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  1. It currently lets you swap out cards in the free decks though which I think is leading to a lot of the issues people are complaining about. You not only get cards and levels, but also have customizability on top of that. That makes it feel like you "own" the cards from the free deck which makes acquiring those cards feel worse. If the free decks were locked in and unchangeable that would be a slight fix to this issue. You could also make it to where you can't play the same free deck each week and force a bit of rotation to make it feel less "owned" but still remove the barrier to entry.
  2. It is the tab at the top of the forge on the right side. Looks like a dagger. You get to select 2 free decks each week.
  3. I honestly think the core of all the perceived problems is the fact that you can currently customize the free decks you have with your own collection. I strongly believe that removing this option and having concrete free decks that rotate will alleviate a lot of those negative emotions currently. The grind was shorter during beta than original BF days but it was still excruciating. I like making my own "trick" pvp decks and am willing to grind for it. However, I still want to play pvp to grind to that in the meantime. I can't remember the last time there were so many active pvp players,
  4. I keep checking in to see when the stream is uploaded on youtube, lots of games I am excited to watch. Thanks again for all the hard work.
  5. I see the tutoring discord but is there another room or something people go to wait for their match? I will be getting up as early as I can (I live in Texas) and I don't know where to go to be ready. There is a 99% chance I will lose my first round because it is against TopS3cret and I haven't played in years. However, I don't want to be a no show by not knowing where to go and when.
  6. I am also waiting to come back when there is more player activity being a PVP player as well. The stress test happened when I was too busy with other things in life. It will be a tough road to get the population back to any sustainable level and will require something drastic. The fact that everyone working on it is doing it on a volunteer basis it makes this goal even harder. Every discord feels so disconnected from everything else. It is definitely not a marketing tool but good for active discussions.
  7. Balance of Battleforge was so close to my heart. The closure of it actually made me go off to make my own games to balance. I would normally love to discuss but do not know much time I could actually spend. I think it is pretty funny that there was no mention of frost t1 strength. They had a sudden disadvantage on the randomly generated maps that were bigger. That being said T1 was the most balanced part of the game but of course not perfect. T2 was close but things really start to break down in matchups and things like bandit were laughable. T3 was quite a mess balance wise and you
  8. Exciting to see the tester pool expanded!
  9. We appreciate all of the time all of the developers have spent and will spend bringing our wishes into reality. Glad to see the more helping out.
  10. Dafuq, if you were the same ndclub in the old bf, i think somewhere in my pc i still have a basic PvP guide you wrote for me. Happy to find you again here :)

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    2. Gheist
    3. Treim


      I think a lot of the well known and respected players are into this so its not to surprising to have ndclub here as well I'd guess  :P

    4. ndclub


      I am the same indeed. I also aim to revise the guide to allow for it to match the new changes when they go live.

  11. He was not suggesting to half the range, he was suggesting to half the damage when shot over cliffs. (which is not a new idea but there are questions about difficulty coding such a thing, most likely too complex to tackle with our team) If you are instead suggesting to half the range you are either saying you want to always half the range (in my mind it would make firedancers near pointless) or half the range only when shooting over cliffs (again, hard to code and halfing damage is in my opinion a far better suggestion) To those who state that it is beatable, I am never a fan of the game nec
  12. Well no one has quoted the price of the first server yet so I don't think we can make assumptions and remove suggestions based off of the price of a second yet. Also consider that a server cost is related to the amount of traffic it will receive. A test server will be very sparsely populated. I could almost see a situation where we could host our own server using own equipment for such a small load.
  13. [quote='Eirias' pid='11099' dateline='1438225590'] [quote='ndclub' pid='10966' dateline='1438197163'] Edit: Except Girl Power - Please delete that card as fast as you can and never speak of it again. [/quote] Actually, I thought girl power was okay in a pure fire deck for buffing firedancer and gladiatrix? [/quote] Even though it is "ok" in some circumstances it still remains true that this card is confusing(why have cards based on gender if cards do not list gender, even if they did...why?...), borderline offensive, doesn't fulfill a need the game had, and doesn't make sense t
  14. This subject is very close to my heart. I think if we can run a test server and constantly test and retune cards it would be a priceless resource - one that I would love to pour time into. To concerns about not knowing how players will use cards once it goes public I think this fear comes from the pace of EA changes. If they screwed up it would be minimum 2 months later of terror before any fix occurs. There is nothing stopping us for patching as we go far more often. In my vision for bforge, every card should have a use, even if that use is in rare situations. There should never be a c
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