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  1. Some of these, I was trying to eyeball it or guess using stuff like 10 thugs squads with unity passive and wintertide in forge getting smacked by 10 sunreavers. Normally this small squad would be Verrry dead instantly. It would be nice to have the actual concrete data. I'm pretty sure I've missed something. * Oh ty very much.
  2. *In progress ***** slot list being reworked. I've been referring to wrong things. ****Kubik posted the actual melee slot numbers in his 2nd post below. To prevent further loss of game info, I have posted this guide on melee 1st off, split melee creatures into two types. And then split them by size. 1. Standard Spears 2. Small/ Medium Large/ XL For melee to kill even faster, you need to exploit the melee slot system to make use of your superior hp and dps. All units have melee slots. To fight a unit in melee
  3. Thank you very much! It was driving me nuts I couldn't find the patch notes or info on what happened.
  4. Does anyone remember which patch mentions snap jaw dps being changed to the current 190 now? The old value listed on the card was 280. I can't find any info or mention of this, and it's driving me nuts. Is it a dps # correction, is it a nerf etc. https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Snapjaws I see nothing on the patch changes, and no one is talking about it because people usually don't remember the snap jaw's dps number.
  5. Maybe an ability range of 50m siege range on a building used mostly to speedrun feed or kill void recycle ones own units at close range is excessive. This is such a minor issue, but the large range is mostly abused for denying allies ground presence. Unless speedrunners need the range that high, reducing the range will mostly only hurt decomposer trolls without hurting functionality.
  6. Okies. I will try messing with the width of the config.json then. Thank you Aviat0r.
  7. Would modifying the json to be height:768 Width :1080 Work, or would it just crash my computer?
  8. Yeah, after last night, something changed and the smallest window mode now is humongous. 1280 by 768 now covering most of the laptop screen. Is there any way I can modify this window size? I have no interest playing the game in stretched out fun house dimensions, but i can't figure out how to make it smaller.
  9. Something like a frostpunk faction as the last faction in desperate fighting against the Assemblers as the final pve boss boss faction in battleforge lore, could be excellent. But yea, any type of sea faction would be nice too as we don't get any actual water in battleforge. (prolly cause water is ass to animate well in engine)
  10. Banzai lord : Having looked closer again, not a bug, the ability icons just look too similar due to ability background choice. Both icons are grayish brown and gray from left to right, so I guess i'm having a really hard time seeing it. Molten boss: I will if I see the lag bug again. I don't see this boss reliably enough to do testing. Hopefully the bug trigger is not Banzai lord purp+ purp banzai birds + boss ability interaction. (I don't have Banzai purp.)
  11. I am playing on Resolution : 1280 by 768 It fits 2/3rds of the screen, so I can play while web browsing, music, word doc, excel etc. (my laptop screen when widescreen stretches all games badly.)
  12. Rough list of bugs I've seen as of the new Dec 18 2021 patch. If you see more bugs, have some fun and post it here or post a new topic more formally in this bug report forum section using the format. -------------------------------------------------- newly found--Bandit sorceress blue blessed installation doesn't display her effect on the building. Can still use exit building button. Either not working, or ability display not working. Invisible amii phantoms. *spears only. no bodies. True phantoms, spooky spears only. Inventory (the card
  13. I despise clearing the top right stonekin base for cannon on expert though. Can we make that base easier then if it's required? Instead of having to fight through a wall with gemeyes and deepgorges behind it? Without earthshaker or cc like peace, clearing this base while defending treasure ship would be no bueno I feel as that base usually only has 1 player defending. after taking both bases there. Relying on the guy to micro defending base and kill top base probably wont end well
  14. Obviously, any change helping frost this way helps all the other faction playstyles overall. Expecting it to benefit Frost only in the longrun is silly. I do not count that as a Frost buff as players adapt to the new mapping, it can eventually turn out no, it benefits other factions as much if not more.
  15. When most of us use entangling roots to counter enemy melee to shoot em dead with arrows, the balance team gave Wintertide Red, a spell that self roots your units like entangling roots. . . . . a 30% melee damage buff. Does it take much thought to see why giving self rooted melee units a +30% melee dmg buff when everyone in pvp and pve, is trained to retreat and Pincushion rooted melee units dead is stupid? What "interesting mechanic"? Dying!? And you can't stack dmg buffs, Homesoil makes that part useless anyways. Is it really that surprising that I would find this an unw
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