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  1. Either way, It's so much easier to build it safely in your base than raiding the 4th orb area with t3 units wasting time and card charges.
  2. Move for what? you'll only have access to the forge. No missions, no PvP, no nothing. Just testing in the forge. It'll be for unit testing and build testing so you can plan the deck you want to build. Many private servers in many games did this kind of thing once a week the server was open for testing. The card count doesn't effect server load, so unless you know the material you're speaking about I have no reason to discuss this suggestion with you.
  3. You could make another server where you can stay in forge but have all the cards available to you. But I don't know if it would cost too much to maintain it.
  4. You could create a ghost deck using any card you want from a unique GUI. That deck will be a new feature which will be only intractable while in the forge. It won't bare any conditions the original deck's functionality bares, It will be almost visually only, however, you'll be able to summon the creatures from the deck into the forge's battlefield. My suggestion is: Adding another "Deck" with different color right above the original player's deck. That deck will be a "Ghost" deck, a deck which bares no conditions when attempting to find a match, trading and will only be seen while
  5. Aside from PvP I see no reason to play 3 orb units/spells/structures due to your option to simply skip that orb straight to the last one, enabling much stronger units/spells/structures. Why risk / work hard for that last orb if you can simply build it wherever you want? (Again, this is relevant just for PvE)
  6. I know the PvP is designed to reward players after certain amount of time was spent in the match, However "Rush matches" - matches which one player rushes the other, may result faster win result, leading on player to surrender due to lack of tools to handle the rush situation which causes both players not to be rewarded for the match. Suggested solution: 1. Reward % less rewards based on the time spent. 2. Either count any PvP match towards quests or remove these kind of quests which requires players to play in a certain way. 3. Count random generated PvE Battlegrou
  7. When units with blast damage and knock-back attempt to kill a 6 unit squad, sometimes the squad will separate in such way which will cause them to become invulnerable to blast damage. Specific case: Bandit drake (2 orbs) attempting to kill any 6 unit squad. It won't occur in 100% of the cases, just randomly depending on the positioning of the defending unit. Suggestion for solution: Make it so squads under certain % HP will share health points.
  8. When you run the loading screen and get a crash, it usually stops at some line you can see through the logs, I can run tests without code too. however, when I played for the past few days I haven't encountered any crashes what so ever or long loading screens. The only issue was some units missing animations or when attacking, they deal no damage.
  9. You can find bugs, I said I can help (no payment required) I'll just need to see code logs (non editable) when I run missions and certain loading screens to help reporting any bugs. I run on windows 7 so any compatibility tests I cannot run but other than that, Most of them I can. I'd like to give my share of help to the game too
  10. You need QA tester to make things faster? I used to work as QA tester and test writing for many applications, now I study CNC and have free time.
  11. I just asked about any estimation, any assumption to how long it can take. I played on test servers before and fortunately they aren't account progression based, but this is a different state. I am not coming with any complaint what so ever, don't take this the wrong way. It was mere a simple question, you can say you don't know it's fine, you've all done great service to people who didn't even ask for it, so thanks for the response and good luck!
  12. In such long term collective card game, I see no point making any progress if there's gonna be a reset. It really is gonna suck to get a full upgraded deck just to have it taken away from you. When is the reset coming?
  13. No mean any disrespect to the developers, if anything I'd like to praise how much of a fantastic job you've done, I see changes from one day to another which isn't obvious given you're not even paid. Your dedication and all your work is so much appreciated, if i had money I would even donate. However I always like things planned in my life and I know some of them won't be possible so here is my question: What in your opinion is your estimated time you think the project will be released? It doesn't have to be a precise date, but within months/weeks or next year? Just a timescale
  14. I was wondering, Since this project has no profit, How will I know if from today to tomorrow suddenly the whole thing won't just disappear? This isn't a matchmaking type of game, it's more like an RPG when it comes to collecting the cards, slowly building your account and progressing. Going through an account which had nearly every single card in this game, years later coming back to the nostalgia, I just don't want to have the closed account as part of that nostalgia.
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