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  1. Good coop games

    Big update! Added categories and player amount. @bazzacah Magicka certainly does count. It has a campaign that is dedicated towards playing coop and does not actually focus on multiplayer (PvP) at all. Except for teamkilling which is the most fun you can have in some coop games. Anything that has a campaign or a (major) gamemode dedicated to coop can be considered a "true" coop game in my book. It really depends on the time you can play PvE with friends and the amount you have to interact with other players. For example something like Bulletstorm is not a "true" coop game as it only features small gamemodes for coop to play around with. Not like Splinter Cell where you get a whole campaign. I do not consider most MMOs to be "true" coop though. While they are mostly PvP, they often encourage PvP, but more importantly they require you to intensely interact with more human players than your group of friends throughout the game. This holds true for most MMORPGs and MMOFPS. MMOs could also be considered a category of their own. Warframe is an example that is afaik solely coop-focused though.
  2. soundtracks for playing

    Yeah Nintendo got great stuff. I love to listen to the Super Smash Bros. soundtracks as they tend to pick the creme de la creme of their games. While not being similar to game or movie scores in the recent past I loved to listen to Camel while playing. They are a genre of their own so just give it a listen.
  3. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    I did not really want to get involved in this but I feel that there's a real simple solution to this whole thing. Just let everything be as is and take a step back. There is no need to know who started what anymore. Pointing fingers won't help anyone at this point so I'd suggest to just let bygones be bygones. And that is something that anyone who was involved in this whole thing should take to heart. @YT Tobbezockt You won't 'mend' your reputation or position in the forums with a discussion about your behaviour. Who you are perceived as only matters on your actions, not only now, but especially in the future. There is no need to be friends with everyone on the forums and even I have had 'less-than-constructive' arguments with people on here. But that doesn't matter in the long run. I know that you can take criticism and use it to improve your work. Or to take it and do something else anyway. Whatever you did or didn't do only matters right now. In a month the whole thing will be forgiven by some and forgotten by most people. Just take that opportunity and put aside anything that you still want to ask or explain. When the smoke clears you will find that anyone can change their opinion. Whether that opinion is formed by your arguments, your personality or your work only depends on what you present. PS: I strongly support stand on this. Personally I am surprised that no measures have been taken yet but I guess that comes down to how many people took part in this for better or worse. My only hope is that anyone feeling involved will reflect on the rational points made in this argument and especially reprimands. Some might think they are meant for a specific person but they hold truth for anyone in this thread.
  4. Finally. Against all odds and feeding teams I did it. Just in time I got
    Gold V in LoL

    Time to grab that free skin and go back to SR :P

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    2. anonyme0273


      Let's all uninstall on the release of Open Beta live on Stream - it's like burning the old textbooks when school is over, because something better is coming

    3. Sykole


      Can't uninstall a game if you are using the files without installing it to begin with :viridya:

    4. Bkingn


      congrat! :D i have failed... i cant reach diamond.. only plat 2 i was to lazy to play xd anyway this new rune system is gg wp uninstall....

  5. Cards for social promotion

    @fifcio20 The only special cards in this game are promos. They have an immense amount of prestige that is reflected in their prices (except for Easter Egg, Santa Claus, Lord Cyrian and Ravenheart). Handing them out to anyone would make the promo basically worthless in comparison (see all above mentioned promos). Therefore it definitely shouldn't be a good promo and I think that Lord Cyrian and Ravenheart shouldn't be be made available this way again. They aren't bad cards (like Easter Egg) and given their promo status they should also have promo value. It's hard enough to draw a promo so that luck shouldn't go to waste for anyone. Also Easter Egg is a festive card just like Santa Claus and if it is handed out then it should be around easter or christmas so that's also not an option. Rather than handing out a card to be owned I suggest to make a tome deck available to people who like the FB page or whatever the goal is. As that isn't tradeable it wouldn't be worth to multiaccount but if the tome deck is good and especially interesting for starting players it would give an incentive for both new and old players alike, especially when starting out with a new account. By making the deck temporary (e.g. 1 month) it wouldn't be worth for longtime players - who probably don't even want to like a FB page if they haven't by that point in time - but definitely a nice addition to new accounts. And people who don't want to get involved in FB or anything the like don't have the feeling of losing out as it's only a temporary advantage.
  6. Help me building a Deck

