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  1. Game totally balanced?... Timeless One alone destorys an abundance of matchups...
  2. Yeah I agree, Pure nature definitely has a tough time with it. But well, considering that it is a bug it should be fixed in the future anyways.
  3. I don't play nature at all, but can you not just oink the mages, and then focus them out 1 by 1?
  4. Well, I don't think it is too strong. You just need to know what to do against it. Some suggestions: Shadow/Frost: Nasty Lyrish Any Nature Splash: Root/Oink Any Frost Splash: Freeze Any Fire Splash: Possibly Eruption/Lavafield Normally, this strategy played is at least 3 shadow mages + nether warp, which is an insane amount of energy, so you actually can counter it quite well.
  5. I voted to remove Yrmia. I think the fact that you can cliffdancer EVERY SINGLE AVAILABLE MONUMENT on the map is somewhat broken. I just don't think the map is balanced very well. I think argueing that Phasetowers are too strong on Wazhai is a commonly accepted fact as well.
  6. I'm not sure, but I think you didn't understand what I meant. I meant that if I play against RadicalX and Hightech 10 times (and obviously lose 10 times), I get a bit frustrated and need a break from PVP. But I do play other people and win, so it is perfectly fine for me. However, for a complete newbie without upgrades/charges, almost every player is a RadicalX or Hightech (again metaphorically spoken, any top 50 player will feel to them like RadicalX feels to me), because they got no chance to win against almost anyone.
  7. Bold part: Fair enough, although I suppose you are not a 'newbie' in the game? I sometimes get matched against bronze-ranks and I just think 'hell, this must suck for you'. Second part: This is the core of what I am talking about. Right now newbies get ABSOLUTELY stomped because of two reasons: Skill / Upgrades. The difference is just TREMENDOUS. They have no chance to win against anyone who kinda understands the game and has an upgraded deck. If I play 10 times in a row against Hightech or RadicalX I need a break from PVP. For newbies, virtually every player they come up against is a Rad
  8. I think it is a bit of a 'chicken and egg' problem. I think no one plays PVP because it requires so much 'leg work' in order to properly play it. As I said, having a fully upgraded deck with most of the charges is a HUGE entry barrier (excuse the economics term) for new players. This results in them not entering, which again results in the current PVP player base to be made up of mostly very good players, which again makes it even harder for new players to enter. It's a vicious cycle. Maybe it could make sense to enable all cards + upgrades for PVP for like a 'trial period', say 4 weeks w
  9. In order to play PVP atm you need a nearly fully upgraded deck. Even as an unranked/low-ranked pvp player you will easily get matched against good players. Without a fully upgraded/charged deck, your experience of pvp is going to be getting stomped 99/100 games, and it would take a month of doing dailies every day to change this, completely unrelated to skill or anything. Very fun experience From my point of view a typical newbie could experience: 'I do not like PVE that much' --> Try Pvp --> get stomped 15 times in a row --> Quit game
  10. I also think that progression is too slow. I only enjoy playing PVP and due to work/studies, I could not do the quests everyday, so I needed AGES to get a proper deck in order to to be able to actually play what I wanted. Furthermore, besides that I was also forced to play COUNTLESS of PVE maps (which does not bring me any fun at all) in order to get upgrades to complete my deck. As I know the game from before and remembered how much I enjoyed it I was happy to sacrifice all this time to create a competitive deck. Would I have done this if I was a new player? Hell no. Finding a bette
  11. Can we please please please do something about curse well soon? I am massively abusing it in T3 because everyone else is, and it makes for the most boring matches ever. Only counter to curse well is curse well and then you end up playing 4 matches in a row where you just run around with silverwinds and curse well the sh1t out of each other. I try to finish in T1, but as soon as I am playing against a frost splash I basically know we will end up in T3. I win very often with this strategy, it is just so incredibly boring..... The card is absolutely broken!
  12. I dont know, maybe too lazy or something? I don't know how any of the technical stuff works, could it be that only I experience this? Also, could you recommend a (free) programme to record my screen while playing? I am happy to try and get some live video of the bug.
  13. Yeah I can 100% tell you. I often run a nightcrawler towards the enemy base and spawn a harvester outside and sometimes it just wont let me spawn although there is no enemy anywhere. I do not record my games, you do not see these kind of things in replays do you? I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this. Is Fraps working for Battleforge? Because then I will start recording my games and show you!
  14. One specific example why I think this bug is annoying: I play on Uro against someone. T1/T2 fairly even, but he has slightly more map control, and only potential free T3 for me is in the middle. I see him run with a nightcrawler towards the middle, I chase him with a nightcrawler on my own. My nightcrawler nearly kills him when he takes the t3 in the middle, then his nightcrawler is killed. I instantly want to spawn a Harvester in order to kill the monument (would have worked easily), but I am unable to, because it says I have no ground presence. Doesn't work for like 5 seconds then I spawn at
  15. I wish snapjaws were playable in a way. The debuff is so interesting, but the damage makes them completely unplayable. (except Satanael Bloodhealing T3 which I play )
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