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  1. stop. Posts like these are annoying.
  2. Ironshaduw

    rPVE frost deck help needed

    When in doubt, use Mauler. Mauler will solve all your problems.
  3. I like the spirit on this one!
  4. Ironshaduw

    voice chat

    If you had a teammate who didn't know what to do. You could always try using the (attention) ping system battleforge had. It gave audio and visual feedback to your whole team on what they should be doing and where. There were a few different pings you could use to assist your teammates: 1. General attention ping. 2. Defend here ping. 3. Attack here ping. I believe there were one or two more i missed but what im trying to say is that i don't think voice comms is necessary. Although maybe not as reliable as voice comms, the ping system and chat battleforge had was enough to communicate effectively with your teammates more often then not.
  5. Ironshaduw

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    again, fingers crossed. =p Really appreciate it that you guys give everyone a chance to get into the beta.
  6. Ironshaduw

    Which double color type cards you liked the most?

    aah i see. IDK if the juggernauts stampede ability is worth giving up CC and deck flexibility. but it at least makes juggernaut far superior in terms of taking out wells and orbs so i guess it's just depends on what you prefer as a player.
  7. Ironshaduw

    Which double color type cards you liked the most?

    I havn't played much PVP so i never understood what makes brannoc so wanted. Are his stats just insane or is his ability just that good?
  8. Ironshaduw

    Which double color type cards you liked the most?

    I absolutely adored the large knockback on aggressors.
  9. Ironshaduw

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    fingers crossed can't wait to hop into some PvE action.
  10. Ironshaduw

    You're favorite type of deck

    It's gonna be great to be able to play all our favorite decks again soon, although this time im going to experiment with decks out of my comfort zone so to speak. Also, if you want to get into PvP this time around, I Highly recommend checking out FarrockBF's youtube channel. He has a playlist where he explains a lot about PvP.
  11. Ironshaduw

    You're favorite type of deck

    I've always enjoyed Full nature with abyssal warder, its so badass and was one of my favorite cards back in the day. Other then that I also enjoyed pure shadow and frost/nature. Shadow cuz its so strong and rewarding if played well. and Frost/nature because I like stonekin (Large knockback on aggressor was insane!) and the defensive options it gives you. I was mostly a PvE player though. Was just getting into PvP when the servers went down.

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