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  1. The new card looks very interesting, and the artwork is beautiful. For the Tyranny debuff, how would it sound if instead of making enemies benefit 50% less from healing, instead are harmed 50% more from damage over time effects. This would synergies well with plague and noxious gas while providing the novelty of acting as the polar opposite of the effect of your units benefitting more from healing.
  2. Ok lets crunch some numbers. In theory it takes 5625 damage to fully destroy this building, while potentially dealing 738 single target damage every 4 seconds to 2 targets and 492 to a third target. While 1500 HP make it seem like it only reaches its' maximum damage capability while on the verge of collapse, the damage reduction buff it receives during this time makes it so that it will deal max damage during the last 40% of the damage needed to take it down (Assuming constant DPS), which makes it the longest lasting phase out of all 3 phases. This seems kinda insane to me for 200 power if it is not locked behind 3 frost orbs. World Breaker Gun is 2 frost orbs and it is already the most popular T4 building, the fact that a deck can run 2 frost orbs and have access to these 2 monstrosities is sort of OP. WBG is t4 so its fine, but this is essentially a smaller WBG that can also damage air and is tankier, and cheaper. A deck that runs 2 frost orbs, and 2 others, will potentially have access to the best 2 defensive buildings while also being able to use gemeye, bloodhorn, wyrm, lost spirit ship, etc etc. for a solid offense. Colors should not have their strongest cards readily available like that.
  3. The size of the tower was a big one. Best change to be honest. On a side not will this also fix spitfire's missile attacks? They behave the same as this tower from my understanding.
  4. I like this idea, gives the tower use in PVP and gives bandit T2 a fun offensive option on PVE.
  5. This is a neat idea, but hammerfall kinda does the same thing with its' shielding. Since this is an "Armored" tower why not give it a provoke ability so it can tank for your other defensive cards (archers or other towers) and take reduced damage during that mode. That way it can make use of it's large HP pool.
  6. Oracle mask used its' ability to make iteself invisible to buffs. In all seriousness what do you think of the idea of removing the AOE power of Tower of Flames to make it a more DPS focused tower, while shifting that AOE power to oracle mask so it becomes a viable defense?
  7. Will the first camp spawn buildings cast enlightenment?
  8. I don't think so either, but other mechanics already exist like revenge and life weaving, or wrath gazer's pain link. So this could utilize that system but instead of mimicking damage it would just refund void power.
  9. Instead of making it refund power when freezing enemies, they could make it refund void power every time your own units get attacked. This would allow frost to regain void power by defending whenever their walls or buildings are attacked. During attacks, they would regain void just by tanking or using dreadnought, and also grinder. Refund is when "getting attacked" and not based on damage sustained so that frost can use their damage mitigation and not be penalized. And for the love of God please make it 1 frost orb 2 neutrals, I don't know anyone who would build another frost orb just for martyrs.
  10. Haha I judged solely based on amii paladins and phantom
  11. With Amii phantom and Amii paladins being the only 2 shadow nature cards yet, it seems like there is a dark religious theme going on with the faction, so I thought of a cool idea for a T3 spell that would serve that purpose but with a unique mechanic. Below are the 4 different horsemen and their abilities in the order they are summoned. (sorry for recoloring, it would take so long to redraw each horseman T.T) The strategy here is that all 4 horsemen act as the replacement for an XL counter unit that the Amii faction would have at T3. All 4 horsemen take 60 seconds in total to summon at max charges and 600 power. They can wreck bases with their combined HP, healing, and damage, but ultimately struggle to deal damage to buildings and cannot damage ranged troops. Not to mention if 1 horseman dies, it will have to be summoned first before bringing out the next horseman. Please Tell me your thoughts on this card. Numbers are not set in stone but the idea here is what matters.
  12. Hello fellow Skylords, I would like to show my love and appreciation of this game by posting some of my ideas for possible reworks of bandit cards. Note, these reworks do not take into account the technical limits of what could be added to the game at the moment, they are just ideas to spark thought into how we can approach reworking some cards that do not see the light of day due to being too niche or outright underpowered. NOTE: All cards here (despite some visuals} are shown at maximum upgrades Units Bandit Lancer The change here is to increase the unit count from 1 to 4 (like Silverwind lancers), increase the attack and HP accordingly, and increase the cost from 60 to 100. As a T3, having a single medium sized unit without steadfast and being in the front lines (of your ranged units) makes it too squishy to include in any deck aside from it being a fun thematic card. This change will make the card a solid front liner for gunners and commandos in order to make good use of its' branding ability. Spells Warrior's Death Warrior's death acts as an alternative to Disenchant which buffs the unit at the cost of it dying at the end of the duration. Running disenchant is always a much safer bet as it frees the target from existing Crowd control and does not kill your troop. Not to mention that Warrior's death cannot be looped in order to delay the death of the unit past 20 seconds, making it almost never worth it. Bandit armies at T2 usually rely on numbers rather than having 1 big unit to benefit from the spell, and its use is limited in PVP. This new version reduces the duration and the magnitude of the effect, but allows it to be more useful when when placed on a frontline L unit (shadow phoenix at T2) to inspire the rest of the S and M units that are attacking along side it. Not to mention that this spell now becomes useful past T2 when using it on units like Soulhunter or Corsair. Sandstorm Sandstorm in its' current form is very expensive and has very little usage. Its tainted affinity is a more expensive Aura of corruption with a little bit of damage, while the infused affinity is even less useful in PVE (since I'm assuming this spell is too expensive to be used in PVP). This new form gives it a new identity as a base clearing spell that intends to kill units affectively (not so much buildings) and rewards the player for good timing and placement. Amok Effect name changed from "Friend or foe?" to "Bloodbath" The idea here is that Amok does not offer much that Frenetic Assault wouldn't offer in a bandit deck, given that the orb requirements of Frenetic Assault is satisfied if you are to use Amok anyways. This new version of Amok allows all units to fight to the death with immunity to crowd control, and damage from outside the battlefield. Theoretically speaking, since bandits have life steal, they should have the upper hand when dealing increased damage. Waystation -> Arsenal Waystation as a building is too cumbersome to use effectively and too niche at that. On offence, it does not construct quickly enough to be useful on the battlefield (like banner of glory) nor is the damage boost good since that space can be occupied by a defense tower with Bandit sorceress inside it. Arsenal, however, attempts to solidify the identity of the bandit faction as being an army building faction, allowing them to have bigger sized armies and recover their card charges quicker. Only 4 (possibly 5) can exist be used at a time, meaning card charges recover 48-60% faster. And finally, I saved the most controversial change for last Rioter's Retreat The changes here are not because Rioter's retreat is too weak, but because Bandit T2 is overloaded with towers while T3 offers nothing in terms of defense (aside from infernal machine). The idea here is that by increasing the damage, adding knockback, and slightly increasing the HP of the tower, now this card becomes an upgrade to your defensive build as a reward for reaching T3. The retreat passive getting stronger the more bandit structures you have surrounding the building synergizes with Bandit Launcher taking up a small patch of land, allowing you to clump a large number of them to boost up the power of this building. Let me know what you think of these suggestions, and where you see some flaws in my judgement when assessing these particular cards. Thank you for reading this lengthy post.
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