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  1. Canada. Wonderful country but way too much into petroleum if you want my opinion. Or oils.
  2. Awesome stuff. Like always! I can't wait to try the worldbreaker gun!
  3. Happy New Years! And pretty cool updates as always. ^^
  4. I might have an idea for her. How about if we add to her a bombard like shadow witch but at the place of damages and knockback we make it paralyses? Also at the place of the heal (or she can keeps it if needed) she could have a deployable area of effect that could potentially give a buff. Any buff could do : Defense, offense, healing buff, or even an ensnaring effect. We also could give her high range for exemple, 40-50m. Those are only ideas, but if you want to inspire from those, just go ahead. ^^
  5. For me it couldn't be better : Not only she still heal (Even if it is still little compared to what she had), but she also gain a superb ability in same time to protect units against nearly anything. For me it is a win win situation for such a magnificent, but still not known enough.
  6. Great stuff! I never use meta, so more diversification of builds are always welcome!
  7. Love the team I am into of the game. You are doing a superb job with the game. I will put more effort on the discord server!
  8. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Standing for Are we extremely superbly owning magically epicness? If yes just go for even better! I will support the project as long as it will go.
  9. So happy about all this. I wish than you will have more possibilities with the game later on. Your works as Skylords Reborn team is incredible!
  10. Hum... Forgot to introduce myself here. So here who I am : A 25 years old Canadian player of many games. I play more often to enjoy my games than to challenge myself. I help with grand happiness the others. My only problem here is than I am not that much into forums. I prefer so much the discord than the forum. Mostly cause I am not used to them. At least, I am used to Discord. Anyway... To describe me even further, I am a guy which LOVE this game. Even love isn't enough to describe what I feel for the game. I took a long break. I was even into the closed beta tester. Unfortunately,
  11. I still have it tho. I will test more but from now... I still have it. Ok. I resolved it. All what I had to do is add a special permission to my anti-virus program. Apparently, I didn't made it.
  12. Pretty nice concept! I am pretty excited to the next steps! Have a great one everyone. I am pretty on other games of these times, but I follow every steps you do! It is insanely cool works you do! It is awesome!
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