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  1. As you know ranged Units or Buildings can attack different things. With that i mean they can either attack: Only Ground Units, Only Flying Units or Both. The difference to melee it that melee units have a rule you can understand easily. Every melee unit cannot attack flying units, unless the melee unit has the sice of XL, which makes sence. Its tall enough to attack flying things. Spells are very different anyway you need to read the description carefully to understand how the spell even works. Now to the proposal: If you give the ranged unit or building an different icon based on what it can attack, i think it would make deck-buildung much more pleasant and reduce the mistakes you could make. (For Example: Taking Skyelf Templar with you because you thougth she can attack everything, because you didnt read the description carefully). Here i include an visual (not professional) depiction of how it could look like. (Church has normal icon because it can attack both air and ground, all other have changed icon based on what they can attack)
  2. I think that are good changes on top of the energy well chances that are already implemented. The additionall walls are an good idea and optional if the player wants to defend the nodes easier (aswell as the middle which should help really).
  3. As you probably know, its possible to "scan" on the map through the Fog of war to see if there is an enemy nearby. That can be done with cards like: Mine, Glyph of Frost and Bandit Minefield (I dont know if there are more cards that can do that). I thougth it maybe would be cool if this "scan" effect would be written on the spell itself as an passive described as "detector". Because this "detector" cards already have that effect, writting it as an passive on the cards can draw the attention to less experienced players who didnt know that you could use the card that way. Making "hidden" effects unhidden, so that everybody can see/use it, is an good thing in my opinion. Example Picture how it could look like:
  4. Awesome job on the Gaeron artwok. He looks like he was always there, he really looks so cool, cant wait to see him ingame. Maybe even new neutral card in the very far future? 😁 Crazy what you can put off!
  5. Thanks for your work, im gratefull that you keep updating this unique game, it makes me really happy.
  6. Cool Interview, i like the rpve topic, so it was interesting to see the behind the scene view. Cant wait to try it out myself!
  7. I agree the overall balance was never in an better state but im still impatient for your next balance changes in your upcoming update. My favourite cards you made are defently Bandit Minefield, Banzai Lord and Bandit sniper. Most beautiful artwork in my opinion has Sanctuary. Great work the team did in this year, im really impressed.
  8. After his death the NPC Vileblood version does deal damage and makes an visual pulsation effect. What i noticed is that he deals longer damage than suggested by the optical effect. Bini Inibitor noted aswell, that the visual effect is fine but the damage is desynced. It seems to be that the effect starts either too early or the damage starts too late. My suggestion would be to adjust the damage with the visual effect, so they have the same lengh and start at the same time, for an better estimation.
  9. Wow, really epic stuff is coming. I love the Artwork of Sanctuary, it looks so good and high in quality, really nice job!
  10. Really nice work with evil eye. Artwork looks well done and the unit itself sound really cool aswell. Especially the attack and the transformation is very unique. I enjoy the behind the scenes scenes sections so please keep them included. 😊
  11. Ah finally! Hoped you would change her at some point. Glad its here now.
  12. I think your Balance philosophy is really good and logic, it makes me sad that not more Developers from other RTS titles have the same mindset. Defently speaks for you. 🙂
  13. Twilight slayers looks so cool, the Artwork is really epic. I was one of those who hoped they would get a playable card at some point. Keep up your awesome work. 👍
  14. Awesome, alot to try out with this update. Cant wait to enter the Forge. 😁
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