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  1. NAME: Disenchant needs ground presence SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Anywhere except the forge (since you always have ground presence) REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: The spell simply requires ground presence to be cast. (From what I remember it didn't need it on old BF and doesn't make sense for it to need it either) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I play bandits on pvp and the only thing the deck has over others is buffed skyfire drake so I really need to be able to disenchant cc.
  2. -> Starting mechanics: Although I agree that might be too strong I'd say building a monument where the fire player can easily acess it is something that should be punished. -> Charges on low cost spells matter for motivate, home soil and frost bite, they have a set amount of charges for a reason and having to wait after you use all of them would be only fair. There's no reason to make charges irrelevant for those spells. 1) Not really effective as it takes 20 seconds to deal 600 damage to a unit that doesn't stop attacking, not to mention that most units cost 50-60 at T1 so it'
  3. Comparing some cards' cost and what they offer I've made a list with some cards that need changes and my suggested changes (all cards are coinsidered as being U3). Won't mention some cards that I'm either unsure of or that would be too controversial Before that I'd like to talk about 2 mechanics that I feel need some adjustments: Firstly destroying monuments under construction return 75 power, which is nice if you got the wrong orb but makes it less punishing to build an orb near a fire enemy that might have scorched earth or any enemy with huge dps. I propose instead of getting powe
  4. Zyna: I fixed it. NAME: Blaster Cannon damage bug SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: noticed it on the forge REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS (on the forge at least) DESCRIPTION: Whenever Blaster Cannon deals lethal damage to an unit it doesn't do it's splash damage. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: The first hit damaged both elves. The second hit, which killed the first elf, dealt no splash damage to the second one.
  5. All of them seem to be connected to the network. About the support, nexus do not improve linked fire and sylvan gates will only do so when not healing.
  6. There are multiple rage multipliers: 1x/1.25x/1.5x 1x/1.5/2x 1x/2x/4x Flame crystal is the first kind (double damage would be too strong on it). Also notice that units that can get to 4x have about half the base attack it would normally have. On another notice, what's the worm's current range?
  7. Didn't know it also allowed you to get upgrade duplicates but it certainly makes it impossible to upgrade cards or to undo it.
  8. Ggoblin

    Game crash

    Since yesterday the game crashes as soon as I finish a story mission (loses connection to server). Thankfully I still get rewards. I'll edit if there is any match in which that doesn't happen. Edit: it seems to be working normally again
  9. I'd also like to mention that the incredible MO's third effect (same as dryad) doesn't work on spawns that have been created after you activate the effect (abyssal wader, infected tower...)(though dryad still works).
  10. Frost bite isn't that useful in pve. You really could use a home soil. Grinders are great, use them. You need some cc as stonekin, oink does it most of the time but if you wanna be freeze themed use coldsnap. Tempest is really bad without freeze, even worse for rpve. Regrowth is a MUST! Too many buildings and not enough T4 for rpve, construct is also too slow there without some kind of teleportarion.
  11. 75/25 is indeed correct, I've tested it multiple times in pve. That being said I wonder if destroying your own monument that is under construction WHILE being attacked would refund power. Hopefully not since that would be punishing to the attacker. Also wonder if there's anything other than repair and toogles that refund 100%.
  12. Sorry. I just didn't give it much attention at first and after that I was kinda busy and didn't even play the game for a while. I'll try to report things sooner.
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