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  1. Hello, just wanted to post what I noticed some weaknesses for Twilight Card selection overall in this thread as a mirror. --------------------------------- Twilight Tier 2 Has the weakest Tower selection in the game. Which Defensively, makes them worse than even just going pure Green and Pure Fire in Tier 2. Makeshift turret (Tier 1) Stranglehold( Good but not really a true damage dealer alone) And Infected Tower, A pretty subpar to weak tower with no Knock back intended for Support use. Mark of the Keeper (Not a Tower, and Expensive BFP wise anyways because everyone wants one when they start out.) Tier 2 Fire has some Okay to not so good Towers, but it doesn't matter, they're all 2 FIre ORb restricted. Tier 2 Green has no Towers except Living Tower, which is Two Green ORb Restricted. Now, how do most people get around this? In 4 RPVE, they don't. They just smash through using Mine. In Solo high difficulty RPVE, my guess how most people get around this is by taking the easy route and NOT CHOOSING TIER 2 Red Green Twilight start. If they choose Tier 2 Twilight, my second guess is again, they use Spells or Go All in and smash instead of defending. Or the third option is to Heavily Lean on Tier 1 cards and towers and Archers defend and then use the time to build units. Or they could try using the Root System, and Tier 1 Tree Spirits? Because the Tier 2 Root System Tree is TWO GREEN ORB RESTRICTED. NOOOOOOO!!!!! --------------------------------------------------- Twilight Tier 2 Lacks A Medium Swift Unit. Or Ranged unit for that matter. This is like some sort of Raptor like card. EA in fact probably intended to release this card easy, because the assets are in the Mission Behind Enemy Lines. TIer 2 Twilight also lacks some sort of Squad Archer or Medium sized Ranged unit. I'm pretty Sure these were supposed to be like those Twilight master Archers in Soultree, Twilight Wind Weavers in the Forge, or some sort of Caster that deals ranged damage etc, but they didn't release before game ended. --------------------------------------------- Twilight Tier 3 Doesn't have any good Large sized Ranged Units, Flying or casters etc Yeah, we could do with some sort of Large or XL sized Twilight Ranged unit. This is a pretty weak slot for Twilight as well. Most people just stuff DeepCoil Worm or Magma Thrower. Almost No one uses Twilight Hag. We could probably do nicely to have something at least, like a shitty Common reskin like a Twilight Deep Coil Worm, Construct, Core Dredge or some sort of Floatey Slow Magma Fiend like unit. Twilight Tier 3 most probably needs Flying units and some Casters the most. No, Swamp Drake for Twilight doesn't count, Would be nice if they had their own equivalent to reward going Twilight etc. But Twilight Tier 3 Most needs Casters. ------------------------------------ Twilight Tier 4 Would be nice to have more stuff. They have Three Creatures, One spell, No casters etc. Oh well, This is really low priority, but like Pure StoneKin and Pure Lost colors, they don't really have anything to reward going pure Twilight besides Two Melee units etc. ------------------------------ Twilight overall lacks an Overall theme. Thanks EA. ---------------------------- ....... Because Transformation as a Mechanic sucks so No on uses it. It probably eventually needs some sort of Cost changes or Reworks. Overall requiring Cards to Transform in order to get their Full effects is Janky. Because. GREEN HAS A 25% POWER discount for Summoning Creatures. MAKING THEIR EXCLUSIVE COLOR SPLASH THEMED GROUP USE MORE POWER TO DO THE SAME THING IS DAFT. EA's solution was to try to force people to transform by tying it to the mechanics of the cards themselves. Twilight minions give Attack Bonuses for transforming into Cthulu, Vile Blood Farts after Transforming and it Heals or Burns people. The main problem is that these transform mechanics ARE DOUBLE COSTED. If you transform Twilight Mins into Cthulu, well. . . . .Cthulu doesn't give you anything for Transforming back into Twilight Minion. In fact, he wants to die so bad, he named himself Slaver and blows himself up when he dies. This means, to reset and get your Twilight Minion back so you can transform and do the attack bonus again, you either summon a NEW ONE, or you take another loss and Transform him back. Which, btw, is way more expensive no matter how you efficiently plan who to transform into, than just not transforming because you get 25% OFF FOR USING NORMAL SUMMONING IF YOU HAVE BREEDING GROUNDS. THE COLOR GREEN'S MOST FAMOUS Power Manipulation card. Oh and to add insult, Transforming still requires Card Charges to transform into that unit. You don't even save Card charges for using the Transform Mechanic some guy at EA dreamed up. The only benefit of having less bound power and Void Return is Very hard to calculate because you're wasting WAY more power overall transforming.
  2. chickennoodler

    Creating map disconnect from servers

    Yeah that's the bug I was talking about in the Bug thread. It also can crash the game or the Client and game gets stuck so you can't launch the map.
  3. chickennoodler


    Twilight also doesn't have any Tier 2 Ranged Units, and they REALLY need some sort of Twilight Tier 2 tower besides their only Tier 2 Tower, which is a Support tower that is Subpar to abysmal for damage and Knockback. Not helped by the fact that Red has Some of THE WORST tier 2 towers and Orb restrictions on them, and Green just doesn't have Tier 2 Towers besides Living tower, a Two Green orb tower. Also, no Tier 2 Swift unit of theirs, but that was probably originally intended for the Twilight Raptor by EA on the Behind Enemy lines map. We could probably do with some more Twilight Tier 3 units (some sort of Twilight Tier 3 Large or XL Ranged and Melee units would be cool, and some flying units) and Reworking the Transformation gimmick is honestly Worthless and would need a rework to cost or the Problems with the mechanic. Because Transforming cards to other cards for Power cost premiums when Green, A color that gives 25% Power discounts for Breeding grounds exists is Janky and confusing. (Why does transforming Eat up a Card charge when It costs so much? Where does the Power even go? Does the Bound power for the original creature return to Void Power? So confusing.)
  4. My screen says 1366 by 768, so yeah, the game setting of 1024 by 768 is too big. I experimented quite a bit and found out, the problem is actually that The Game Code somehow forces the Window to automatically center itself and go back down when I try to raise it higher into the Task bar and the above the visible screen to stop hiding the bottom of the Game Window. And since the Windowed Game is 768 like my Monitor, when the Game re centers itself, it always does a bad job and shows the top White portion of the Window and cuts off the bottom which has the Deck and Cards bar at the bottom. I eventually tried and succeeded to partially fix this so I could play by setting the Task bar to hide before starting the Skylords client started so the Windowed Game centers itself slightly Higher so I could see the Very top Half of the Cards and actually press the Deck and card buttons instead of playing blind. Not perfect but better than having to go into Fullscreen (which stretches the game) just to modify and change decks.
  5. So. . . . is there a resolution below 1024 by 768? There's no settings for a smaller resolution and the screen basically cuts off below my Laptop's screen so I can't see the cards and some parts of the screen are cut off below. And that's after I put a setting so my toolbar disappears and reappears when I hover at the top of the screen so normally the toolbar is in the way. I don't think most people play like this so this is very strange to me. What do most people do normally?

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