    is probably the best choice for stonekin as Timeless One in T3 is hugely effective with the deck comp and after. going for in T2 there is no attractive reason to go except for Fathom Lord. With a second you have the option to play Tremor or Core Dredge as a basenuke on top of Timeless One. I have no idea how plays out so I can only guess what to use here. Fathom Lord is an exceptionally good card as it gets probably the best stats for its power in all of T3 (and also the paralyze ability). Having one enables you to use Ashbone Pyro as a siege unit which pure nature lacks in T3. With Shadow Insect keep in mind that Drones are actually a better unit statwise. Shadow Insect sacrifices stats for it's ability. If you know how to use it then you get a bigger dmg output than Drones but no matter what the card is still squishier. The steadfast passive on it is pretty good though. Rageflame isn't played often but if you do use the blue one for the increased dmg on frozen targets. It is a support that disables creatures but stonekin and the advantage of being more effective vs squads and XL creatures compared to Aggressor can be negligible. The main problem is that Rageflame doesn't deal much damage and Timeless One is way cheaper and provides the same support functionality (freeze units). Also thinking practically Rageflame will be very expensive (as it is very good in PvE and ultrare) and harder to upgrade. But you will definitely need it to be at least U2 for PvP. Werebeasts don't have poor stats but they are expensive and if they are focussed the regeneration doesn't have time to be effective. Also your swift unit is supposed to be able to contest the map centre at the start of a game to get map control. But an S/S unit can't do that effectively as the most common swift T1 units are S/M (Dreadcharger, Scavenger) and even Swiftclaw outdamages Werebeasts with his ability activated. I guess one could play them effectively alongside Swiftclaw if they know what they are doing. The good thing about Mauler is the debuff it applies to attacked units. It disables any ranged attacks and special abilities for a couple of seconds (long enough to attack again). And him being an L counter can also be good at times. The downside to this is that the dmg is that a ton of M counters are played in T1 and T2 and any ranged unit can just run away and if it is swift it can even kite. Therefore it's a situational card.
  7. Help me building a Deck

    Not a PvP expert at all but I can give you some first pointers. First of what is the exact orb order you intend to play? From what I see you want to start but the rest is unclear. It's important what you play in your T2 though as this might change the need for some T1 cards. Surge of Light is essential for nature and carries on to be useful at higher tiers. The only T2 healing spell I ever saw used is Ravage btw Hurricane is also important as you will have problems dealing with for example Darkelf spam vs shadow T2 without it Dryad (blue) is very common as the dmg reduction is hugely important vs Nasty Surprise and Eruption. It also keeps your units alive long enough to heal with SoL or Shaman Somebody who regularly played Werebeasts is Beijingguy. Look at FarRock's YT channel to find some of his replays Swiftclaw is the most commonly played nature T1 swift unit I think. The dmg output is quite good DON'T play Manawing in PvP. It has so low hp that any range unit will drop it immediately. Not to mention that it makes it quite attractive to play dmg spells like Nasty or Eruption Windweavers are a core nature T1 unit (if you don't play the Treespirit & Amazon T1). Dryad or Shaman by far don't have a sufficient dmg output to replace them Treespirit (green) is commonly spammed and is by some considered to be nature's strongest T1 unit. It is considered lame to spam them though Usually PvP decks have 2-4 T3 cards and the rest is divided between T1 and T2. You should reserve more deck slots for T1 if you have problems defending. More deck slots in T2 give you more options if you survive T1 and some T2 cards are still very useful in T3. You should really check out one of the PvP guides on the forums. Either check out Eirias guide to deck building specifically or the deck overview by RadicalX and Hirooo
  8. @ICE Another vote for the reset button. Also I love the tool but the text window that shows when hovering over a card should also appear when hovering over a card in your current deck selection. Otherwise the deck selection makes little sense for me.
  9. Card Art Rework

    As I said. Cultist Master is fine apart from the background. Curious to see what you come up with. Also will kill you when he sees that you messed with Lost Dragon. So please do Frost Mage is fine! Grinder also. I'd rather suggest Ward of the North or Silverwind Lancers for Frost and Earthkeeper or Deepfang for Stonekin. For Bandits the Spearman really does look boring. Bandit Sorceress too.
  10. Soundtrack of your Life

    If there was a soundtrack to your life which band would play it? And which album of that band most accurately fits your life right now? Rules: You are only allowed to name 1 band and 1 album I know you want to name more but we don't want to make the thread into a TL;DR Either the lyrics or the general feeling can fit you Prioritize accurateness over personal preference when choosing between 2 bands If you are happy and content with your current situation then Nirvana won't be very fitting Just because it should fit you, you should still love that band Let me start with "The White Stripes". Currently my life is somewhere on "Icky Thump" randomly switching tracks. I love the soundtrack but some of the lyrics can be tough to experience in real life. But even though some things are lacking overall I'm happy where my life is going right now though.
  11. Card Art Rework

