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  1. If you ever need casters, I'd be happy to help (I am a semi-professional play-by-play with 7+ years experience). That is, when I'm not playing
  2. I genuinely don't understand what are the options against that combo, most CC's last 10 seconds re-usable every 20, while nether warp lasts 20 re-usable every 20. There's apparently also an exploit where you get more base regen than meant if warping in same spot. I'm considering making the use of said exploit a bannable offence it's a complete anti-fun mecanic that ruins PvP matches. Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks
  3. After trading for 2 Nox troopers, i was able to uprade the card but i cannot add charges to the card I simply get ''Upgrade combine failed''
  4. Hey sorry that i was spamming.. but i was so frustrated .. and i got kicked 

    can you please let me back in to discord? i am so sorry for the spam


  5. Holy mother of god this girl is my new favorite singer
  6. Endless Space 2, Battlerite, Warcraft III, Divinity Original Sin 2, some CS:GO
  7. The friend that made my signature sadly isn't in the field anymore and doesn't have time to help me out. I'd like a similar if not identical one but with Skylords instead of BFR. I'll even go as far as doing a small commission for a brand new high quality one, just give me your quote.
  8. I never tested a dual monitor setup with BattleForge but it's possible that it could work. As soon as we can test it out we'll advise. Personally it'd be awkward with my setup since i have different resolutions and refresh rates all around :/
  9. Hacking in progress giphy.gif

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    2. LagOps


      They are so hardcore, they don't even use screen capture!

    3. Eddio


      Paint is the best hacking tool.

    4. Fauchderial


      Evil Dexirian :kappaross:

  10. Why is it that stale soft cookies become hard and stale hard cookies become soft :thinking:

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    2. Deadman


      Good to know

    3. Treim


      Wait...so if you just wait long enough soft cookies become hard before becoming soft again and vice versa


    4. Dexirian
  11. But i love both Can we be a conscientious objector to this poll?
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