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  1. Hello Peps! I wanted to give some rich people of you a nice allrounder Bata deck which you can use for rpve and even campaign mode. This deck is hella expensive so please dont sell some good cards of your main deck to achieve this.
  2. Hey Guys , yesterday we played Empire Expert with Wanky , MrKrumpli , Nachtwolfyt and myself and we cleared the whole map and searched for Jorne on the map because he was nowhere to find. We left the game to check in the replay what happend to Jorne and we saw that Jorne died clearing his way. So after Jorne died the game didnt end and we got locked up in the game. So we thought there must be a map bug because if Jorne dies the map should fail. I already send a replay to Ladadoos of the game. Greetings Lontzek
  3. Hello Skylords, I was talking to the staff of this project about upcoming events for the future. i would like to use this function here to collect any kind of ideas from you guys for the staff. Please consider: Keep your ideas as realistic as possible. So please feel free to write your ideas! Greetings Lontzek
  4. Hello Developer Team and Skylords! I saw this thread by helping out @John on this idea by sending him some replays of RPVE 9-10 to see how the updated HP bar would effect the vision of the player and the overall gameplay. I like this idea alot but on the other hand , i think that some players could be confused by trying to count the HP bars of the units or some players just dont care that much about the HP bar that is shared into sections. So i came to the suggestion (if its possible) that we could just add numbers to the HP bar , that (in my case) would be much easier to look up fast
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