then the deck variety stays basically the same as one can choose whether to play card A or B. But if the roles are similar it usually comes down which one performs better and thus the other one is deemed obsolete. If the card takes on more roles then it easily becomes a staple card in any deck as it frees up so many deck slots and it can become OP or too complex to balance. So the only worthwile option I see is to have a card perform multiple roles that overlap with different existing cards, so as to not replace other cards completely. This is harder to conceptualize and implement but it should be worth the effort. I like that idea a lot. One point why the transformation passives annoy me is that there is seldom a point to even benefit from them and especially some of the T4 Twilight units have active abilities that are difficult to use effectively due to their range. Now if I can use TT to transform my Twilight Creeper into a Skycatcher/Abomination/Nightshade Plant with full HP and trigger its ability upon transformation, that would be simply incredible. It might be a bit difficult to tweak for some units but I see huge potential here, especially with the discussed reworks of other Twilight cards. "t3-heavy" with a whopping two T3 cards? Seems weird but I see how that can actually be the case with an evolution-style TT. Maybe we can rework Twilight Warfare while we're at it to have a useful T3 spell to compliment such a deck.
  7. I like the idea of a straight evolution path for each creature. For the sake of simplicity I think it'd be best if the evolutions are primarily stat boosts. Not sure if the ability will see much more popularity if one still needs to manually activate it and pay the power cost for every single unit but then again, who knows. The main advantage is that with the given suggestion one is actually able to get some use out of the transformation passive abilities most Twilight units have. I was never a fan of those passives to begin with though, as many of the cards are vastly overloaded with pages of descriptions for all the effects one can supposedly activate. In short I am strongly supporting any idea that simplifies the current mess that is the Transformation ability into something more stomachable.
  8. Kaliber84

    [Poll] Trading Website

    I like the idea and would definitely love if this was to be implemented on-server via the website (if the AH was to be made available via the website). But honestly until that happens I don't really see the value of this. When trading this would be a tool to accelerate the process when looking to trade cards below market value. But the time it takes to minimize the game and look for someone WTT a specific card or something and making sure he is online ingame simply doesn't make it efficient enough. Until the AH can be accessed via website I don't see a lot of use in this. Nah. Direct trading via chat is still favored by anyone who trades actively for a profit. It is faster for the seller and cheaper for the buyer. But the tracking website would be incredibly useful I must say. Only question is if the devs will make the server data available that is needed for such a website. The possibilities would also mean that using bots for trade, buying out a single card to create a temporary monopoly or manipulating market prices by other means would have less risk involved or made much easier. I'm not sure if this would be good or bad.
  9. Kaliber84

    Introducing... freund17! Our new Web Developer

    That's great news everyone. This is simply amazing. I do hope that a lot of the features geared towards cross web/ingame like an online AH and similar things will be possible with a web developer on board.
  10. Kaliber84

    Faction-Specific Victory Screens

    I like the idea. If possible this would be a nice addition. But in all honesty it'll probably take too much time to make it worth.
  11. Kaliber84

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    The Fire Worm is the ranged T4 unit with the best attack / power ratio in the game. Some cards might be arguably better but Primeval Watcher fulfils a different role, Fire Dragon needs to build up rage first and Magma Fiend suffers from low range, low hp and mediocre mobility. Up until now I never played the Fire Worm so I can't evaluate how it plays ingame. But compared to other T4 cards it doesn't lack stats. The main problem is IMO that it gets 2 abilities that require it to go right into the midst of battle. Percussive Birth is even worse on this card as it is dazed when summoned and does not have the hp pool to make up for that when it is being spawned close to enemies. Still I don't think the rage ability is the way to fix this. It would make the card incredibly strong and put it into a role that is already filled by the Fire Dragon. Instead I propose to simply take away Percussive Birth and increase the range by 5m. Or give it an ability that lets it spawn undazed. That would be interesting too.
  12. Kaliber84


    Wasn't it only a 100 power permanently lost for wells & monuments?
  13. Kaliber84

    Advice on laptop purchase

    Yes you will most definitely be able to run the game on that laptop. But as mentioned earlier the graphics card will most likely make it necessary to drop the quality to low specs. Intel HD Graphics were never a good choice for games and only became somewhat decent in the last ~3 years. An old one might not be on par with the recommended graphics cards. Check out this website for the minimum and recommended system requirements. https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/battleforge/10833 A good way to find out if the laptop you're opting to buy can run the game is to look for the year that the laptop was released. Anything released >3 years after Battleforge (2012 or later) should have sufficient power to run the game. If you want to play at high specs then you should make sure to get a separate graphics card (not onboard) with the recommended 256MB RAM (this is not the usual RAM but the one inside the graphics card). Good luck
  14. Kaliber84

    BF Font alternatives

    TL, DR: I looked for BF fonts and these are the ones I found that share similarities. In my quest to create a logo for the Battleforge Creator's Guild channel (formerly Skylords Reborn Community) I have been on the lookout for fonts that are similar to the one used in the original logos of BF. As I have already experienced when helping with the creation of the "Battleforge Reborn" banner it is incredibly time-consuming to create every letter by hand. You need to determine or recreate the core shape, add background layers, colouring, shading, and then fuse all of the letters together into a whole by texturing and blending it together. So for new projects I'd like to have a font at hand where I can at least use the shape without the need to do major adjustments to it. Someone with more typographical knowledge than me might find something even better than I have. But these are my results. @Darian DelFord Your thread from 3 years ago might be a bit outdated but if you`re still interested here you go. Disclaimer: All of the fonts are licensed and need to be bought for official use. As I don't have any commercial interests I take the freedom to use them as templates and modify them as needed. Just keep in mind that this is not open-source or freeware per se. Ravenwood - https://www.fonts.com/de/font/aerotype/ravenwood This one really stood out as it is almost exactly the same in many regards. While at first it might look a bit weird when comparing it to the BF font the single letters share many characteristics like general shape, thickness, proportions and even the edges line up in most places. If anyone ever has the ambition to recreate a Battleforge font as a whole this would be the place to start and adjust. Gottar - https://www.fonts.com/de/font/intellecta-design/gottar This one is not really that similar to the BF font but then again it shares a lot of details with it where the Ravenwood font is lacking. This font should not be used as a direct alternative and can't be used to predict what letters would look like that are never seen in the original BF banner. But it can be used to complement the Ravenwood font with parts and details.
  15. Kaliber84

    Netherwarp Green bug abuse

    I think this could be very easily fixed by changing the effect of Nether Warp so that it only refreshes the duration instead of applying it again. A different option would be to lower the teleport delay after the first teleport. If this is set to a high enough frequency then units like Shadow Mage won't be able to finish their attack animation before they are teleported to the start again. This would make most armies useless for any offensive and effectively negate any benefit gained by the affinity. I don't know what kind of impact this has on the server performance, given that it hasn't been implemented like this from the beginning.

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