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  1. Really nice work with evil eye. Artwork looks well done and the unit itself sound really cool aswell. Especially the attack and the transformation is very unique. I enjoy the behind the scenes scenes sections so please keep them included.
  2. Ah finally! Hoped you would change her at some point. Glad its here now.
  3. I think your Balance philosophy is really good and logic, it makes me sad that not more Developers from other RTS titles have the same mindset. Defently speaks for you.
  4. Twilight slayers looks so cool, the Artwork is really epic. I was one of those who hoped they would get a playable card at some point. Keep up your awesome work.
  5. Awesome, alot to try out with this update. Cant wait to enter the Forge.
  6. Cool Update, looking forward to the new card Transcendence, sounds interesting and the Artwork looks really cool as always. Do you know already if the effect of "benefit 50% more from any regenerating ability" will stack with healing garden ability?
  7. Really meaningful buffs and nerfs in my opinion, i really like it. Just one thing out of curiosity, why do you want to make Artillery, Hatecaster and Volcano more splashable but not Deepgorge?
  8. I like the name already but if you want an other suggestion: Ice of Resistance Ability: Tainted/Blessed Ice
  9. Hey thank you for the update. I really like your ideas and efforts you put in this game, always a pleasure to read about it.
  10. Good first factions, espacially amii needs more. Cool that Frost is one of the first to get new cards aswell (Pure frost gang here). New artwork and the Icon looks really nice, well done. Keep up the good work!
  11. Not bad but a bit too much units if you ask me. For T1 i would take: Nomad green, sunstriders, eruption and mine T2 sounds good so far, i would Kick scythe fiends. Cause you did not mention it on your strategy. You could take lavafield or wildfire instead. T3 im not an fan of legendary Cards ( just an personal prefernce) from your strategy it sounds like you would not use your t3 cards beside amii monument. Sure amii monument is handy in 1 player missions, but its risky with more Players cause it can only be build one time for only 1 player. So for t3 i would kick
  12. Hey, I was finally able to fix my Problem. I had some troubles with an Windows 10 update. After reinstalling some drivers severeal times it worked again.
  13. After the last update through the launcher my game crashes in every match. Manly i played rPvE with four Players, i also tried rPvE solo but also crashed mid game. The time i can Play before the crash is random sometimes i can Play 5, 8 or 13 minutes and then the games Closes. I didnt have this Problem before, yesterday i also tried one match on the map crusade and could complete it. But that was the only one without an crash. log.txt
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