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  1. I genuinely don't understand what are the options against that combo, most CC's last 10 seconds re-usable every 20, while nether warp lasts 20 re-usable every 20. There's apparently also an exploit where you get more base regen than meant if warping in same spot. I'm considering making the use of said exploit a bannable offence it's a complete anti-fun mecanic that ruins PvP matches. Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks
  2. Dexirian

    2 - Upgrade Card problem

    After trading for 2 Nox troopers, i was able to uprade the card but i cannot add charges to the card I simply get ''Upgrade combine failed''
  3. Dexirian

    Janis Joplin's Reincarnation?

    Her face says it all :
  4. Dexirian

    Janis Joplin's Reincarnation?

    Holy mother of god this girl is my new favorite singer
  5. Dexirian

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    Welcome to the dark side
  6. Dexirian

    Games you play while waiting

    Endless Space 2, Battlerite, Warcraft III, Divinity Original Sin 2, some CS:GO
  7. Managing a project such a this will always fall in a 'trying to please everyone' type of deal thing, which is realistically impossible. Now we could blurt out impossible delays and have everyone hyped up, only to delay again because the timetable was too close thus pissing off bunch of people. We could set a date WAY ahead in the future, realistically giving us plenty of time but having such a big delay will discourage many people as well. So usually we're trying to aim at a middle-ground of realistic expectations and reasonable delays. Unfortunately as mentioned, it's borderline impossible to make accurate ETA's, just like Windows tells you there's 16 hours left to your installation and finishes the next minute. So we try to be as transparent as possible, providing as much details as possible and trying to give accurate delays without perjuring ourselves.
  8. Dexirian

    What is your latency?

    Well on old servers my ping was anywhere between 110 and 170. For an RTS like BF, it's still highly playable, the only big downside in PvP is getting well timed heals / eruptions / mines and whatnot. Mines especially on high ping can be a hassle but with practice you can overcome the downsides of ping pretty easily. Now at 250 ping things could start getting hairy but we can't know for sure until our clustered environment will be up and running.
  9. Dexirian

    hardest pvp deck

    I think i'm stuck in the Season 1 mentality before the release of additional cards. Most of my PvP experience comes from the original 200 cards meta, which was where nature was at it's strongest imo. It is true that newer decks have a much more versatile array of options, and pure nature does sorely lack in M counter apart from spearmens. But back in my day, Beijinguy was a force to be reckoned with, hence my slightly biased opinion.
  10. The friend that made my signature sadly isn't in the field anymore and doesn't have time to help me out. I'd like a similar if not identical one but with Skylords instead of BFR. I'll even go as far as doing a small commission for a brand new high quality one, just give me your quote.
  11. Dexirian

    hardest pvp deck

    I never said it wasn't suitable for PvP though, when well played it's one of the stronger decks, but it has to be played at a very high level to be viable. If you can make it out of T1 alive and on even grounds, good players will mess your day up in T2 with those energy siphons.
  12. Dexirian

    Battleforge and Resolution

    I never tested a dual monitor setup with BattleForge but it's possible that it could work. As soon as we can test it out we'll advise. Personally it'd be awkward with my setup since i have different resolutions and refresh rates all around :/
  13. Dexirian

    Soundtrack of your Life

  14. Dexirian

    Blue pill? Red pill?

    But i love both Can we be a conscientious objector to this poll?

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