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  1. If make new entity , call it “Spore Seed” make it small 1-size S squad that would be less pressuring on limit
  2. Oh I remember sketching those concepts during first days of war... Sirens and withering of hope. Yet never give up till you breathe and do what you must! And you can see how it progressed, together we all will win.
  3. Than again, if green can take over all the threats, what the point in purple?..
  4. My few takes on it: - I don’t like Deepfang change at all. I HATE units on timer. And I love deepfang, I don’t really care if it comes with weak bodies that can’t be replenished, because 2 Deepfangs get max effect of Stone Shell immediately by being 6 bodies. I’ve never had problems with them dying in expert CPvE, I really can’t think of such situation when they fragility was determining? Imo Deepfang would be better with some minor stat/speed buff(perfect option). Nobody uses him because it’s same slow crap as Magma Fiend with very little AoE damage on multiple targets (but mostly becau
  5. Seems like you missed Amii theme from lore perspective a bit..
  6. Market is terrible in thing in. CCG at first place. Not using market for buying at all (only bought Earthshaker, Home soild and Cluster Explosion, which I’ve never got in boosters). All cards I got from boosters I use for charges. If it’s expensive crap I don’t need like infect (overhyped cards)I sell it. Overall if card cost less than 200 bfp and it’s bad (Shrine of Greed, Altar of Nihil, Magma fiend etc) , I just reforge 4 of those into another crappy card and now need to open 3 more boosters to reforge it into yet another crappy card. It’s not very fun and engaging cycle, but much better t
  7. As I mentioned Skyelf was used for rpve 10 with SoW teammate
  8. I don’t think fire is too weak. I’d rather play against LS than against fire. I do not play meta decks atm and fire is really very unpleasant enemy with all their debuffs, broken bosses(Fire has the strongest bosses among every other enemy facrion) and super huge body counts on t4 camps. Seriously, I wiped more against fire than LS, LS has almost nothing on t4 if you have incredible Mo. Even simple XL body mass of LS is not comparable to Fire (talking about last camps). First orbs are pretty easy to get, but that’s mostly because early fire units are trash (sunstriders do nothing, s
  9. Game like “Eternal Card Game” has special edition , which rotates every few months, while it doesn’t cut whole sets it cut specific cards from sets. something similar in Skylords would be more fitting. P.S. I’ll always vote for making different cards unplayable (you can’t start match with it) in pvp, so we have more freedom for fun in pve.
  10. Yes, Fire has much better AoE to clear trash. But Frost-Nature has much more point damage to clear big single threats. Better bring friend with Cluster/Inferno Will save you some thousand of bfp!
  11. Depends on what do you mean by "excees". It kills bosses? Pretty good( with numerous of point spells and frostbite bosses die pretty fast). Does it clear camps fast? Well not very ( hope for noxious cloud buff!), but it's far from bad - grinders shred building good, all spells damage a lot, and most of the time, noxious cloud duration is enough to clear all units (if you throw all spells there). How it survives? Well Grinders+ Regrowth+ Revenge+ Stone Shell - this solid force can't be stopped (while you have all buffs, lol). So yes, I'd say it's very powerful late game, especially since you a
  12. Before the main post I must say, it's completely no way a meta deck, or something that can push aside top tier deck. But it's very fun as for me. The name talks by itself. Frost-Nature spell deck! I've never seen anything like this actually (can be wrong) so I decide to share my idea/ First of all, deck had many changes, and for rpve 10 and 9 it will be a bit different (obviously) current one I used to play rpve10 with very good and nice players (215302 replay). Yeah they were running top tier deck (2 bata + bloodhorn bandit spell deck) and there was not much things to do for m
  13. Can it be possible to give control over Jorne and Ragged king to players 1 and 3 respectively? It’s so annoying to lose just because one of this morons get stuck somewhere.
  14. Thank you! Yes Battleforge is really full of different ways to play! I can't wait for defensive rPvE to try all the fun defence tactics! For now I'll probably think of more off-meta decks and commons-based decks I even wanted to put it at first. But it's way too situative in rPvE/
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