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  1. This is all so beautiful I'm not even sure how long I took to carefully digest everything.
  2. Name: Scorchers Tier & Orbs: T2, Fire Any Type: Unit Power: 50 Hit points and Size: 480 S Attack value and Type: 660 ranged S Attack Effects: Every 2 seconds, unit fires bolts at enemies that deal 11 damage. The bolts sear the target, reducing any healing it receives by 60% and causing any Ice Shield on them to melt down by 20 points per second. Lasts for 3 seconds. (Repeated attacks will refresh the duration but not stack the effect) Explanation of idea behind the card: At T2, Pure Fire, Fire/Frost and Fire/Nature all lack a s/s unit. Taking that into consideratio
  3. I hope decomposer is eventually made to let teammates decompose units while adding to their own power pool.
  4. Aha! So that's why my fire sphere's and shatter ice seemed to perform poorly. Thnx for finding this, I wonder since when was it like that? It definitely should be changed to keep full damage but there will be a need to balance some cards.
  5. Frenetic and battleship.
  6. It looks just like original battleforge cards. Amazing work! I think the names are great already.
  7. Wind traps would be okay if they didn't permanently knockback units in some areas with 2 of them. There should be enough time to pass through after they finish their activation.
  8. Rioter's Retreat says it attacks 3 targets even at U0. It only really des so at U3.
  9. Seems like a good chance to find opponents who suck at micromanagement as much as me. Only thing that worries me is the time... and lag.
  10. It says target unit, just like the other affinity.
  11. Didn't we just get a patch that made units, with splash, center their attacks on individual units from a squad so this invulnerability thing wouldn't happen?
  12. Windhunter is still hitting the middle point of a squad and thus dealing no damage to split squads.
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