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  1. Dear team, Back in the day if you completed an objevtive of a map it showed the xp gained. I really liked it as it showed some kind of a progression, to slowly collect the XP. Its not a huge thing, but i was wondering why it was removed and if it could be added back.
  2. I understand, its really hard to balance to pvp and pve as well. I would welcome some changes in the future that makes them more viable to pve
  3. Hi, Why the Treespirit nefr? he was not so strong due to the low mobility and slow attacks already, compared to a WW start. It just lowers the intention to use anything else but ww on t1
  4. The rotation would be on a 3-4 months basis. Just to mix up things from time to time, and give an inention to learn/farm different maps.
  5. Hi Team, It would be lovely if we get to show the loot for the map ingame. Also what about rotating around the loot table between maps from time to time? Hope to hear from you! Keep it up great work!
  6. That can be solved with some neat trick if you got a day free. Its over after that. I am fine with these things. (e.g. in WoW as well there are some pretty hard and gind achievements) I just hope they introduce more.
  7. tldr: add more achivements anyway yea there are some dc-s and minor bugs but i think its working like a charm, im gona make a pause until no more resets are coming. Peace, keep it real! You are great
  8. You should consider the ensmisted lifespan of the game after its relesed. In my opinion "completing" this game takes years, by these standards. You should adjust the booster income curve to more frequent, than right now to new players (taking into account how many players gona get their stuff reset before live so all of us gona be new players). And lower it as a player progresses. It could be done by increasing the number of achievements. (add ones for completing pve maps for the first time on difficulties, first time experts should reward a booster, others bfp, add some pvp first ti
  9. I am playing all the daily quests since jan. Right now i have a decent collection but no charges at all (only on cheap cards). So 2-3 months to the get here. I guess after half a year you can get a few fully charged decent decks. IF you play every day. I do not think this is fast at all. And the variety of deck options makes it a never ending story. (i have 1 promo razorleaf) Any slower deck building would be just plain boring. Maybe what is fast the amount of gold can be gained from rpve. You should force and encourge ppl to do pve maps for upgrades.
  10. Right now every1 has the opportunity to join and play right? Or correct me if im wrong, but if i am right, its like new players joining to a running game.
  11. Whats the exact reason of the reset? Is it technical or something else? I mean why is there a "have to" here.
  12. I redownloaded the client and the updater. Still not working. Only music and unit sounds. No UI sound effects and announcer. On my laptop its working so not account related issue.
  13. So i dont have any missing files and yet the sound is not working properly
  14. I did a full extract. Game is woring but still some sounds are not playing. I also deleted the documents bf folder.
  15. unfortunately not. ------------- Final Results ------------- ##### Missing the following Updater.zip files: ##### Missing the following BattleForge.rar files: Complete - Press Enter to exit: So im guessing it did not find anything. Its kinda hard to play PVE without the voice alerts hope we can fix this. Any more ideas?
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