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  1. Ggoblin

    Disenchant bug

    NAME: Disenchant needs ground presence SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Anywhere except the forge (since you always have ground presence) REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: The spell simply requires ground presence to be cast. (From what I remember it didn't need it on old BF and doesn't make sense for it to need it either) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I play bandits on pvp and the only thing the deck has over others is buffed skyfire drake so I really need to be able to disenchant cc.
  2. Ggoblin

    Suggested card changes

    -> Starting mechanics: Although I agree that might be too strong I'd say building a monument where the fire player can easily acess it is something that should be punished. -> Charges on low cost spells matter for motivate, home soil and frost bite, they have a set amount of charges for a reason and having to wait after you use all of them would be only fair. There's no reason to make charges irrelevant for those spells. 1) Not really effective as it takes 20 seconds to deal 600 damage to a unit that doesn't stop attacking, not to mention that most units cost 50-60 at T1 so it's not power efficient either. As for fights against T2 it still has obvious weaknesses and the damage isn't that strong unless the opponent keeps attacking with the unit. 3) Fair enough. 6) The damage cap is 3k no? And I don't see how nerfing the damage it deals to buildings (and only if it would go over 500 per building) would buff frost. The only faction that relies on burst damage from nasty surprise to destroy buildings is lost souls which has acess to frost. 9) Might be so. 11) The change I'm proposing is to make it not generate power out of nowhere and instead take it from the thugs/strikers bound power. The returned power would be relative to the attacked units powercost and health but would return more than currently (40%). That would change these cards from immediate cost for late rewards to immediate rewards for late cost and would make them easier to balance. 14) Agree that they're hard to balance. 16) It might indeed be good as is. 21) Their ability is supposed to be risky but instead it allows you to get damage out 10 secons earlier. I don't see how making them take 15s to recuperate instead of 10 would make the card unuseable. 26) Swift is an important ability and choosing to forgo that for an ability that you have to pay for should be more rewarding than it currently is. I don't think this change would make it particularly powerful. 27) I feel like a single target cc that allows ground units to target air ones should cost less than 60 but I suppose it could be too strong considering frost's great ground control. 33) I might have tackled the wrong problem then.
  3. Ggoblin

