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  1. Balancing changes would be good, but it has to be the right changes. Its important that the change makes the game better/more balanced and its also required that the worst things are prioritized. To take the right decision what has to be changed, its important to let the knowledge of the right players (highranked or skill of a highrank and experienced with more than just one fraction) decide. If this is not considered, there will be more decisions like the exaggerated buff of thugs or the senseless nerf of home soil (maybe 15 percent of pvp players played frost t1 before the nerf, even less after). Be sure that things like thugs, phase tower, timeless one and some others which reduce qualitiy of the game experience and diversity will be the first changes.
  2. Only deck which has really problems with this combo is pure nature. But pure nature has a lot of problems against really simple other things too...Only think about how to counter burrower spam with pure nature^^ Pure nature is just a very imbalanced deck with some really hards strengths but also really hard weaknesses. I think it never get "fixed" because it wasnt really judged as a bug (although some players had a different opinion)...i think its just the way this card works. But all in all i dont really see the problem of this combo...pure shadow is not overly strong and i think before changes are considered to this card, there are a lot of bigger problems in balancing. If this card would be weaker, this combo wont be a real option against most other decks. Even now against most fractions this combo isnt really strong. For nature i think phase tower is the bigger problem, because every shadow splash plays it (ca 50 % of players) and if played correctly the nature player has nothigh to laugh in t1...
  3. If you take the right orbs/wells there are no really problems with cliffdancers on Yrmia. There are enough takeable spots. Cant remember a game where i get into really trouble against cliffdancer or something like that. Wazhai is a bit more tricky, because its not so good to take one of the mid spots, but you need to take sure that the fire player cant reach your start base...If the cliff in front of the start bases cannot used for attacking over it with any unit/tower this map would be fine. But all in all the most important is that generated maps will be back, because atm sometimes it feels like getting the same map again and again...because there are only 6 different. Wazhai/Yrmia feels worser than it is atm because you get them so often.
  4. Tower-ban for t1 seems to be a good idea for a special tournament, but not in general for all furhter tournaments. Especially against nature its imbalanced in the other way if you play fire/shadow t1.
  5. Sorry, but I really dont understand why you are so hyped of punishing people The anonymity is in my opinion no really problem, it could be solved like you mentioned but all in all its nothing what really has an effect on the game experience. But that the game is colorful is definitely very important for the game experience and decides about the success of the project. Its not so nice everytime meet the same 3 decks. Btw im sure if this would happen, after some weeks everybody (nearly everybode) will complains about the evil 3 overpowered decks, because nobody can play something else....Looks nice for new players reading the forum and theres so much flame about the balancing And also sometimes you dont want to play the same deck than the last 3 days before. If you cant change in this case to another deck, some players just dont play for these days and wait till they are motivated again to play their usual deck. So activity goes down. And this is nothing the game can afford. Its right, that this is not a guarantee for playing everyone on another account another deck, but experience from years are absolutely positive about my theory that nearly everybody plays a different deck on an other account. But youre definetely right that a mixed pvp of someone who gets elo and someone who dont gets cant work. Btw changing one t1 card is definitely not comparable to changing from lost souls to pure nature for example. The whole mechanic of the deck in the second case is different.
  6. Actually i played on all my smurf just the colour it was made for (maybe a second, for example fire-nature on my fire account) but never shadow or lost souls on others. In think otherwise its not the sense of smurf anymore: One reason for smurf is I want to know how good I am really with pure frost for example. And nearly all other players i know with muliple accounts made it this way too. In this context i want to mention, that i started using smurfs even before being a higher gold player. So its not only a thing for bored highrank players. A example for the diversity: There was not much, but some pure nature players in the game. But only ones (and they was never really active the last time) was dekka and beijingguy, who wasnt smurfs. So without multi accounting some decks would not be representated in lets say top hundred the most time. This cant be the way anyone wishes. The same applies to bandits and some others. Beeing punished for playing a deck that is hard to play but increases the diversity (so acting in the interest of the game) is not the best idea in my opinion. Even the fact that in the ranking are more accounts than players in the ranking so that it is harder to be top 100, 50... i dont see as a disandvantage. What would new players (we all want to have them) think if they see that the 200. best player of the whole game has stats like 50 - 120. He would think that the game is nearly dead.
