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  1. Showaren2

    2 - No own ground unit nearby

    I dont know, maybe too lazy or something? I don't know how any of the technical stuff works, could it be that only I experience this? Also, could you recommend a (free) programme to record my screen while playing? I am happy to try and get some live video of the bug.
  2. Showaren2

    2 - No own ground unit nearby

    Yeah I can 100% tell you. I often run a nightcrawler towards the enemy base and spawn a harvester outside and sometimes it just wont let me spawn although there is no enemy anywhere. I do not record my games, you do not see these kind of things in replays do you? I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this. Is Fraps working for Battleforge? Because then I will start recording my games and show you!
  3. Showaren2

    2 - No own ground unit nearby

    One specific example why I think this bug is annoying: I play on Uro against someone. T1/T2 fairly even, but he has slightly more map control, and only potential free T3 for me is in the middle. I see him run with a nightcrawler towards the middle, I chase him with a nightcrawler on my own. My nightcrawler nearly kills him when he takes the t3 in the middle, then his nightcrawler is killed. I instantly want to spawn a Harvester in order to kill the monument (would have worked easily), but I am unable to, because it says I have no ground presence. Doesn't work for like 5 seconds then I spawn at the top base and have to run there, monument gets up obviously and I lose. Completely changed the outcome of the game, as I would have been easily able to kick the monument and go t3 on my own while still having a harvester on the field.
  4. Showaren2

    Snapjaws damage weird/wrong?

    I wish snapjaws were playable in a way. The debuff is so interesting, but the damage makes them completely unplayable. (except Satanael Bloodhealing T3 which I play )
  5. Showaren2

    2 - No own ground unit nearby

    I hope this bug has not been reported yet. I'll try to use the template as much as I can. NAME: No own ground unit nearby. SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: So far I have mainly experienced it in PVP matches. However, I do not play a lot of PvE and I assume it happens in PVE as well. REPRODUCIBILITY: I am unable to reproduce the bug, but it seems to happen a lot with the card "nightcrawler". It happens like every 3rd match for me. DESCRIPTION: So I basically play a pure shadow deck in PVP. And it happens quite regularly, that I run a nightcrawler somewhere for ground presence, because it is quite a useful unit with swift. However, when I try to spawn more units/spells/whatever, it just tells me that there is no own ground unit nearby. This lasts from 3-20 seconds, and then it magically works again. But 20 seconds in a pvp game where you cant spawn units/spells can turn the tides of the battle completely. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I will add a replay the next time it happens, I just keep forgetting. Best Showaren
  6. Showaren2

    Closed Beta Applications

    We want you to explain to us, why we should take you and not another one, what makes you so special. Just lol.
  7. Showaren2

    Open Beta Delay Points of View Megathread

    Thanks for that nice reply. I fully agree with what you say!
  8. Showaren2

    Open Beta Delay Points of View Megathread

    Sorry but you need to think about your post again. This community has reached the point where ANY form of criticism is directly attacked beyond reason. Criticism is not necessarily bad and might even be justified to some point. Shutting it down like people like you do is similar to some awful regimes. For me personally, I am just irritated by the constant 'teasing' with these release dates. I have important uni exams since Jan 18 and obviously I get distracted if I expect the open beta. And then constantly setting dates which can't be met is a bit irritating. I think that is what most people don't like, not the fact that open beta is not out yet because that is perfectly fine. I would be much more happy if they would just take their time, say open beta is some point this summer and then just come up with a date when they are actually finished. (I know this post will be attacked again by countless people shouting 'they don't owe you anything etc. etc.', a large proportion of the community has lost their mind already)
  9. I think rn the devs should focus on bringing back the game how it was. Additional features should be discussed in the far future (1-2 years, when everything is up and stable) Idea is good obviously
  10. Showaren2

    PvP and PvE Wombo Combos

    Portal Nexus deals damage to friendly and hostile targets. This combo works!
  11. Showaren2

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Please let me win! Keep up the great work team.
  12. Showaren2

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Of course anyone has the right to doubt... but even if the open beta starts later or not at all its not like you can complain. They do this for free, so its kind of a joke that you are making any demands, they do not owe you anything....
  13. Showaren2

    Share Your Deck With Us ;)

    I'm not a big fan of the deck. For me it just doesnt have a strategy behind it. You are entirely lacking T3, so you need to finish the game in T2, meaning you have to play aggro and push early. However, you have various defensive cards like cannon tower and wardens signal in your deck, which stand entirely contrary to this. I used to play pure frost PVP (top 10 ranked) and I feel you are missing essential cards such as lyrish knight and ice guardian in T1 and T2. More than that, what I used to like about Frost is that you actually have a really strong T3 available which does not require many diverse cards. Tremor and Silverwinds make up a perfectly reliable T3 and only take up 2 spaces, add avatar and you got a very strong T3 with 3 cards. EDIT: I will put together my own Frost-Deck to show you my thoughts. EIDT2: How did you put together the deck? I dont know how it works.

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