    Suggested card changes

    Comparing some cards' cost and what they offer I've made a list with some cards that need changes and my suggested changes (all cards are coinsidered as being U3). Won't mention some cards that I'm either unsure of or that would be too controversial Before that I'd like to talk about 2 mechanics that I feel need some adjustments: Firstly destroying monuments under construction return 75 power, which is nice if you got the wrong orb but makes it less punishing to build an orb near a fire enemy that might have scorched earth or any enemy with huge dps. I propose instead of getting power back the destruction allows you to build a new monument in the next 10s for 0~25 cost. Secondly, some spells have such low costs that they cd is longer than their recharge time after you run out of charges, which makes charges irrelevant for them, so I propose spells take at least double the cd time to recharge. //T1 cards// 1) Envenom - useless at T1 because of high costs (higher than most T1 units) and the tainted damage is too low. Proposed changes: Infused: 50 cost and 30 dmg/s Tainted: 50 cost and 20~25 dmg/s, 20s duration 2) Executor - see below 3) Frost sorceress - has way too low damage, making her somewhat useable as a damage dealer would encourage putting her in the front line rather than keeping her back just for the shield. Proposed changes: 30 damage per hit/ 45 with splash. May need a bit higher shield cost in which case the damage may be even higher 4) Lifestealer - loses more health than deals damage to small units thanks to knockback. Proposed changes: damaged cannot be reduced by abilities, shields and damage is divided amongst all squad members of a hit unit 5) Mumbo jumbo - too costly for a spell that is mostly supportive, like frost bite. The cooldown is also weird as it's the same as the duration, which would mean that reapplying the debuff or the enemy playing a unit at the moment there's ground presence is a matter of who clicks faster and who has less delay. Proposed changes: 25 cost and 25s cooldown 6) Nasty surprise - offers burst damage to lost souls, which is supposed to be a risky defensive faction. Proposed changes: maximum 500 damage vs buildings 7) Nomad - a nice card but the sky catcher ability is too expensive to be useful. Proposed changes: sky catcher should cost 75 8) Offering(b) - worse than the gifted affinity in every way. Proposed changes: cost 30~35 9) Phase tower - too little risk in pvp as it's a 900/600 unit while vulnerable. Proposed changes: 50% damage while vulnerable but vulnerability only lasts 20s 10) Soul splicer(r) - irrelevant compared to soul splicer(g). Proposed changes: 40~50% bonus damage. Only affects units that remain in the area and consumes the same amount of corpses as bonus damage dealt. 11) Thugs+Strikers - looter is a strange ability that offers late rewards for immediate investment and is hard to balance. I think that immediate return for some late loss would be more interesting for aggressive fire tactics. Also notice that it's useless on pve which is bad considering they're the only non-swift s-counter fire has at T1. Proposed changes: looter returns the power bound to thughs/strikers back to the power pool. Returned amount is equivalent to 40% of attacked targets power cost relative to damage dealt to its health. Anything with less than 50 power cost will be considered as having 50 power cost so it's still useful in pve. (the change basically means that you immediatelly return part of the units bound power by attacking with it so that you can keep using spells and units. You do lose some power in the long run however due to the higher power cost of units with lotter. If you can't attack enough it's even worse) 12) Suppression - too expensive for a single target cc that only works on towers, even more so with every fire pvp decks and many pve ones having sunstriders. Proposed changes: cost 20~25 13) Surge of light - too strong on single targets with high health. Proposed changes: 1k max healing per unit (this change can only be done if pure nature gets a better T2. Doesn't change anything for nature T1) 14) Treespirit - bit too high health for a unit that is technically ranged. (might generate some discussion) Proposed chages: 720~780 hp 15) Werebeasts - bit too low stats/power (including the regen). Proposed changes: 660/660 16) Wintertide - a bit too expensive Proposed changes: 50 cost 17) Witchclaws - ability is too expensive and tainted one has too little impact. Proposed changes: 15 ability cost and tainted gets 270 unit damage per target/ 810 total //T2 cards// 18) Bandit sorceress - too little damage. The ability has the tradeoff of not being able to attack so it's no excuse. Proposed changes: 60 damage per target/ 90 total 19) Bandit stalker - not good enough against anything. Proposed changes: Gifted: target is slowed so it can counter beasts even better (as they are mostly swift at T2). 800 attack. Tainted: can't be useful without countering anything. Change ability to: 50% of all damage dealt to target can't be warded off, lasts 7s after attack. Possibly also the slow on attack. 800 attack. 20) Commandos - too little stats for the cost even with the toogle. Proposed changes: 800~860 attack 21) Darkelf assassins - active has basically no downside. Proposed changes: 15s of weakness 22) Deathglider - weird and basically useless unit. Proposed changes: ???/??? stats plus no death on infection (but 10 cost). Gifted affinity deals extra damage to walls. 23) Earthkeeper - too little attack. Proposed changes: 600 damage 24) Eliminator - the downside should be the hp loss rather than the cost. Proposed changes: 10 ability cost 25) Frost crystal - a building meant for cc that can't hit archers. Proposed changes: archer range on active 26) Gladiatrix(p) - gives up swift for increased effects on an ability that has a cost. The increment is simply not good enough. Proposed changes: 60 ability cost so you might use her instead of the gifted one if you want to focus on the ability. 27) Gravity surge - a tiny bit too expensive for what it does, even if flying units usually cost 100 at T2. Proposed changes: 45~50 cost 28) Healing well - no starting heal and incredibly slow charge speed. Proposed changes: 100 healing charge per 2s 29) Kobold laboratory: Could probably use a small buff. Proposed changes: 40 cost and 50% faster repair speed 30)Lost converter - should probably cost 50 really. 31) Lost priest - too low attack Proposed changes: ???/??? 32) Mountain rowdy - too low range on ability and unecessary 2 frost orbs. Proposed changes: archer range on the ability/ 30~35s cooldown 33) Razorshard - the knockback is too strong. Proposed changes: 5~7 radius 34) Skydefender - Do I even need to say anything? Proposed changes: cost 60 and higher damage 35) Slaver - too low stats Proposed changes: 1120 attack 36) Spirit hunters(p) - too low damage Proposed changes: 23 poison damage 37) Stormsinger(g) - has swift and a good cheap ability. I think it should cost more than the infused one even with the extra damage. Proposed changes: 40 cost 38)Twilight brute - the ability affecting own units makes it very weird. Specially considering it needs you to kill the enemy and the unit itself is meelee. Proposed changes: Ability only affects enemies and the daage is adjusted accordingly 39) Twilight curse - too expensive to be used effectively on enemy or own units. Proposed changes: maximum unit cost is decreased to 150. Power cost is decreased to 60~65 so that it can be used effectively on both its functions 40) Wallbreaker - could probably be a bit cheaper Proposed changes: 20 cost 41) Warlock - too expensive for a mono fire unit that does what it does. Proposed changes: 50~55 cost //T3 cards// 42) Corsair - too little damage and no counter. Proposed changes: ~76 damage per cannon 43) Drones - worse than silverwinds in every way even though they're basically the same unit for different factions. Proposed changes: stat/power similar to silverwinds 44) Dying breed - too expensive to be useful. Proposed changes: Tainted: 40 cost Gifted: 40 cost and no damage 45) Frontier keep - too expensive for little return. Proposed changes: 150~170 cost 46) Gunner(p) - has little to offer compared to other affinity. Proposed changes: attacked units can't be healed for 10s 47) Infernal machine - similar poroblem to frontier keep. Proposed changes: 200 cost 48) Lord cyrian - way too expensive for what it offers. Proposed changes: 330~350 cost 49) Mutating maniac - low stats for the cost Proposed changes: 2660/2450 50) Shrine of martyrs - 125 is still a bit too expensive for the amount of defense it offers and the restrictions of the card. Proposed changes: 100 cost 51) Stone launcher - ability costs way too much for such a specific card, not to mention that it can't attack the unit that it brought down. Proposed changes: ability cost 0. 52) Sylvan gate - could be a bit more useful considering the investment you have to make. Proposed changes: links the root network to each other sylvan gate 53) Treefiend - way too weak statted. Proposed changes: 1900/2100 (the attack is actually meant to refer to it's damage in rooted form) 54) Twilight hag - low stats and weird ability. Proposed changes: 1200/900 and ability is not gender restricted 55) Twilight warfare - too little impact to be useful. Proposed changes: 100 cost/ 40% for each affinity and the infused one increases damage dealt to anything/ units transformed in the area will have full health 56) Virtuoso - low stats per cost Proposed changes: 1900 health 57) Waystation - useless and doesn't represent bandits very well. Proposed changes: quick build (50%) faster. No duration outside of range for the infused one. //T4 cards// 58) Amok - a lot worse than frenetic assault even though it has so many restrictions. Tainted one is so slow it's useless. Proposed changes: Infused: up to 7 units affected Tainted: spreads to 2 new units every 5s 59) Bloodthrist - doesn't stack the more damage you deal like it used to, even though there are so many restrictions on it. Proposed changes: fix it to how it used to be 60) Colossus - the ability is practically useless even though it's a three nature orb cards. Could probably have better stats considering the high cost. Proposed changes: ability lasts 30s and has 25m range, also it's free (you lose dps by using it afterall) 61) Earthen gift(p) - a weird card with effects that don't really match each other. Proposed changes: friendly structures take 50% damage instead of enemy ones dealing less 62) Fire sphere - a triple fire spell that is delayed and has awful range. Basically useless. Proposed changes: at least give it a 25m effect radius since you do need 3F for this card 63) Infernal chain - too expensive. Proposed changes: 100~110 cost 64) Lifestream - not as useful as similar buildings, takes too much damage. Proposed changes: 50% of the damage is transferred 65) Lost spirit ship - has average damage; if it had 4 cannons instead of 8. Proposed changes: just nerf the damage really, it's undeserved 66) Magma fiend - too little health for a unit htat is practically meelee. Proposed changes: 4K health 67) Nightshade plant - requires one to be full twilight and has awful abilities and stats. Proposed changes: make it also affect units that hit it or that it's hitting. 5s duration for tainted and 15 for gifted (same duration on death) 68) Plague - very risky ability with just average damage. Proposed changes: 200 damage/s 69) Ravenhearth - too expensive Proposed changes: 300 cost 70) Tortugun - the storage capacity is too little. Proposed changes: up to 7.5K stored lifepoints
  4. Ggoblin

