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  1. Kaliber84

    Building Cards (PvP)

    I want to provide constructive criticism, I really do. But you are contradicting yourself in every second paragraph. First you are implying that it's bad how much power is lost when building>demolishing>rebuilding (which nobody does anyways) and then you are saying that with your suggestion it would be even more power permanently lost... How does that even make sense to you? And yes, of course I know that buildings bind 100% power while standing. It's the same with units you know? And you get part of that back into your power pool if you demolish them yourself during construction which is completely fine. I don't see what your deal is with that. Considering your poll I can't see this topic as much more than troll so I'm very sorry but I will not be continuing in this discussion.
  2. Kaliber84

    Progress rate too slow + other concerns

    I don't agree with your opinion. You can get vast amounts of gold consistently as this is not bound to quests. So while you may not get any more cards after 60-90min you will still be able to further your progress in upgrading your decks. The idea with quests and BFP actually was to make them front-loaded for the beta. It speeds up the progress immensely for casual players and the hardcore players still get the same as they would have otherwise (+ additional gold). It is however true that gold income is not really balanced when looking at rPvE and normal PvE maps. But as the latter give "bought" upgrades it evens out a bit. I would like an option to convert the upgrades into gold though, so one can play the mode they prefer without being hindered in their progress. Don't be so hard on yourselves. IMO the quest system works incredibly well apart from an economy that is not able to hold up with it's own speed in some areas. Though this will stabilize by it's own as I presume. Just give it some time and look if the unbalanced market prices stabilize or not (best example right now is "Regrowth" for 100-150BFP). And there aren't many downsides to it.
  3. Kaliber84

    Building Cards (PvP)

    This is not just an issue for PvP. In PvE and especially rPvE that bound power is hugely important to balance things out. Shrine of Memory, Wheel of Gifts, Amii Monument,...the list goes on and on. These are all buildings that can easily decide if a run is successful or not and given the importance of void power on all time-critical maps (rPvE, Insane God, etc.) a refund to the bound power would enable far easier playthroughs. This buff would take much of the challenge out of the harder difficulties while providing no benefit to lower levels of difficulty or overall gameplay. The idea is interesting but in all honesty useless. PS: Your poll isn't even worth the time you spent making it... PS: On this note Amii Monument should actually be nerfed power-wise as it's cheaper than an actual monument without the same drawbacks (amount of void power permanently lost).
  4. Kaliber84

    Replay Repository

  5. Finally got back around to continue working on faction symbols and hopefully finishing a brand new logo for the unofficial community channel.

    You can help me make those symbols amazing by giving me feedback here:


  6. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    Long time no see but I am back yet again to pick up the project once again. And this time I hope I will finish the last 2 symbols (Bandits & Twilight) before university swallows me up completely. I wasn't satisfied with the Bandits logo from my last post as I felt like it had too much of a maritime flair but no hint towards the desert and sun that is so dominant in most Bandit motives. So the idea was to incorporate the sun into the logo and simplify the existing structures. For this I have sketched out a new logo that uses the harpoon as the central pillar instead of a crossing arc. The sun then supposedly completes the circle of the anchor and combines both maritime and desert aspects with this. I know that especially given the sketch it does not feel the way I just described but it's just a temporary sketch to build upon. The main problems are: How do I get the sun to actually look like a sun in the logo without distorting the other elements? How can I get the harpoon in the centre to look more in sync with the rest of the logo? (I thought of maybe doing the hooks of the harpoon in the style that I used for the spearhead before) How can I keep the symbol of the anchor clear and simple as it was before with the new additions to the logo? Any suggestions are appreciated
  7. Kaliber84

    Favorite PVE 4 orb card

    IMO Maelstrom is best combined with Shatter Ice which is my favorite combo card. It is quite expensive to play (340 at U0 up to 280 at U3) but the damage is massive (4.4k-13.2k at U0 or 5.3k-16k at U3). The wonderful thing is that Maelstrom is extremely effective vs big mobs and Shatter Ice can then be used to finish of all those L & XL units. The worst part about this combo is that Maelstrom takes some time for the freeze to activate. The more cost-efficient and my preferred way is to play Coldsnap (more targets) or Timeless One (extremely cheap) to use Shatter Ice. You don't get the dmg from Maelstrom but the cost is extremely cheap (175 w Coldsnap or 110 w Timeless One) and you get the massive damage from Shatter Ice instantly.
  8. Kaliber84

    Bandits were underpowered.

