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    gaming, fitness, working on my driving liicence

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  1. Mechcash

    Favorite Deck

    first off *kreygasm* for the nostalgia and no I unfortunatelly have no images/videos of my old decks but I can recall that I enjoyed Fire/Nature, pure Nature and Shadow alot. And man I liked to play cards that weren´t in the meta. Was more kind of a fun/casual player , most likely because of my age to this time^^
  2. Mechcash


    dat postfarming thread
  3. Mechcash

    About Bfp and Promo Cards

    No material reward, just the joy of getting to play Bf again.
  4. Mechcash

    attracting new users

    [quote='WotdeFack' pid='11574' dateline='1438376481'] I will make videos, trying to bring some of my, like what? 80 subscribers in. Yeah the number is that low.. Unfortunately xD Oh well, every little bit counts I guess. [/quote] better than 13 -..-
  5. Mechcash

    forge AI

    [quote='Oops' pid='11554' dateline='1438374497'] So creating another separate AI for units in the forge. U crazy duh ? :) You realise how much work that is right ? :D [/quote] yes, unfortunatelly yes... :(
  6. Mechcash

    forge AI

    That´s a very intermediating solution for me!
  7. Mechcash

    attracting new users

    [quote='KROMPIR' pid='11523' dateline='1438368245'] Well I will make videos about Battlefroge on youtube and hopefully bring some of my 3000 subscribers in it. Being active on youtube and other networks should help game grow fast and steady. [/quote] Agreed! Planning on doing the same :idea:
  8. Mechcash

    attracting new users

    [quote='ladadoos' pid='11518' dateline='1438367650'] [quote='JoseAlmeida' pid='11516' dateline='1438367398'] 2. Advertisement on gaming magazines and things like that. [/quote] @"10 of spades" Regarding this point, there have already been numerous articles written about BFReborn. I thought I would let you know that. [/quote] Wow didn´t even know that. That´s amazing!
  9. Mechcash

    attracting new users

    Yeah I felt the same. There must be ways found to attract a wider mass of players to BF,but since we´re still talking about a technical alpha there´s at the moment no need for haste. I agree in so far that, after the final touch, so when the technical aspects are working, we should instantly start on focusing advertising and distribution.
  10. Mechcash

    Alpha and language Problems in Forums

    I understand your point and agree buuut I also think that´s a subject/topic we should take care of in later stages of development ;) Still I agree on the whole "Language Barrier" point. I can remember how active the german community was. Wasn´t even the dev studio -Phenomic- connected with Germany idk^^? Grüße aus Wurstland :D
  11. Mechcash

    Thank you

    Welcome and yes I think we all feel this way bro ^^ but opening a whole thread , nah :/
  12. Mechcash

    ingame avatars ?

    I dont know why but yes, yes I´d like that :o
  13. Mechcash

    hacker :/

    burn them Kappa
  14. Mechcash

    Say something about the person above you.

    Ruined my idead for a post about @WotdeFack :(
  15. Mechcash

    Why people play Minecraft?

    overrated game, majority of the community is "weird" sorry -.- just watch the Minecon on youtube ...

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