  7. Nobody stops playing a game he likes just because of getting crushed in one or two games by a low rank...And like I mentioned the same happens if highranks have low activity after not playing some weeks. I would say this happens more often than lowranks beeing crushed from smurfs. I mentioned also that in the matchmaking system of bf you get opponents with a totally different skill level just after a minute or two beeing in queue, what happened often if your not playing in the early evening in old bf. Your reasoning is a possible point of view for someone you doesnt care for ranking or elo and sees the sence of this just as a tool for getting balanced opponents. I think there is no right or wrong. But on my experience much players care for ranking place and elo. Because of this the diversity of played decks will definitely go lower. There will be definitely a big frustration, if 90 % of blueranks play lost souls, pure fire and fire/nature. In gold ranks it will be not that worse but not much better either. Most important thing for the survival of the game is keeping the players who are still playing. We all hope for a lot of more players, but we all have to watch how potentially new players react to a 9 years old game. Which bugs on multiple characters in old bf do you mean? I had three much used characters on one account and cant remember only one bug because of this...
  8. If you have all your characters on one account there is no problem with elo-boosting against yourself, because you cant logg in with two computers on the same time in one account. Anyway in old bf there was never a real problem with people who trade elo between their accounts. Because of the small community it would be noticed from other players, if someone wins for example 5000 elo in one night so people know that other players would laugh about them because of this
  9. I know I wrote most of the following some times before in earlier threads. But I think this is a very important question for the game. First, like @RadicalX mentioned, multiple characters/accounts are necessary for the diversity of played fractions. Especially the smaller community (@MrXLink) would mean, that in higher levels (from about earlier blue rank) you meet everytime the same 20 players (just a arbitrarily number) with the same 20 decks (maybe 5 of them will alternate between 2 or maybe even 3). Not very motivating about some month...Same effect will be in the middle ranks (gold) in a weaker expression. Just the fact that you as a lower player will meet with higher probabillity a much better player isnt really a convincingly point: Because of the matchmaking-system you meet every rank after a minute or two anyway. This was in old BF depending on the time of the day on average every third match (valued). Because of your mentioned maybe smaller community this will be not really better. But even I think this point can be adjusted: Give the multiple characters on their start an aditionally basic elo not to far away from the "main character" of this account. The Sparring ground is NO alternative to ranked for testing because of some reasons. ( @MephistoRoss; @MrXLink ) First you need a lot of more games than 10 or 20 for reaching a comparable level with a new fraction to your main fraction -> less diversity in ranked. Secondly in the ranking queue it will be even more difficult to find a good/fitting opponent because of the splitting -> more fights highrank against beginners -> more frustrating for both. @NedDeppat Do you really think I have fun to follow fleeing werebeasts over the whole map to waste 5 minutes for getting 10 elo??? Even the problem with "unfair" elo-lose isnt really a valid point. In the first weeks of ranked the elo will not say really much about the skill anyway because of the different number of games different players made. After a while, if the elo nearly says something about the skill my mentioned above suggestion with the adapted basic elo would work. A bit imbalance in elo system is existing too, if I play different decks on the same account and character, because if I play my elo down with a new deck somebody can earn easier elo, if I play it up with my usual fraction I will take away more elo of my opponents than they deserve. The problem of daily rewards can solved if you only can get it on one account (and not on each different character) only one time per day. Last thing is that I remember someone of the staff explained, that its technically just not possible to find out who is smurfing and not. I know some people playing from the same house than an other player (family, friend ....). So its doubtful to make a rule which observance can not be checked exactly. All in all i can understand there here are some concerns about smurfing, but if you think about the whole topic in details, there are some reasons pro smurfing and no indisputatable reasons against. All in all the game would profit on allowing smurfs clearly in the purpose of a higher activity of the players. So please rethink about your current decision against smurfs/multicharacters.
  10. Pure Shadow. Although i think most here know me more as lost souls player. Btw Im a bit confused that there are nearly 50 percent that voted for nature
  11. Never tried this. I think spam of Nox or Dreadcharger works okay both if you choose it in the right situations. But i was in general never a big fan of nightguard... But btw i wouldnt agree to all classifications from @indubitablement. Shadow without Motivate and Fire without Thugs for example isnt really a good choice.
  12. Sign me in for 1vs1 and 2vs2, too. Maybe you should ask some days before the tournament if alls who signed in here in the last months will be really there Edit: xDarkfightx will be my mate in 2vs2
  13. Is it really a bug? Because it depends on the animation time (time from activating/"clicking" until the real overtaking/explosion), so i think this effect is logic. And it needs some skill/reaction to time this in a way that it works every time, if not it can mean a huge disadvantage for this one who nastied. So i think the nasty-ng effect is no balance problem at all, because there are other ways to counter a reaver efficiently especially with pure shadow (i played pure shadow without ng and had never any problems). And to nasty mounty is not clever in most cases because it costs too much energy.
  14. As far as i remember ranked was only dead after the announcement that battleforge will be shut down. So the first half of the year there was still some good players in 1vs1 ranked. Only in 2vs2 it was really hard to find good opponents a few of month before this announcement, especially some which had some elo^^
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