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  1. For me honestly it was pure nature. I haven't tried all decks at full power of course but nevertheless of all the meta ones, nature has one of the best potential but little mistakes can easily cost you the game and it's T1 is pretty hard in my opinion.
  2. Fixed link, my b
  3. @Kiwi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKM0P9gWx7k
  4. Can i be the child of Blank and DoT?
  5. Please note that asking for votes on contests is considered as advertising. Thread has been locked
  6. How d'you guys get 112....
  7. Sunderer, which is the first rare card i've ever unpacked. I remember putting it in my then really bad PvP deck and doing great vs people with tutorial decks With insight, it's probably the reason i've played fire T1 for as long as i can remember.
  8. If all of our nearly 10 000 members add up you'll have a headache soon enough April
  9. Oh man do I like the sound of that card. I'd honestly give it a go in PvP if this were a thing, seeing as the play-style would most likely be similar to fire/nature, only with stronger defensive capabilities. Really nice choice of art for all the cards, I really like them overall. Have you thought of adding some small units into the mix?
  10. @Dexirian your signature is copyrighted :troll:

    1. BionicReaper


      Tis a joke (Just in case xD) 

    2. Dallarian


      My nose smells ban or blacklist :kappaross:

  11. You better be there, cause this is going to be HUGE.
  12. I'd like to dispel the idea that any of us even see a cent of the donations, all the money goes towards server upkeep, which will grow higher as we upgrade our hardware to support more players. And if we ever get too much money it'll goes toward charity. All staff members are working voluntarily for free.
  13. Latency is bearable but it does affect gameplay a little bit, but like anything you get used to it. On my end at worst it'll take few tenths of a second before my inputs go through. Makes placing mines in PvP much harder but it's a small price to pay to have a working BF again.
  14. I can always cast with you if you want
  15. New game that just came out on steam, like league of legends teamfights non-stop without the boring farming. Similar to smite, if you buy the early access now you get all champs forever, the game will be F2P on release. http://store.steampowered.com/app/504370/ Really enjoying it so far, adrenaline packed non-stop action for PvP fans. Highly skill based, 0 RNG. If you plan on playing HMU