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  1. Ggoblin


    Thank you for the in depth explanation. I didn't do one since I hadn't expected to have to defend why the blue affinity is underwhelming. Your proposal does sound 2 strong though, it'll be almost always better than the green affinity, inverting which one is useful.
  2. Ggoblin


    There are decks that use lots of spells + void recursion and would like more spell charges. All I'm saying is the card is hyper niche and proposing a new version that could have more interesting uses. Sorry if saying "useless" seems rude but I guarantee most players would never bother with the card and there's almost no cases where it would be better than the other affinity.
  3. Ggoblin


    And how is the blue one useful? Doesn't give you non unit charges either.
  4. The big Abyssal Warder has steadfast but doesn't mention it on the card.
  5. Ggoblin


    As everyone knows, the card is useless right now. My suggestion is: change it to purple affinity, it grants one charge to each card with a LOWER orb cost.
  6. Ggoblin


    Regarding the new thugs, they compete with nomad on pve, a losing proposition. On pvp you generally don't want to summon too many of them, meaning they generally won't have an ability and will cost 10 extra for nothing. Considering they are mostly used to counter forsaken and the like and taking in consideration their name I'd like to suggest making them deal more damage to weaker units (those with less attack/20). Also reduce their attack to 600 to prevent them from proccing the ability on most melee units.
  7. Frontier keep and infernal machine could honestly have a 30m range since they are T3 AND cost a lot.
  8. I did test it with my U0 demon before posting. No buff icon and no noticeable speed or turning difference. I went back and used an U3 demon. This allowed me to confirm that an U0 demon gets NO buff, did they make sure the change applies to all upgrades?
  9. Please make the buff icon appear on the demon while his buff is active. (Though I'm not sure he actually gets a speed buff? It seems like he might get a very minor one.)
  10. Aura of pain - still says it damages itself even though it doesn't. (It could be interesting if it dealt 1 damage/sec to the affected unit as an oink counter) Many cards that deal damage per second or healing per second in an area don't specify if they deal that amount to each or if it's divided amongst targets.
  11. Yes, please add orbs and costs, I'd also like it if everything that can attack had the attack power displayed, including towers. It'd also be nice if the same unit had the same cost across maps and different units never get grouped under the same image (like stonekin hurler + stonekin warrior being displayed as 2 stonekin hurlers).
  12. Managed to try it with a nightguard. Could activate the ability just like I could play this spell, neither unit was switched however.
  13. NAME: Can't mindcontrol Windhunter DESCRIPTION: I tried to mindcontrol a bandit windhunter in the pve mission "MO". It allowed me to cast it but I didn't gain control of it. REPRODUCIBILITY: Haven't tried it again yet. LOG: The log is over the maximum upload size. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This reminds me of a bug on old battleforge where you I'd try to parasite swarm a windhunter or the big bird from "behind enemy lines" on expert and, just like in this case, I could use the ability and the parasite would die but I would get nothing in return. I'd check both the windhunter a
  14. It's always nice to see updates from the team. We get changes to maps, card balancing and now we're even getting new cards!! It feels like getting what we wanted during all those years where the game was still online but basically abandoned by EA, putting all the staff in other projects. Thanks for all the hard work, it's obviously not easy to do all that you did with a code that is incomplete and that someone else made and you don't even have the rights to. We greatly appreciate your efforts! I hope the community continues growing and that you have great success in you personal
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