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  1. I don't know of any existing policy but most multiplayer games don't allow scripting. That being said, RTS games like Starcraft 2 have a feature where you can right click abilities to make them activate automatically, so maybe this could lead to an interesting feature suggestion. As it stands, most players add these buildings to groups and manage them with hotkeys. Say healing gardens A is in group 5 and healing gardens B is in group 6. You can press 5 > Z (or whatever the ability hotkey is) to activate it. When the effect wears off then you click 6 > Z and so on. It's not too cu
  2. I can give my advice on a budget lost souls deck with shadow as the starting orb. I'll share what I consider the most useful cards that are also relatively cheap. I won't talk about pure shadow since you need a bunch of very expensive cards (500+ bfp each) to make it work, and I don't have a lot of experience with pure frost. Card names will be a hyperlink to the wiki for reference. T1 (1 shadow orb): Units: Nox Trooper is well worth the 100 bfp and their ability allows them to focus critical targets or CC small units since they knock them down. 5-10 of them will get you
  3. I came up with this for a youtube account back in 07 or 08. Not really sure. D is the first letter of my first name, S is the third letter of my last name, the 123 and 404 are just random filler I added. After that I just started using this everywhere.
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