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  1. You say that, but it's almost always been you guys when things broke in the past. That being said, you're right this time, Microsoft rushed an update that fixed the issue . Literally can not believe it. I have the up to date stable WIndows 11. I spent 3 days updating drivers etc which didn't work and then suddenly today Microsoft introduced a .net Framework update that makes everything work again. It feels more and more like Windows 11 is just in perpetual Beta Testing. . . . Which means I owe you guys a big apology because it w
  2. After Last night 4/22/23 The game just isn't running correctly. The Graphics lags and is jittery and the whole game doesn't input commands without lag. Considering I have up to date Drivers on Windows 11, and I can literally play League of Legends and whatever Battle Royale my relatives put on this laptop, I guarantee it's your Server Side issues again. At the point, I'm just reporting the issue because I don't care anymore.
  3. Well, Primeval Watcher became 3 Green orb and Ghost Spears became 2 Green orb with NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER. Ghost spears might not be Trash tier, but they're pretty much useless out of PVP and Primeval Watchers are now actual Trash Tier useless cards. Your feedback doesn't matter, The skylord team will announce something they plan and they will patch it into the game no matter how shit the idea is. Depressing. I'm gonna stop posting any feedback about the game what so ever because why bother?
  4. There's not much point in using a Hero Batariel decks anymore for Speed clearing. You're better off doing Hero unit spell spam. I would argue it's worse. There's no point in bringing Enlightenment Batariel Reds in any other faction anymore. I don't bring Batariel Red because it hits Single targets harder like a knock off Abomination. I bring Batariel Red because it procs splash damage faster. Well the Batariel Reds are having a much much harder time ramping up their AOE damage so why ever bring them? Both Batariels are slow at procing the AOE damage now so might as well use Batarie
  5. It's not like Pre-reset era on Skylords had patch notes for this stuff so I can't prove it anyways. Pretty sure you can't prove I'm wrong either though because again no patch notes back then, now that I think of it. Feel free to imply I'm wrong. I don't care. It's been 2-3 years minimum now, maybe I have dementia. You can see that the Bandit battleships originally didn't have Hero immunity at the beginning of Slavemaster Expert when they leave with the Ravenheart. Think of that what you will. Bit off topic though, so guess I go.
  6. Twilight Slayers seem really weak for PVE for at t3. It has the statline and abilities (and disadvantages) of a strongish ultra rare t2 pve card. The Fire Affinity seems heavily designed to Shred Avatar of Frost and Stonekin XL like Deepfang. Without that affinity, this card is like a strong t2 card. >> PVE ++++ Fire Affinity slaughters Avatar, Stonekin XL ++high dmg +low cost per charge -*small size, so the 6 Pop per unit screws people over trying to mass in pve --* Cheap 75 power cost made not great or practical by above pop ca
  7. And.... that's why I stopped reporting these types of bugs. You guys always try patch them out regardless how useless they are. XL creatures is the only approved strat, everything else is 'problematic' or 'we'll fix it' I swear, the guy who patched my Original Battleforge Skycatcher green usage ability idea versus the Slavemaster Ravenships by giving them all hero Immunity gave me a Chef's kiss lesson on why to never reveal beneficial bugs. Minute it spread, unannounced patch change for Skylord.
  8. Ascension - Map1 Main Issue: The map is completely dominated by one singular, low-interaction, low-execution strategy. Context: Mark of the Keeper and Mana Wings trivialize the map to a laughable degree. Meanwhile the elaborate defensive set-up that got designed for this map should be the star of the show. However, Mana Wings circumvent it entirely, being able to clear key locations in relative safety and defend Jorne without issue. ------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------- Chicken or the egg issue. Teamwork on map 1
  9. In rpve to be honest, if it's bandits, this is good advice. Not so much versus harder factions like Lost or Fire memes. Building 1 wheel and choosing a buff is actually not at bad starting move, just not at t3. Each wheel buff saves your team time while fighting, so you build them as you go. The bigger issue is if you build wheels and you and your team mates don't fight. Yes, that includes you, so I can see what Dutchy means. Building 3 wheels when you are behind in power after getting pwned at t2 by a close t3 lost base is a really bad idea. Spell b
  10. It's gotten lowered to 28-30% so better now for me so yea, the windows 7 changes helped my pc. It's a windows 10 laptop though....... guess it's still feels it's a Windows 7 laptop at heart. -_-
  11. 5-8% without clicking and jumps to 30%, -39%. during gameplay, aka when I play cards or click. It's particularly bad and laggy at the start of Insane God expert. Using a windows 7 Laptop that was "upgraded" to windows 10. I have no idea wtf happened, but it is consistently using ridiculous cpu usage %. since the recent update.
  12. Name: CPU go bye bye REPRODUCIBILITY: Turn on game. Playing normally triggers high GPU consumption. How??? SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: none. Task bar app shows consistent GPU consumption spiking during normal play since after update. Log: attached Additional info: Game lagged and eventually lagged and crashed Anyone else actually seen this bug after update? I have it, but literally no idea what is going on. _log_proxy_latest - Copy.log crashdata - Copy.mdmp
  13. A cautionary tale to keep in mind. The Warlocks cards pretty much works like this and applies free buffs. Both are incredible meme cards because the more warlocks you have, the more they try to self buff other warlocks, who then have expired buffs and repeat. They also all waste buffs trying to buff the same units a lot. Both are some of the worst cards in the game You can see this problem already on lost Wanderer. Shaman only targets damaged units, so the terrible ai is not as noticed. It's not fun, but something to keep in mind.
  14. For unit grouping, it's actually better if colossi can use swift to Leroy jenkins first into fights as it will combo extremely well with flying units. If you really need to shave that value for balancing, keep in mind a lot of people forget Bloodhorn has swift. It's a very weak trait at t4.
  15. Does the +50% siege damage solve the waddling slow movement or bad pathing? Important now because you know, buildings and terrain can now block the newly changed Primeval watcher ability so it can keep trying to waddle slowly out of position and get stuck around some god forsaken tower or terrain again, or god forbid melee range. Like a Potato. Which have eyes btw. (*sarcasm alert) Sure, make it a useless 3 green 1 neutral card. It's not like Great Wyrm, Grimvine or New Colossus will still be the better cards even if Primeval Watcher had +100% siege damage. Because it would still h
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