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  1. Pakome

    [Poll] Trading Website

    True Eirias, that's the risk I guess thanks both of you guys for your input!
  2. Pakome

    [Poll] Trading Website

    Hey guys, I had an idea recently, it's basically a medium site to list your trades. You could create a trade with the cards you own and the ones you want, then it would be displayed on the trades page. You could search for one specific card and see what the other person is looking for. Trades would get more attention compared to the currently in game chat, due to the cards being instantly displayed, and players could filter only the cards they want. I worked a bit on it and came up with some mock ups that I'll post below. If you guys are interested let me know and I'll work on it. If you have any feedbacks let me know! Thanks for reading!
  3. Pakome

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi I'm Léa from France, I'm fond of video games since I was little, I played Battleforge a while back in 2012 and I instantly fell in love with the game and play a lot until the servers were shut down. I learned about Skylords Reborn a year ago when I was watching some replays in nostalgia of the good time. I joined the forum and lurked here and there, not talking much, I'm a bit shy introvert . I stream sometimes Rocket League recently, and other games now and then. I hope to be able to add Battleforge to the list. I participated the Open Beta of multiple games such as Faeria mainly, Hearthstone and other cards games. I recently finished my exams and have a lot of free time. I know I'm definitely not the best qualified person to find bugs but I know for sure that I would be ready to put all my energy and good will to do my best in helping the project! Anyways, the work you did so far guys is awesome! Keep it up! Good luck everyone Discord: Pakome#5600 Léa

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