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  1. What´s on YOUR mind ;)?

  2. Ruined my idead for a post about @WotdeFack :(
  3. 574 my favorite number is 573 :( Kappa
  4. So let´s talk about the viability of some BF cards and decide if a rework would be considerable. I always loved the creative cards that came with the expansions and I definitely was able to try the majority of them.What i want to say is ,sure there where almost no borders for your creativy in "lowish"-pve but in higher ranks and especially in pvp I just wasnt able to use some of the cards I really enjoyed for their "art"/design^^ I don´t want to say BF is unbalanced- god no its one of the most balanced games i ever saw.And yes I know ,every game gets a META sooner or later. Still, I would wish
  5. Germany. Seems like many of us are around here :O
  6. Hi my name is Mechcash/Kenneth and I´m from Wurstland better known as Germany ;) It started one day in 2009, I casually walked through the gaming shop with my dad. I was allowed to get one game so i walked around and tried to find a fitting game without a real conclusion :/. I looked around and saw that big screen on the wall and there it was THE FIRST BATTLEFORGE TRAILER/TEASER. My mind was blown (I was a kiddy so mainly because of the monsters in the trailer) I decided to pick the game up and started my career. I played several years then stoped but after the expansions started again, I ne
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