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  1. Which is why I said it's not ideal... Maybe someone can come up with a better solution, I'm not familiar enough with the code to really get into it... Best solution would be to simply let the player pick when playing the first unit but I'm guessing that would be a nightmare to add to the code base...
  2. Have you thought about making the orb spawn from hybrid T1 dependant on affinity? It's not ideal, since you'd still have to grab a specific affinity for your deck but better than nothing...
  3. Hast anyone managed to do a 2 or 3 point run? I have done a 4 point and could see 3 working... 2 might be possible but really hard... I just don't see 1 point... Anyways, it was fun, as always, thanks and good luck to everyone!
  4. Well this was probably the most fun out of all the challenges thus far! I really enjoyed the map!
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