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  1. If I have choice between L and XL counter, I would prefer XL- counter. So basically yes, I'm trying to use XL-counters and Siege units, because it's the main problem on t4. If it's not some specific good card like Overlord. And yeah Skycatcher is really thing, only because of siege I'm using it in any specific deck that focused on destroying buildings.
  2. That's it, but such maps like Empire/Sunbridge/Ravens End/Encounter with Twilight/King of Giants(If I remember right)/Bad Harvest(1-2 position)/Titans(I guess all axcept 3 position) and Crusade doesn't need specific decks and those maps will be the first which new player has to play for more expierence and specific 3-upgrades. And those maps do have a lot of threats which will be shut down by aggressors easily. Tho for standart\advanced maps up to 9+ razorshards can clear everything up to t4 or even entire map in general, so yeah aggressors doesn't need much here, but it doesn't make unit with such stats crappy, especially since it has pretty solid attack for ranged L unit on second orb. So add to this razorshard pack 1-2 aggressors to deal with random flier and you won't have any problems at all (If it's not Twilight Dragon, ofc). With pack of 9-10 razorshards and few aggressors I clear remaining spawn camps on expert Guns of Lyr in few minutes ( If you start on 1-2 position and than going to clear camps to open final camp objective).
  3. I didn't say that aggressor good in non specific campaign. I'm using razorshards everywhere where I won't face deathgliders or windhunters on 2 orb. Alright, if 150 energy in PvE Campaign is soo much, tell me cheaper way to kill 2-3 twilight deathgliders or bandit windhunters on second orb, and it's pretty common thing in expert missions. Show me at least 1 mission where you won't face hordes of L units on second orb? Wyrm is crap because it has terrible attack counter, like t4 unit which is L-counter without good thing like passive aura (etc Forest Elder) is trash for me. Even Skycatcher is better because of siege bonus and activated skill. Wyrm has terrible attack range and price of 300 energy, and it's doing nothing better than gemeye (except killing Urzach or flying in Dwaren Riddle ofc, but it's specific maps). Gemeyes in big numbers have much bigger DPS because of poison. Ofc it's not 43k dmg per minute from beta, but it's still good. Paralyz poison is also great if you are fighting in the spawn or attacking big number of heavy units in roots/spawn. And fliers never tanky, even if GW has third biggesst hp among of all fliers, It's still terrible and dies to many threats on expert missions. Gemeyes are better because they are much more heavy, cheaper, have long range (Destroy willzapper with giant wyrms mhm), are ground units, so you can play some specific non-healing spells with them or reinforce, and their DPS much bigger in big numbers. Yeah Gemeyes are slow like crap. And also they can be used like artillery on defensive mission just great.
  4. SpiritAlpha

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    Without buildings you still can use old great Root Defence, which is sometimes even better than churches (Against leaders). So we have a lot of options here. Honestly I like defensive missions much more than offensive. And random defence would be much better for me than regular rpve. But it's not that easy to make. And I don't think people will play only "Meta" cards like WB gun and churches, because even in rPvE not everyone playing Lost Spirit ships. Anyway balancing this mode from "easy" to "holy crap" would be veeeeery hard
  5. Honestly your deck is bad. With second nature orb you losing access to such cards as razorshard and aggresor and its... Not cool. Deep one much worse than them in PvE. Living tower without root system is just "no comments" aswell. Ghostspears and spirit hunters in pve crap. You don't have breeding grounds in PvE deck it's also bad decision. You need much more healing, surge of life and regrowth is must have with nature orb. Razorleaf is also crap card without root sytem, if you want to play on defence missions, stonekin hammers will deal with it more than enough for missions that don't need specific decks. Your t1 is very overpushed, like you don't need mana wings and werebeasts in common mission, it's specific cards. You need Matter mastery, it's top tier Frost-Nature spell, just like Stone Shell. Wheel is good but you would like to take that t1 frost building that reduces cost of other building, forgot its name. I honestly don't like stone warriors in PvE, Deepfang is awesome thing. Battleship in non-vortex deck is crap, Giant Wyrm is crap (on non-specific maps, again), better take another Gemeye and again, you need regrowth. I don't like Grimvines also, it's much worse than Grinder. Example of my deck for any non specific PvE missions up to Expert and rPvE 9+
  6. SpiritAlpha

    Scycatcher's Siege

    Actually it is a bug is from original game. Nowhere mentioned, that Scycatcher has siege, but when you looking on its damage, you see that its clearly has siege . I guess some good players already know this feature, but new players won't get it that easy. And yeah I can't understand, why some units has siege ability(Harvester, Sunderer, Tremor etc) on the card text and some not (Corsair, Scycatcher). I guess it won't be hard for you to add this text to the card? At least it will create some value for a new players. Like when I saw that Skycatcher has siege I started playing it in PvP 2vs2 and it was very fun.

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