    I don't think it would be that hard. Battleforge's AI is not the best but overall decent, which holds true for other enemy factions in PvE as well. The important thing is to find the right trigger/delay to activate such abilities. From a gameplay point-of-view active abilities should be telegraphed to the player (make them recognizable) and impact the course of the game/fight. Personally I would give the units a buff that makes them gain lifesteal over time in combat similar to the dmg buff of Giant Slayers or Rageclaws. A fight could go like this: You have T2 and rush a Bandit rPvE camp. The usual mob stationed in the base forms and attacks you. As a player you are sure to win with CC and heals on your side. You use Coldsnap as an engage tool and send a mountaineer/burrowers to destroy the spawn buildings while your main force engages the mob. Reinforcements spawn in the camp and engage the Siege unit which is still able to destroy one spawn building. When the Coldsnap wears of your units are slightly more in number but the enemy units prove to be quite tanky due to their lifesteal passive that was activated when you engaged them in combat. You are able to win the fight but you spent more resources and time than anticipated. Personally I like the idea because it makes it more interesting to play vs the faction as you need to formulate a more specific strategy. The sole lifesteal buff would be slightly unbalanced as bursty factions / would have an easier time than the tanky ones /. IMO a good alternative is a buff that activates when Bandit units are affected by spell CC. The buff reduces the CC duration and grants additional lifesteal for something like ~5s after the CC ends. This makes units more important and at the same time it counters the burst and chain-CC from all factions.
  9. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    I'm quite fond of the revisions that I made. The spearhead should be less pronounced and in turn the anchor should be more recognizable as a symbol. The harpoon is in the place which the anchor "handle" would usually be to reinforce the anchor in the image. Next up would be finishing up and fine-tuning. The harpoon will get a second hook The spearhead might see minor reshaping The anchor will be fine-tuned The proportions of single elements (especially line width) will be adjusted to feel more consistent Any other ideas of how to improve this? PS: Many thanks to the fabulous suggestions by @Kitsurubami and @Wormas who made this design possible.
  10. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    New Bandits logo in a look that should fit the other icons so far. This is only the first sketch and especially the proportions will undergo more changes. But it should provide an idea of where I am going with this. The lower anchor part will be complemented by its respective top anchor part spanning out of / from behind of the spearhead. I still need to figure out how to make that look good though. What do you guys think of this? What things might not work even when the design is fully fleshed out? What could be added or left out? My greatest fear so far is that it won't look recognizable for the faction. But I feel that will improve when the anchor part is complete.
  11. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    It would look pretty awesome but it wouldn't be easily recognizable as it doesn't represent the faction well. Bandits are way closer to Fire in their style rather than Shadow as almost every style element in Bandits can also be found in Fire. Thus the star would hold no meaning for Bandits, whether on fire or not. I love the logo suggestion but I played around enough that I find it impossible to make this into something that is as simple as the other logos. EDIT: I will be using a stylized spearhead like the one from the Bandit Spearmen and an anchor for now. Still subject to change though.
  12. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    @Archeon That actually helps a lot. Thx for the input. @steezy I do not plan to make any further changes to the Fire, Frost, Nature, Shadow and Stonekin logos. The badly fitting colour scheme for Twilight has already been brought to my attention and the other colour schemes have been exactly the way you suggest from the beginning. All icons I have posted so far have been created solely by me but some have been inspired by suggestions made in this thread. The size of the icons is 4 x 4cm at 300ppi or 472 x 472px. You are free to post your own icons.
  13. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    @Treim It would definitely be possible. I'd probably build upon my current upload and expand the roots so they fit the primary shape of the biohazard logo. Also I'd need to adjust the eye shape and pupil size.
  14. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    I'm back again. Had some stuff to do and interestingly I did not notice new posts in this thread. Thank you all for the constructive criticism. I love that you simply want to help me create better icon. @Archeon @Necrospaz What exactly do you think makes it feel different? @Wormas Thanks for the sketch. I might incorporate elements of your suggestion into an overhauled icon for Twilight, once I find what I can do to make it feel similar to the other symbols. @Kitsurubami I will go with a simplified version of your latest entry. It is very well made but I feel that it is actually too detailed for a small icon. Also the composition is a bit too much on the sailor-side for my taste. But I think it is a great foundation and I will play around with it to see what works. Thank you. Edit: @Kitsurubami So I played around a bit but I can't come up with anything better fitting than your sketch. The problems with your sketch for a small logo are still present though. My new idea was to simply strip it down to it's bare bones. That would mean the only thing remaining would be 2 crossed harpoons connected by a piece of rope. That should be still recognizable as Bandits while also being more minimalistic. Similar to the other icons.
  15. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    Twilight is finished. One more to go. From the 2 colored versions I prefer the second one more. I will probably use these symbols in monochrome though, so whatever.

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