    Actually I think every edition mostly has very well-made cards. It's the few exceptions that you might want to look at. I'll just list what I found from looking through the cards. If you want examples on cards that look really, really well-made for comparison: For the promos that'd be Lyrish Knight. For spells there's Aura of Corruption, Blood Healing, Coldsnap and Hurricane. For buildings Amii Monument, Living Tower almost all shadow and lost souls buildings and obviously ! And overall amazingly made is Wrathgazer. For everything looks great. The background, the monster itself, the detail, the lighting and the general feel you get from looking at it. The only criticism would be that the creature disintegrates units so there's no reason why there'd be bones on the picture but that's nitpicking and the card would look worse without the bones. Twilight Backlash I think one doesn't see clearly what is shown on the card on the first look Bloodthirst Comet Catcher the design ain't bad but I think it's shown from the wrong angle. is a very similar card but looks way more badass Corpse Explosion lacks detail Cultist Master background could be improved as one only sees silhouettes that could be nightcrawlers Earthshaker Enlightenment I always thought they should've put a creature where the Thornbark is. Wrathgazer or Satanael would be nice. Also I would prefer Frost Avatar as a frost creature on the card for epicness Ghostspears always thought it'd look cool if the ground was identifiable as a swamp with roots sticking out of the water Healing Gardens picture doesn't fit the cards effect Juggernatur Promo Could be improved. I still think there are other promos to prioritize though Life Weaving could have better shading Primeval Watcher lacks a perspective for size comparison in the picture and the lighting could be better Razorleaf Promo lacks epicness for a promo. Look at Lyrish Knight for an example what a great promo looks like Swamp Drake Promo lacks epicness too and is imo the promo that currently looks the worst on the card compared to ingame Thornbark background has little detail. Doesn't bother me personally though Unholy Hero could be improved in many ways. redrawing the dagger and improving the lighting and shading of the flames and grail should do the trick Vulcan really needs a proper background and a lighting that fits that background PS: http://www.bafocards.eu/ is imo the best way to get a good overview of cards currently as CardBase lacks a couple of filters and is a bit slow at the moment.
  12. can be deleted

    2. Look HERE. It's mostly the use of shadow to create a more plastic and 3dimensional feeling. 3. I like it when it is seen on the card. But maybe I'm sentimental. 4. As I said I don't think the font itself is an issue. Rather it'd be things like font colour, texture, transparency, scale (for example the first letter of a word is always bigger), framing, etc... Usually card games use a simple, consistent font in white to improve readability but it often looks better when the text is designed for the background. You could google 'trading card games' for some inspiration.
  13. Donations are back... on Patreon !

    I never wanted an advantage nor any benefit besides from being acknowledged as an alpha tester. To me that doesn't only mean a badge on the forums but also to be taken seriously when I post something. During the course of this project I have gathered a lot of experience regarding both the game and especially the community. For me, seeing that respected means being acknowledged. All that I ask of you is to not make the development cycle into a 'pay-to-talk-to-the-devs'. You guys talking with any- and everyone, taking their suggestions and feedback is what makes this project more than just BattleForge or SkylordsReborn but into a community. I just hope this won't change. Seeing you say our status will be reflected is nice though.
  14. can be deleted

    Sorry I didn't say exactly what I meant with the orange shine. I thought of making the inside (or the main line) of the symbols brighter and a bit more saturated (or orange) so that the symbols shine stronger on the dark background. What you are saying is right, I wouldn't add a shine behind the symbols nor would I darken the background further. But making the symbols themselves shine is something I imagine looks good. You do you, no need to if you don't want to. Everything that I say is only a suggestion based on my personal preferences. What I meant is a relief effect for the medal. The symbol is still needed to tell which edition the card is from. Also it looks nice. Yup. Maybe. Depends on the style. I don't really have any ideas for it though sry. I never did like the old text that much but it was readable and that's what text is for. So yeah it sufficed then and it suffices now but it could still be improved if anyone here has a flash of inspiration. Again your choice. While I prefer 'used' I could still see a tidy and clean look too. If you do go for used though why not simply give the metal a couple scratches and a bit of rust here and there? And if you make the metal frame coloured by rarity the rare and ultrarare cards (or the promos) could have a cleaner, 'out-of-the-box' look. Glad you took the time to read and think about my suggestions. I'm curious to see the next version.