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  1. El Toupe

    Clan Tags

    ok. A simple "no". "Unless we are looking for the required data excessively. But what (legitimately) is too much effort." Too bad. It is a good idea. Maybe that will happen someday, or one of the Dataminer accidentally comes across it :D
  2. El Toupe

    Clan Tags

    Yes please ban those players! /sarcasm off Can you not extend the text length possibility? Tag length max 3 Letters is enough. that would not disturb the overview.
  3. I have the feeling that this has increased since the last server restart. Me and my buddies have that on rPVE and cPVE maps relatively often.
  4. El Toupe

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I suspect that this will be missing in most players, most will watch only a Youtube video to recreate the fastest speedrun and copy this. Ok, I have to admit that I have no idea what's so good about Speedruns. This is a world that has not yet opened up to me. But I also understand that it has an essential part in Battleforge. So based on the leaderboard you can make a weekly payout. Weekly, so you have enough time to beat the best. The reward might have to be a bit bigger, since there is only one per week. In fact, I would also try to get at least a little bit up in the leaderboard. What I still miss, is the incentive to play with other players PVE. Sorry for dropping off the topic. But right now, I'm thinking about which areas Battleforge serves, which should be promoted or rewarded. PVP -> Daily Rewards Speedruns -> Weekly Rewards rPVE -> Time Played with other Players? (To get more games together with other players) cPVE -> Same?
  5. El Toupe

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    For Speedrunner? In fact, I believe that this only leads to how to win a certain game as quickly as possible. And this strategy is copied by everyone and everyone is trying to be as fast as possible with this strategy. In my opinion, innovation is missing here. You could set the best times to zero every week, but then it would be the same again. I think it should stay with pure PVE quests and PVP daily rewards according to current rank.
  6. El Toupe

    The story behind your nick.

    Its the phonetic writing for L2P or Learn to play We were drunk and played League of Legends together and I kept saying to my buddy "L2P Bro". And at some point he wrote that he has no idea who this "El Toupe" is. And before that it was "Kalani" my alter ego from WOW (Rogue) [It means heaven in Hawaiian...very innovative] And before that "Dante" because that was cool in my young years :P
  7. El Toupe

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I think the idea is a good approach. PVP: Although I seldom play PVP myself. To raise the value of PVP games, you could get a daily payout from BFP. The higher you are in the rating, the more you get. Maybe for 1st place then 100 BFP and then down for every 10 places 2 BFP less. Although I think it's important that you at least always get a certain amount, even at number 1000. So that even low elo players receive something and have an incentive to play up. I had read somewhere here that the prices, as well as rewards should be raised, so you get a little more diversity. This would be even better for PVP rewards, as you will receive 1.000 BFP for 1st place and then less and less. (r/c) PVE For PVE, you could set a daily limit on how much BFP you can get in PVE games. As a prerequisite, you would have to play a number of minutes and no number of games, so no games arise that only go for 3 minutes. 1 BFP per minute, maximum 50, so that PVP will be rewarded a little more, because theoretically PVE can simply be farmed off and you can already get the gold here. But I find it difficult here, as this already overlaps with the daily quests. OR: Or just take out the daily quests and take the PVP and PVE rewards as described above. So both types of players would be picked up for both types of play. My personal opinion is that more players would come to the game through the PVP, as at the present time, simply the PVP is more prevalent overall and much more is shown on public media like Youtube or Twitch.

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