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  1. Ggoblin

    Let's Talk Shrine of Greed

    Doesn't shrine of memory only work for 1?
  2. Ggoblin

    Let's Talk Shrine of Greed

    I agree that losing 90 power to get half your void power back is interesting and I think that to balance it for 2×2 you just need to make it only affect the player like shrine of memory. It's still a bit weird that the best use of the building is to sacrifice it so maybe change it a bit? Not sure if it's acceptable to reopen such an old post but this does seem important.
  3. Ggoblin

    3 - attackmove only in line

    Severity: 3 Location: Any game map Reproducibility: Always Description: When using attackmove units will only move in a straight line instead of taking the shortest route like with regular movement. If there are any obstacles in the way they'll stop moving. Happens with any kind of obstacle (elevated terrain, depressions, etc).
  4. Ggoblin

    Enhancement of Cards

    The level requirement is only for crafting the upgrades. Enhancements only need gold. In other words: yes you can.
  5. Ggoblin

    Were some card changes reverted?

    I see. Wasn't around by then. Surprised they reverted mauler though, it was pretty useless with only skill prevention.
  6. I'm not trying to defend locking upgrades behind player exp but wasn't there a pvp level as well? I remember having a blue pve badge and a bronze or silver pvp one. Could that be used to unlock card upgrades?
  7. I was browsing the card database and found that mauler didn't have the "attacked units can't use ranged attacks". It also seems like juggernaut's and sunderer's abilities have their pre-nerf numbers. After searching a bit and not finding anything on the matter I'd like to ask if the devs are using unit data from different patches or if it's an error in the database.
  8. Ggoblin

    nerf amii monument

    I remember playing amii monument on maps like the one you had to guard treasure vehicles (convoy?) or the defense one with 3 starting orbs (defending hope?). I ignored a huge portion of the map on the first one and the WHOLE map on the second one. Monuments are important resources and I don't think you should be allowed to create them. I never liked how it incentivized skipping content like some cheat code. When it was first introduced I thought it was some kind of monument improvement; put it on a monument you control and it'll allow you to change orbs without having to rebuild. I think that would have been a lot cooler since it would allow crazy mixed color decks while having obvious downsides. Also wouldn't have the problem that it being 4th tier would have (enlightenment) in case of a card change.
  9. Ggoblin

    Best boosters in simulator

    First pack ever and I get a Juggy? Neat!

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