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  1. Venomlord

    Playable neutral cards units and structures

    Several of them are already playable cards. But some of them sounds interesting for new Cards. For example the Bandit Sniper and the twillight slayers have an unique passive which no playable Card does use Jet. Or Umbabwe could also be an new legendary Card. Even queek queek is and playable Card and he is Pretty lame.
  2. I do have an Question! Which Card combinations you can take for Pure Frost T2? Im asking because i dont know which cominations are good. With T1,T3 and T4 i dont have an Problem but T2 is somehow difficult for me to build.
  3. Keeping the game Fresh and making other strategies viable sounds good. But i dont like the idea of the endless returning wipe and buffing and nerfing Units just to make an artificially new Meta everytime so it fell new. Instead i would vote for balancing the game. Let the good Cards stay good but make bad/useless Cards more usefull. Right now some cards are clearly better then others and switching this very usefull cards to an useless card is of course extremly inefficient. To make the bad cards more usefull would give more varation, without losing the efficient of an deck.
  4. Venomlord

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    Hello, i thought about an new game mode that brings some variation in PvE. The Idea is basically an "Horde mode" where the main Goal is to defend all the time. It could work like rPvE but insteat of going offensive an killing everything before the time is running out, you have to defend yourself againts waves of enemies that gets stronger over time. It could be an endless-mode where you see an timer and can check how Long you did survive Jet. Maybe also with an Gold reward that get higher the longer you survive. Otherwise it could also have an timer like in rPvE and if you are still alive after the timer is at zero you would win. And then the reward could be exactly the same like in rPvE. If we go with that possibility then you should also be able to choose the difficulty from 1 to 10. I personally think it would be an cool alternative for rPvE, because in most Campaign Mission aswell as in rPvE the best solution is to go offensive. But what do you think about this idea?
  5. Venomlord

    Executor Rework

    L counter sounds better for me. If you give Executor an S-counter he would be very similar to Wrathblades who even have the same ability.
  6. Venomlord

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    I also want to share my ideas with some underwhelming Cards. Personally i dont see this Cards much used and also find that they missing something to be usefull: 1. Northguards: Barley used them myself and i also saw them not so often. I thought it would be cool if we can change their "Brave Defenders" to an passive that actually give them some Bonus. Maybe we could give them an 5% Damage reduce when the northguards are near friendly structures. That way the Name for the passive would still makes sence and make them more usefull. 2. Tortugun: I like this unit, if it would not turn hungry so damn fast. It dont fell right that you need to waste ressources that Tortugun dont kill your own troops, while you could just use an other unit. I like the idea of just reduce the Speed of getting hungry again. Additionally when you summon it, Tortugun should start with a full stomach if you ask me 3. Anti-Air Buildings: Yes i know in some missions they can be usefull but i personally prefer to build Towers that can attack Air and Ground Units. I dont know how to make the Anti-Air Towers more attractive but i find them useless when you just can build better Towers. 4. Magma Spore: Never seen this unit seriously used. For anti-air i find it too weak and when you want to attack Ground troops you must pay 50 Energie to attack every 20sec. I have no idea why you should take this unit and waste one Slot for this. 5. Infernal Chain: Dont find this speel usefull at all. Maybe its better if its cheaper. Other Cards i find useless are already mentioned in this thread.

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