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  1. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    I'm not very active But id love to be able to get accepted, so just hoping I get lucky (Possibly the only New Zealand player as well :P)
  2. Play style How would you describe each faction?

    yeah i also really like using enlightenment to get out cards unavailable to nature / stonekin i really wish they completed the nature / shadow splash cards...
  3. Play style How would you describe each faction?

    What do you find interesting about Twilight decks may i ask? I always stayed away from Twilight because of the 'infected vibe' and just seemed uninteresting.
  4. I Love PVE :)

    I also really enjoyed playing PvE with friends and solo, doing different missions with different types of decks was fun. I changed decks all the time back in the day Once Skylords Reborn opens up to the public I already have about 5 - 6 friends all really keen on playing together. Cant wait to go through the missions again with friends. I agree with some people, rPvE is fun as long as u don't go for the LSS spam and try fun stuff like One Man Army Batariel and Bandits. Though vsing a friend in PvP is quite fun if u choose the big maps so u can get to tier 3 relatively easily. Just hoping playing Skylords Reborn from New Zealand will be playable
  5. which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Northguards and tremor haha, also Avatar of Frost. Northguards and tremor because they were the first units I ever got and Avatar of Frost because i remember sitting there when i first got the game wanting that card so bad and when i finally got it, i loved it so much
  6. Battleforge and Resolution

    Just what I was wanting to hear, thanks a lot bro
  7. Battleforge and Resolution

    Hello fellow Skylords, I'm super hyped for the open beta in January, but i have a little concern. My monitor is an Asus PG348Q, which has a resolution of 3440x1440. Does anyone know if Battleforge supports this big of a resolution? Also is there any plans for the devs to make Battleforge support this resolution? Thanks in advance