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  1. DragonOfTime

    Banned Help'me

    Posting a thread is not the correct way to appeal a ban. If you feel that you have been unjustly banned, contact a member of staff directly. /closed
  2. DragonOfTime

    Playing with Friend

    No, as long as you only make one account each, there shouldn't be a problem, as noted in the announcement: If you should experience any trouble anyway, please contact someone from our moderation team and we will look into it.
  3. DragonOfTime

    Can't start the game MSVCR120.dll not found

    As already stated, this problem has already been solved, please check the forums better before asking in the future. /closed
  4. DragonOfTime

    Can't complete tutorial, loses connection every time

    Please check the known issues before making a thread. It might have a known solution, or it might be known not to have a solution yet. /closed
  5. DragonOfTime

    help me with school plz

    Holy necro potato. I'm going to let this live because of the hydrogen wavefunctions. PhD physics classes, shouldn't that just be about the deeper intricacies of the harmonic oscillator?
  6. DragonOfTime

    Stealing leadership from the master of the game.

    In the video, it looks like you are just reproducing a known bug. It does not look like anyone purposefully sabotaging anything. The dev team will of course look into this bug, like they look into all bugs. Hopefully it can be fixed.
  7. DragonOfTime

    publishment and a question :)

    I do not believe that any major publishing is going to happen. This is a non-profit project, so all the money coming in through Patreon is being used to keep the game and website running. You are all welcome to spread the word however. This will likely be the way the game spreads, unless some games media decides to cover us. Regarding wipes, yes, there will be one or more content wipes, so do not get too attached to your cards.
  8. DragonOfTime

    Guild Management in Battleforge?

    As it is, the game itself does not have a framework for guilds, and I do not believe that it is likely to be implemented. However, you are free to use the forum to try and collect members to form a guild if you so wish.
  9. DragonOfTime

    Known issues

    Thread cleaned up. In the future, please do not use this thread to report your issues. We have a very nice system for that, so please use it, rather than clogging up this thread. Thank you.
  10. DragonOfTime

    help failed to download.

    Moved to solved.
  11. DragonOfTime

    Stuck in the boot screen

    This is a known issue and a duplicate of a recent thread. Please look at other threads and familiarize yourselves with the known issues here before making new threads. /closed
  12. DragonOfTime

    Waiting for players

    As has been stated earlier, this is a known issue. Please familiarize yourselves with the known issues here before making new threads. /closed
  13. DragonOfTime

    Lyrish Knights

    Begging for cards is not allowed, please see the rules. If you wish to purchase one, make a thread in the trade section. /closed
  14. DragonOfTime

    GERMAN | Mein Video über Battle Forge <3

    I'm sorry, but all posts must be in English. Please remember that in the future.
  15. DragonOfTime


    If you and your friend each play on only one account, it should be fine. If you run into any trouble, contact the Community Manager. Also, please familiarize yourself with the rules in general. /closed

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