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  1. Battle ships honestly, after much playtime, are essentially slower very VEERRY beefy lost ships with no knockback. It sounds better than it is, unless impure frost, this is impractical and even there ironclads usually are more fun. Essentially, to keep their flavor but make them a better card that plays about the same, why not give battleships a crappy 5-50 strength regenerating ice shield that's easy for enemies to pop. They will play the same, but in combat, will perform like old battleships and make B ships more fun to use.
  2. Oh balls, that scenario and picture you described just gave me a terrifying idea. At t2, you can just use the Earthkeeper on the Crystal fiend. That also protects a high priority target, scales hard, and is impossible to counter. Okay, yea that prolly needs to be changed so you can't keep ability switching targets and making units pseudo invincible. Thank you guys!
  3. Earthkeeper: 1. Back Up A. Remove steadfast from ability. B. Duration: 30 seconds --> Until interrupted C. Power cost: 0p --> 25p Earthkeeper has a very powerful ability, particularly the blessed (b) affinity. By making it last indefinitely absent interruption, Earthkeeper can be used by Stonekin decks to set up incredibly durable defenses that do not need to be constantly maintained. We removed steadfast to allow Earthkeeper to be knocked back while channeling (similar to Timeshifter Spirit), requiring good positioning, and added a 25p cost to increase initial set
  4. >>New Primeval watcher changes will not work. The buff is not significant enough to address the slow turtle waddling ground movement and overall unfixed mechanical problems from rpve and campaign silence and ranged attack debuff trolling to then shove it from 2 green orbs req (okay territory) to >>>trash tier<<< 3 green orb requirement. Adding more paralysis capability won't do any good here, that won't solve the problems, if anything the current Watchers already paralyze what they can too well. (melee XL, melee trash spam etc) and combos well with Warp
  5. I second this. These changes will not work. No one uses primeval watcher because ground ranged overall is slower and thus vulnerable to ai anti ranged silence debuffs, especially after lost dancer debuffing. The game also has poor ground pathing around buildings for XL creatures. Forcing it to 3 green and giving it slightly more dps and more paralysis ability does not help address this and puts this card into trash territory. Giving it more paralysis when that's not the problem just puzzles me. Oh, walk up to the enemy and use ability? A twi whisperer silenced all my wa
  6. Overall, the problem with Mind control is not the card, but the fact that 3 green 1 orb is a very weak t4 overall. We need to address that fact eventually. After extensive testing, I've found 2 Green + 2 other orb is always better. Even if you use cultist offering, mind control can not compensate for 3 green orb + t4's lack of spells and unique creatures. The power void income from free creatures can't overcome this weakness. ***name very good creature and cards in those colors. I bet you had trouble past abyssal warders,grove spirit, timeshifters and promise of life. C
  7. I've seen it on werebeasts too. This bug explains a lot, always wondered what caused limping fast squads.
  8. Hatecaster: Orb req change to ----> 2 neutral, 1 fire, 1 green Too strong a buff. Waaay too strong. Hatecasters are the best tower power cost wise in the game. It has paralysis ability, is extremely tough hp wise and great dps for 100 power. Giving everyone a t4 option to use it is basically more op than necroblaster. Terrifying. Plz no Infected tower: Added Pop check ...... Really? This is not a balance change, it serves no purpose. Infected tower bug spam has no effect on the game. You're just patching content out.
  9. This is in my opinion currently the worst tower in the game already though. How does changing the orb requirement and reducing number of rockets fix the rockets behaving poorly or just missing and taking forever to hit etc? Its only use currently is knocking back archer blobs or troll knocking enemy melee already attacking buildings.
  10. Some of these, I was trying to eyeball it or guess using stuff like 10 thugs squads with unity passive and wintertide in forge getting smacked by 10 sunreavers. Normally this small squad would be Verrry dead instantly. It would be nice to have the actual concrete data. I'm pretty sure I've missed something. * Oh ty very much.
  11. *In progress ***** slot list being reworked. I've been referring to wrong things. ****Kubik posted the actual melee slot numbers in his 2nd post below. To prevent further loss of game info, I have posted this guide on melee 1st off, split melee creatures into two types. And then split them by size. 1. Standard Spears 2. Small/ Medium Large/ XL For melee to kill even faster, you need to exploit the melee slot system to make use of your superior hp and dps. All units have melee slots. To fight a unit in melee
  12. Thank you very much! It was driving me nuts I couldn't find the patch notes or info on what happened.
  13. Does anyone remember which patch mentions snap jaw dps being changed to the current 190 now? The old value listed on the card was 280. I can't find any info or mention of this, and it's driving me nuts. Is it a dps # correction, is it a nerf etc. https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Snapjaws I see nothing on the patch changes, and no one is talking about it because people usually don't remember the snap jaw's dps number.
  14. Maybe an ability range of 50m siege range on a building used mostly to speedrun feed or kill void recycle ones own units at close range is excessive. This is such a minor issue, but the large range is mostly abused for denying allies ground presence. Unless speedrunners need the range that high, reducing the range will mostly only hurt decomposer trolls without hurting functionality.
  15. Okies. I will try messing with the width of the config.json then. Thank you Aviat0r.
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