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  1. Th3S0uL

    Guns of Lyr Expert

    Which base I have to destroy? So there is just one big attack on each side the team has to defend?
  2. Hey skylords, I want to do GoL on Expert but get kicked out of the groups, cuz I don't know the right way to play. Can someone explain the "meta" strategy?
  3. Th3S0uL

    Must pick cards

    Hello everyone, I want to ask you if there are must pick cards of each color. I don't want to know your favorite cards, but cards, that are necessary in every deck. If you like them or not is not important. Just enumerate the colors with one or two must pick cards My list looks like that: Green: Surge of Light, Ensuring Roots Red: Eruption, Mine Purple: Furnace of Flesh, Shadow Phoenix Blue: Coldsnap, Juice Tank
  4. Th3S0uL

    Rerolling Cards

    Good evening everyone, today I took some trashcards in the AH and hope they gonna get sold. While doing this I got an idea. I played a lot of League of Legends. While playing you get Skins for Champions. You can reroll three Skins into another new one. Maybe better, maybe worse. Just RNG. Won't be it a cool feature for Skylords? You have trashcards you will never use and which will never get sold. Just put them in a craftingbox and get a new one. What do you think guys?
  5. Th3S0uL

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    Would be great if you show us replays of your records. On the one hand to prove your time, on the other, more important hand to see your strategy. would be kind.
  6. Th3S0uL


    Oh okay, I mixed up Cultist Master and Rifle Cultists So now the combo is clear. Thank you! Will try it!
  7. Th3S0uL


    But didnt I loose some power, if I use the shadow way? Cultits cost 50 power and just 45 are going in the voidpower? Why is it worth to play this start?
  8. Well to manage a shaman should be obivous. It´s a healer, so it has no business in the frontline I normally kill the Shamans as soon as I hit T4. Swampdrakes a squishy enough to profit from Shamans healing. A T4 Unit has to much HP. So the Voidpower is not gone at all. It just take til T4. I just use Surge of Light, if my units a near death so I dont overheal them. A passiv healing from Shamans are a good way to keep the units alive. But you´re right with Fountain of Rebirth. I though about it and looked up the numbers. Fountain heals 15 per second for 10 seconds, with Healing Garden it´s 31,5 per second. Without Healing Garden, Fountain of Rebirth heals the half amoung of Shamans (150 every 5 seconds) in the same time on one target. With Healing Garden it´s the same amoung. If you have three units Fountain of Rebirth outheals Shamans. On the other hand, to get a fulltime healing you need 6 Fountains and they are buidings so you have power binding. I will try playing without Shamans and just Fountain and Garden. Maybe I´m better with it. Thank you!
  9. Th3S0uL


    Well thats a detailed answer. Thank you very much! How much Voidpower you get for a unit/spell/building? 100% of the costs?
  10. Hey boys and girls, reading this forum is very informative and fun. I often read about voidmanipulation and I don't know exactly how it works. I understand the sense of manipulate the void power but the way I have to play it, is not clear at all. Can someone give me a quick introduction how I play it? Maybe with some variations? Thank you
  11. Which T2 unit is worth to play? DeepOne is bad imo, cuz it can not attack air units. Spirit Hunters suck as well, because of the low direct damage. I don't really know which I should take. As T3 I think swamp drake is an awesome choice because of the fact that they are flying. Most hostiles can't attack them and if you have some shamans for backing them up, it's a great way to get though all. Maybe Abyssal Warder is a good alternative at T3?
  12. Hey, thank you for all the good informations. It's a deck for campaigns/normal pve. Sorry forgot to tell you. But why is shaman overrated? It's just 70 power and surge of light just heal for a moment. 1350 lifepoints for 80 power. The shaman outheals surge of light in under a minute for just 70 power. so I think shaman is a good one.
  13. Hey Skylords, I´m playing mainly a pure Nature Deck. I want to show you my deck. I want to improve it and need your help. Here is my deck: T1: Unit: Windweavers, Shaman, Amazon Spell: Hurricane, Ensnaring Roots, Surge of Light Buildings: Fountain of Rebirth T2: Unit: / Spell: Creeping Paralysis, Curse of Oink Buildings: Living Tower, Breeding Ground T3: Unit: Swampdrake Spell: Revenge, Thunderstorm Buildings: Wheel of Gifts, Healing Garden T4: Unit: Colossus, Forest Elderer, Giant Wyrm Spell: Regrowth Builldings: / Here are my questions: 1. I have no T2 unit. I think the Windweavers/Shaman-Combo is so strong, that I dont need any T2. Do you think the same or do I miss something? 2. Is the Fountain of Rebirth/Healing Garden-Combo worth it? Or shell I spend the 180*2 power+ 2 cardslots in other cards? 3. Do I have to much T4 Units? Four Colossus and Giant Wyrm destroy anything. So maybe Forest Elderer is a bit to much? 4. I use Amazon just for running though enemies or capture wells. Do I better use Swiftclaw? Whats your opinion. I hope you can help me! Thank you in advance. Jan/Soul
  14. Th3S0uL

    Another way to get upgrades

    Yeah sure, But isn't it boring just pay gold?
  15. Th3S0uL

    Another way to get upgrades

    Hey community, I have some ideas of improving the way we get our cardupgrades. The fact we just get them by preying to rngesus and doing the same map time and time again, is quite exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I love playing the maps in different ways, but if a random teampartner getting the upgrade you need after playing the map for a bunch of time if annoying af. So my suggestion. Implant a "map currency" we know from mmorpgs. An example: You want to upgrade your lovely juggernaut. For that you need Titans on easy and Dwarven riddle on adv. and exp., right? So for each time you play the map you get a little amount of the related currency. Let's say 10 pieces. For upgrading the juggernaut you need 100 for the first tier, 200 for the second and 300 for the last. If you play the maps you may get it from a luckdrop, but you guaranteed get it after the 10/20/30 time you play the map. Another way of doing this, is to need a number of different map currencies. So you craft your upgrades by "farming" currencies of different maps. What do you think of this suggestion?

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