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    • InsaneHawk

      Donations are back   01/17/17

      If you want more information, you can go check this topic : http://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2790-donations-are-back/
    • MrXLink

      Future of Skylords Reborn and intro to Ardent Peak   02/10/17

      Dear Skylords, Skyladies, Skythings We have received the awesome news that we have been allowed by EA themselves to continue our project and open up many future possibilities! For all information and stream VODs, please refer to this topic:   
    • MrXLink

      NOTE: Stricter (chat) Rule Enforcement   04/11/17

      Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings. There has been a lot of commotion going on lately regarding moderation and people calling us out for favouritism and improper judgement. @Kiwi, myself and the rest of the team have had enough of this and we are changing our approach and leniency towards the community drastically, and eliminate this pseudo-favouritism factor. Not that we ever had favourites to begin with, nor in our eyes treated regulars in any way advantageous over others, but we have received several complaints regarding this issue, as well as there have been quite some clashes in chatbox recently. Aside from that, we have decided to act much more strictly about members in the foreseeable future as well.  Considering people have deemed our judgement to be unfair, this will result in us warning the community even for minor infringements, and possibly introducing more temp bans. We feel this is sadly necessary in the current community's state and we're better off having an ordered community in which people see us treat everyone the same way, although in my opinion harshly, and in which members treat staff with respect. As long as the safety and trustworthiness of moderation on the website and discord server is at risk, we will have to make it well-known that we do exert judgement on everyone equally. So from now on, we will be warning people more frequently. This can be for minor insults, misbehaviour, memberating or what we consider as staff disrespect. We're done with the leniency we have once shown here. I'm sad it has to happen this way and of course we will do everything in our power to keep the chatbox a nice, welcoming place. Perhaps this means people will start thinking that we are being sensitive, especially when it comes down to staff disrespect and failure to abide by warnings, but we consider that to be the lesser evil compared to giving members the illusion that we don't consider every member as equal. Equality, understanding, respect and involvement in the community are the cornerstones of community management and moderation, as they also should be within the staff area. So from now on, we are going to monitor this more closely than before. I hope we can treat everyone with understanding and respect here, members and staff alike. We are confident that this approach won't damage the community as much as our currently projected moderation image, valid or not, drags our reliability down. We are all human, and we strive for excellence within community management, moderation and involvement with the community, and aim to execute measures to achieve these goals with respect, passion, and dedication as we did before. We are saddened to have our strictness come to this point. As much as the (chatbox) community has made sure that this became the way it is, we do encourage to take the liberty to speak freely and have a good time here on the forums, as long as said behaviour is in accordance to the forum rules.  Remember, you can find the forum rules over here:  It saddens us to head in this direction, but we feel it will be for the best. We sincerely hope you can all respect this decision, keep the hype up, and have a nice time enjoying the chatbox and its features within a reasonable and orderly manner. Sincerely, and on behalf of @Kiwi and the Skylords Reborn Staff,
      MrXLink, Community Manager


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  1. I shall tell you my story my glorious friends. My adventure began in year 2010. I was playing some games but none was really fun. I never played much I never played long. I loved playing cards I loved use my mind, And there was a game in which both have combined. My Brother he brought me a secret tip as we watched the trailer we knew it‘ s a hit. I told him that we have to try this game and after the training I was standing in flames. My eager brain send me out on a quest which was simply put „BECOME THE BEST“. The next day arrived and I searched for companions that played a game that should soon be my passion. However every beginning is hard and troublesome as me and my friends lost all in the sparring zone. During our training happened some humorous things. Once I used a Grigori-Bomb and my mates base shrinks. We learned through pain and suffered as well as we focused on one while the other one dwelled as he waited and forged an army of mighty giant wyrm that overrun our base it was the end of our term Many more curious things took place during our quest It would simply take to much time to open this chest. Soon I noticed I won’t get far with the cards from the start I only would win against foe‘ s that are played by KI However my furious heart was beating for PVP So I decided, for my own Deck I need advanced carts. I craved for more so I spent some Cash, and finally started to frame my first Deck. Nonetheless there still was a choice left which cards should I play that suits me the best. First I thought fire I was stuck on offensive. Then I minded Shadow T2 Xl unit seemed pretty excessive However the cards in the ice were strong at the same time. Against all expectations I said with Nature I´ll shine I first challenged some KI with my newborn Deck and as I crushed them it was time for a harder Test. Full of anticipation I joined the battlefield on PVP To challenge my Deck against a real enemy. It was not so hard my rank started to mold and after some games I ascended to Gold. However I felt deserted just playing alone I started to fight alongside my companion In two against two we completely got crushed On the battlefield as we laid in the dust we were determined to get better we don’t want to loose we started learning and carved for the Throne. My friends watched Guides and game plays from Pros However I decided to master the tactics alone. After we got all the information we need we assembled our knowledge won’t accept defeat. We led our troops to battles and won them all during a process we leaned a tactic “micro” it´s called. After a bloody process we joined the high rank elite in the top 200 but we craved for the arch seat. We had our own tactic two conquer them all. We just boosted a harvester it was a stroll. I played Nature my friend played shadow as a team we remained a very strong combo. Farewell I ve gone to build a new army Goodbye Nature you still was gnarly However I desired for something new For this time the mighty fire was the clue After some games I go to the same level Even in two v two there was reason to revel The flame in my heart burned brighter than ever I still had the desire to become even better I now concentrated on my performance in T1 Through my new gained knowledge I won and soon I got a step further to the end of my quest I joined the rank platin on my way to the best. With the Time I formed some new Decks Soon there wasn’t any element that lacked. I also found many new allies that supported me but there were simply too much from them for me In the end I decided for my loyal companions that were with me from the inauguration Since I loved fighting alongside my friends due to this 2 vs 2 was always the trend But soon another passion should arrive It was there as 3 vs 3 came alive Its the mode me and my friends awaited but it was predetermined to become a disappointment First we were hyped as everyone else but soon our expectations fell We gave it a try in a tournament we got the third star at the firmament But after this challenge it wasn’t this strong The problem was simply you waited too long Just before end the amount of skylords decreased There was the message Nyn will cease to exist So I gathered my men to finish my purpose And after some time the goal was close to us The last battle was fought to the last bone And at the End we were sitting on your rightful throne From the throne we watched our world drown The last seconds I watched Nyn from my throne I stayed there until everything vanished it was the time as even the skylords left Nyn A beautiful time was over I don’t know what to feel I was grateful for the Times but my heart was damaged In a Time were I don’t believed BF will return I got a message that I have too attorne The game I love will come back and I have to Repeat my quest I´ll start from the Bottom but I´ll become the Best With unmitigated passion I will reclaim my Throne And bring light to My world as a Skylord reborn I hope we will see in the forge soon:)