    3 - Card bugs (collection of bugs)

    NAME: Blaster Cannon damage bug SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: noticed it on the forge REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS (on the forge at least) DESCRIPTION: Whenever Blaster Cannon deals lethal damage to an unit it doesn't do it's splash damage. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: The first hit damaged both elves. The second hit, which killed the first elf, dealt no splash damage to the second one.
  5. Ggoblin

    3 - Treespirits don't benefit from Sylvan Gate

    All of them seem to be connected to the network. About the support, nexus do not improve linked fire and sylvan gates will only do so when not healing.
  6. That's just how ability spawned units work.
  7. Ggoblin

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    There are multiple rage multipliers: 1x/1.25x/1.5x 1x/1.5/2x 1x/2x/4x Flame crystal is the first kind (double damage would be too strong on it). Also notice that units that can get to 4x have about half the base attack it would normally have. On another notice, what's the worm's current range?
  8. Didn't know it also allowed you to get upgrade duplicates but it certainly makes it impossible to upgrade cards or to undo it.
  9. Ggoblin

    Game crash

    Since yesterday the game crashes as soon as I finish a story mission (loses connection to server). Thankfully I still get rewards. I'll edit if there is any match in which that doesn't happen. Edit: it seems to be working normally again
  10. Ggoblin

    3 - Green Dryad not stopping Melee Disable

    I'd also like to mention that the incredible MO's third effect (same as dryad) doesn't work on spawns that have been created after you activate the effect (abyssal wader, infected tower...)(though dryad still works).
  11. Frost bite isn't that useful in pve. You really could use a home soil. Grinders are great, use them. You need some cc as stonekin, oink does it most of the time but if you wanna be freeze themed use coldsnap. Tempest is really bad without freeze, even worse for rpve. Regrowth is a MUST! Too many buildings and not enough T4 for rpve, construct is also too slow there without some kind of teleportarion.
  12. Ggoblin


    That seems like a dumb exploit.
  13. Ggoblin


    75/25 is indeed correct, I've tested it multiple times in pve. That being said I wonder if destroying your own monument that is under construction WHILE being attacked would refund power. Hopefully not since that would be punishing to the attacker. Also wonder if there's anything other than repair and toogles that refund 100%.
  14. Ggoblin

    cannot upgrade

    Sorry. I just didn't give it much attention at first and after that I was kinda busy and didn't even play the game for a while. I'll try to report things sooner.

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