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  1. ndclub

    Balance Changes

    Balance of Battleforge was so close to my heart. The closure of it actually made me go off to make my own games to balance. I would normally love to discuss but do not know much time I could actually spend. I think it is pretty funny that there was no mention of frost t1 strength. They had a sudden disadvantage on the randomly generated maps that were bigger. That being said T1 was the most balanced part of the game but of course not perfect. T2 was close but things really start to break down in matchups and things like bandit were laughable. T3 was quite a mess balance wise and you were literally punished by not having certain orbs.
  2. I personally believe that it had the most potential of any video game I have ever played compared to what its reality was. It was woefully mismanaged, not advertised anywhere but Europe, and had several core problems that could have been fixed. I also believe that due to games like Hearthstone and Gwent now, there is far more of a market for games like this. On top of that, there has been a of good RTS game releases currently I personally think it would have been far better to release about 3 years ago instead of when it did. I would say that the void Battleforge left in my video game life convinced me to start a hobby in game design because if it no longer existed, I should just make something like it myself. I happily admit that I was fully crying when I watched the last 5 minutes tick down before server shutdown - it meant that much to me.
  3. ndclub

    Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    Definately the PVP for me. I would only do PvE for a change of pace or forced to grind for upgrades.
  4. ndclub

    Removing Upgrade System from PVP

    Remove the option is strong wording, I think it would just make it harder. There were several people not liking the idea because it removed the collecting aspect from the game. I think it allows for a happy compromise - keep collecting but remove much of the mindless grind. Eirias's suggestion would also keep collecting intact, I can see why you would side with his option more if you want an all or nothing suggestion with deck level.
  5. ndclub

    Removing Upgrade System from PVP

    My suggestion was more of a 2C or 2B- lets say you have 2 copies of U0 masterarchers. My idea that started it all this was that upon joining a PVP game with a deck that has masterarchers selected, the masterarchers would be U3 and have no charges. I also considered giving the charge level as well as the amount of copies you have but at the time did not know if this was too drastic. (always all U3 no matter the amount of copies though) Honestly my current feelings is that I lean towards 2B (all U3 but only charged as many as you have copies) as you have stated. The comment about ongoing maintenance of if the free lvl 120 PVP deck is according to your example of it having mauler and the majority of people you play have mauler - it could cause you to shift your decks to account for this. I would not like a metagame shift caused by a feature not absolutely needed but maybe that is an overreaction. Either way, the decks would have to be altered with time to prevent unexpected metagame shifts should they occur.
  6. ndclub

    Removing Upgrade System from PVP

    Can you elaborate on this please? I only understand it affecting the market if I include charges which I am not currently saying. By no means was I saying it wasn't doable. I am saying it is just one more level of ongoing maintenance that will be needed. Usually you want to avoid any additional work requirement no matter how small if there are other solutions when the devs are working for free. Thank you, I have long planned to jump into a game and show everyone how rusty I have become.
  7. ndclub

    Removing Upgrade System from PVP

    I am back and I read the responses. I would be open to 1 or 4 locked lvl 120 PVP decks but must ask - why is this better than my original suggestion? I see it adding a little bit more manpower because in switching the decks bi-weekly, that means someone needs to analyze and decide which of the "top decks" needs to be copied. If it is found to throw a metagame off, though unlikely, then additional work would be needed. It could be better than my idea due to the fact that my idea only maxes upgrades, not charges, in order to allow for some sense of progression. There are some expert players who nearly a year ago said not including charges was not good enough. I also agree that charges arguably have a bigger impact on PVP than upgrades. However, upgrades in PVP are part of a mindless grind and a easily removable low hanging fruit that serves almost no purpose other than to handicap the new. Charges are similar but have an impact on the auction house and are a big part of the collection aspect that makes it feel like a tcg. I will have to mull this over again.
  8. ndclub

    What if ea got some one 2 buy the game

    I don't know of a company in existence that would pass up a source of income for a property not generating income and no plans to utilize it in the future. The only issue is that the asking price would probably be high and they probably assume (probably correctly) that some random Joe cannot scrounge together the capital for it instead of hearing a paltry offer and wasting their time explaining why it is not high enough. The concern I would imagine would arise if we were able to crowdfund the millionish USD would be that it still has the history of EA management on it. It would not be good for EA if the revival was unsuccessful - it would bring their failure back into the light again. It would also not be good for EA if the revival was successful - It would make it publicly look like they were the issue and that they don't know how to handle a property. (in all fairness this is kind of true from my perspective haha) That being said, this "pride" of saving face and keeping the IP on the tiniest offchance they will use it for another project cannot possibly worth a millionish dollars to any institution. In the world of many board game contracts, if a publisher does not publish a property over a certain period of time, the rights revert to the developer. Granted, they don't exist anymore but it would be nice if something similar happened in this case. We could also wait 40 more years for it to go into public domain haha.
  9. ndclub

    For how long have everyone played?

    Played for 3.5 years. The last year my desktop refused to run the game any longer and I was forced to play on a terrible laptop. I didn't play nearly as much during this time because it was difficult to play at the level I wanted with lag and setup.
  10. I was always trying to stand out in PVP using underused cards. My #1 by far was shadow worm. Coolest effects and theme in the game, too bad it had trash stats. Would always try to enlighten it into pvp games just to be different even if it would lose me the game. (before enlighten nerf) Rest of the list - Revenants blessing, commandos, mountain rowdy, bandit stalker(counter prenerf deep one), mana wing swarm, northguards, corsair, all of the crystals in 2v2, sunken temple(though it did work a few times). I know it sounds like too long of a list but it hurts me to play a cookie cutter deck.
  11. ndclub

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    I can think of very few marketplaces it is easier to make in-game currency from than bforge. As mush as I like "FTP bragging rights", was free to play for months before deciding I should support the game. I think it was about $40 altogether.
  12. ndclub

    Whats the BEST Medium unit in the game, IN YOUR OPINION?

    You sure it is not bandit stalker?... Enforcer was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the status and though I can think of many other contenders, I will stick with them. Too hard to imagine pure fire without them and they would be OP just about anywhere else.
  13. ndclub

    New Badges and Group Info

    Exciting to see the tester pool expanded!
  14. ndclub

    Introducing Inwutsch, our new developer !

    We appreciate all of the time all of the developers have spent and will spend bringing our wishes into reality. Glad to see the more helping out.
  15. @LagOps Again, I think you too are getting caught up in the interpretation that the suggestion of the OP is that PVP players are granted all upgrades and all cards. I do not interpret it in this way, my suggestion is that upon joining a PVP match, cards will be U3 only within the match. Cards and charges will still have to be purchased in the traditional manner. This is still quite a bit of grind and progression remaining.

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