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  1. Lavos2018


    looking forward to checking out the new booster types, itll be nice to have the cards split into smaller segments making it easier to try to get specific cards by focusing on specific boosters
  2. Lavos2018

    Reduce Booster Cost to 200 BFP

    glad to hear Mephisto, especially Themed Boosters and more Achievements, i think the single biggest problem with boosters as it stands is the sheer card pool, even cutting that in roughly half by adding a 2nd booster type would be a big improvement, though ideally there should be at least 3, enough to make progress rewarding but not remove the element of luck and continuously trying i dotn want everything handed to me for free with no work, but i also at times feel like im doing alot of playing and boosters are just nonstop letting me down not giving me even a single card out of a fairly large list of things i really desire of course there are multiple ways to tackle that kind of issue, themed boosters is the most ideal and with that i would even argue the current Booster price could stay
  3. Lavos2018

    Reduce Booster Cost to 200 BFP

    Macabi is right about that..Ultra Rares that were made after the Affinity system was implemented sometimes vary in general value based on what the affinity does, for example with the Forest Elder, people value the Nature Affinity version of it way more than the Shadow Affinity since a boost to allied unit damage is preferable to a moderate damage over time effect that has negligible impact on larger units but is more effective at dealing with squads of small units which are not a particular danger to the Elder to begin with, so people generally prefer the Nature Affinity version since that offers a benefit thats not remotely situational and has a good impact every time rather than being mostly dependent on what situation your in i wouldnt mind seeing a decrease to 200 myself, it still means you gotta play 2 days to get enough BFP for a booster rather than the current 3 days, especially with where im at where it takes 400 daily quests to earn a booster via Achievements, speaking of, maybe the curve on that could be looked at too, i feel 400 quests for a single booster is way too much since you can only do 3 per day maximum (the 30 min booster daily does count towards that) so id have to spend more than 100 days doing dailies to earn a booster...i feel thats a bit excessive for just 1 booster! another possibility is separating the boosters back into themed sets like they used to be back in retail Battleforge, but keep the promo rate at 1.5%, this would probably lower card prices because people could target specific sets of cards rather than a single booster with all 520+ cards which makes getting certain cards, even commons or uncommons, a real pain in the butt
  4. Lavos2018

    What a surprise!

    yeah that is one of the nice features about control groups this game had, also being able to use that +/- button to dissolve or create new groups with the selected units, makes it easy to manage control groups without hotkey use, course hotkeys are good too!
  5. Lavos2018

    nerf amii monument

    given the amount of replies in this thread on both sides, i dont think i need to make a poll because i can do this thing called "extrapolation" which btw is commonly used in polling, and if you would dare to accuse me of being "selfish" and all those things i would retort that your just upset that someone has a different opinion than you the other person claimed that "leaving it alone" is a non-solution...no its actually a perfectly fine solution, just he and some others such as yourself dont happen to like it
  6. Lavos2018

    nerf amii monument

    the only map so far that Monument actually breaks is Soultree, you can complete the map without attacking the twilight camp for the 5th orb, because you grab the 4th then use Monument and the game treats it as a 5th orb and causes victory as soon as the orb is finished building since the objective is to get 5 Orbs, maybe the devs can fix it so the quest only triggers victory when you grab the "normal" 5th orb so that monument isnt a cheap time-saver for a much easier and safer win with no risks associated but thats literally ONE map, a singleplayer PVE map, where it makes a large difference what i see here is some people worried about what is ultimately a non-issue, the simple fact is this: if you dont want to use it, then dont, but you dont need to have the entire game balanced according to your own whims, that is incredibly selfish and a good way to decimate what balance the game DOES have the minute we start balance discussions based solely on the fact an incredibly small number of people dont like something, we may as well just give up right then and there because we have let a small number of people change something for an entire community most of whom did not want an unnecessary and borderline-pointless change balance talk is fine, but what im seeing is sour grapes, not legitimate talk of balance, as others have said, Monument doesnt change the game so much that its broken and it has some limitations which hinder it in many circumstances meaning its mostly enjoyable for solo play, and theres nothing wrong with that, it doesnt magically make a map an instant win (outside Soultree but i addressed that) XL units arent impervious, especially not to boss-type units who generally deal insane amounts of damage in PVE in the end, if its mostly effective in solo play, why should that matter to anyone but the person choosing to use it? its not hindering the enjoyment of anyone else because in solo play it CANNOT effect anyone else, and as long as a person isnt cheating or hacking, then i say let them play decks how they want in solo play, as long as nobody is breaking any rules then its not our job to police how everyone else enjoys the game
  7. Lavos2018

    nerf amii monument

    if you dont like dont use it thats the best solution i like it because it allows versatiltiy in my decks, a Twilight deck for example that can actually use a Juggernaut or Fire Dragon, hell even a Thunder Wagon or Abyssal Warder without having to sacrifice the T4 Twilight units like Abomination or Skycatcher, without Monument i wouldnt be able to use T3 or T4 cards that have a color requirement of 3 orbs for me its mostly for adding more units, buildings or spells to my T4 so that my deck is capable of doing alot more things, but i still use some T3 units because they can still be useful, even in a T4 army
  8. Lavos2018

    Wrong Client Version

    was just about to mention that
  9. Lavos2018

    Wrong Client Version

    same here as of right now, first attempt to login today
  10. Lavos2018

    Invalid client version

    they did patch the server earlier today, thats when issues started for us lucky few
  11. Lavos2018

    Problem with Launcher.exe

    well i guess we all just got lucky and yes, it is beta so issues will happen, im more surprised at the rapid progress, when i first tried to play on September 20th, it was VERY usntable, couldnt even finish a singleplayer PVE campaign mission lik ENcounters with Twilight without disconnecting, couldnt login half the time either, but over just 2 weeks that drastically changed so heres to more steady progress!
  12. Lavos2018

    Problem with Launcher.exe

    well people posted screenshots on the discord, and the issue is only for some of us, MrXLink just informed me the Error Code: -1 is a recurring issue, the server restart is what caused it to start happening for me, but it was intended to put an update on the server to hopefully fix that very issue i imagine based on the fact most of the discord seems able to login that its only a fairly small number of us, its a shame because i was almost finished with my dailies today
  13. Lavos2018

    Problem with Launcher.exe

    its not down, others are online and have proof of it via screenshots its only some of us and its a result of the server restart
  14. Lavos2018

    Problem with Launcher.exe

    i get the Error Code: -1 keeps me from logging in either way
  15. Lavos2018

    I can't find a report player section

    well Soldierbf, thats not stopping people from trying to multi-account even though as you said it will all get erased (and is forbidden) some people just arent too smart is the best guess i have!

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