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  1. Obviously, any change helping frost this way helps all the other faction playstyles overall. Expecting it to benefit Frost only in the longrun is silly. I do not count that as a Frost buff as players adapt to the new mapping, it can eventually turn out no, it benefits other factions as much if not more.
  2. When most of us use entangling roots to counter enemy melee to shoot em dead with arrows, the balance team gave Wintertide Red, a spell that self roots your units like entangling roots. . . . . a 30% melee damage buff. Does it take much thought to see why giving self rooted melee units a +30% melee dmg buff when everyone in pvp and pve, is trained to retreat and Pincushion rooted melee units dead is stupid? What "interesting mechanic"? Dying!? And you can't stack dmg buffs, Homesoil makes that part useless anyways. Is it really that surprising that I would find this an unw
  3. I just feel alienated. Anyone who uses lightblade phalanx's payback would have told them to not change Wintertide's payback mechanic. This is a very VERY old battleforge era strat. It's even used in a community game called ground hog day for god's sake..... but no devs or balance team caught on they were patching such a critical t1 spell mechanic tool? How can I trust them then? What's next? Northern keep? Scorched Earth? 2 Envenom type stacking? Chaos knights?
  4. I'm so extremely salty about this. I just can't believe this shit. Wanted to let you all know balance team removed your ability to do this combo with Frost t1. You know when you have the card Phalanx in payback mode, then you have a lightblade provoke bait an Abom in forge and it dies from anti-trample dmg? Wintertide Red turns ur units t1 into this payback mode. You also have light blades T1 as Frost. You used to use Wintertide Red, provoke the Sunderer, Harvester or any large or Xl size creature with lightblade, they try walking over to lightblade and you path them through those
  5. You guys do know the Wintertide Red 150 trample damage infliction when trampled on this card is a pvp pve anti Large and XL creature kill combo with lightblade for frost T1 against Harv or in PVE Grinders etc right? You guys took away a critical anti large XL size tool in Wintertide Red and gave it .... a useless 30% more melee dmg???!!! To frost On card that roots your own units? Excuuuuuuse me? When would that be useful ever in Frost t1, pvp or pve with homesoil barrier existing. Guys, do you guys bounce ideas or actually talk about these changes? Winte
  6. It's more surprising when you can find some prices that just never change. Deepcoil worm is stuck permanently around 550 ish Colossus is nearly always 190-220 range.
  7. Ultrarares, rare Squads and buildings so far. ** I recommend using Ctrl F and typing the card name you want to see etc. Price ref based on pre-reset era Because over relying on SMJ is weird Price listed is an expected range, but you will find outliers when you look because most casual players won't read this list or use SMJ anyways. *Pricing is subjective and based on my buying experience. But remember, in pre reset era, I could even flip commons for profit. Very difficult to do this in the current post reset, so use this list as a r
  8. Dwarf Riddle expert runs. 13-11 mins with randos. 5-6 minutes with a team who has optimized it. Runner only have has access to 1 teammate, so decomposer removal would matter less. It's easy enough when you guys know what to do, everyone mostly sits around spawning, giving ground presence and using spells. If decomposer was gone, most consistent gold runs would probably look similar to this or be Guns of Lyr *slow speedrun edition with randos.
  9. You seen the puzzling rankings of multiplayer maps done by 1 player? Yes, we use one of those exploit runner strats, except cheese it even faster with 3 more t1 players. It's just as lazy easy and the difference in time can be as small as 3-5 minutes more than a decomposer run. Heck, Die to Play already runs an example of this type of Gold run regularly for fun that isn't Guns of Lyr. It isn't hard to do, you mostly sit there spawning units, and doesn't use decomposer. I'm pretty sure people would start complaining about these runs becoming infamously popular after a de
  10. Lets put it this way. Decomposer only makes whats possible faster. It does not remove the orbs already there. Remove it, we get spammed "Guns of lyr farming" Kings of Giants rotate runs! Insert____ map duo Gold farm It changes nothing because a new efficient spam method replaces it. In fact, I've already seen many already.
  11. The expiring part is Ironclad's own aoe Ability dmg portion. Has nothing to do with other part. The persisting ice dmg % part is supposed to stick on allies like that.
  12. If you ever needed to kill a lot of XL units or have fun. Slap a Ravenheart down Cast Unholy hero + Life weaving on it. Heal it you have it later. Shoot harpoon (Unholy boosts dmg) , then mine (Unholy boosted dmg). Kite them by moving away from them. --------------------------- I think this is how Ravenheart was supposed to be played out, but t4 pvp is not a thing so it still remains a meme.
  13. I hate this suggestion macabi. If anything, we should be INCREASING orb restriction The entire purpose of the game is to think around this. The game is not supposed to be "use enlightenment" or "splash Green" 24/7
  14. Yes....... The breath attack for Northland drakes hits the first enemy in it's path in a straight line like Fire Dragons and Bandit gunners. Aimed at the target, the enemy in front absorbs the projectile dmg just like when u fight treefiends and they only hit your front lines etc. It does not work like Skyfires or Swamp drakes where it directly smacks just the target. Edit: Apparently this topic has already shown up before and I answered it. I thought it was familiar.
  15. Don't remove skyfire. Global warming in pve is a dead card. Switch that card with something.
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