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  1. I genuinely don't understand what are the options against that combo, most CC's last 10 seconds re-usable every 20, while nether warp lasts 20 re-usable every 20. There's apparently also an exploit where you get more base regen than meant if warping in same spot. I'm considering making the use of said exploit a bannable offence it's a complete anti-fun mecanic that ruins PvP matches. Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks
  2. Dexirian

    2 - Upgrade Card problem

    After trading for 2 Nox troopers, i was able to uprade the card but i cannot add charges to the card I simply get ''Upgrade combine failed''
  3. Dexirian

    Janis Joplin's Reincarnation?

    Holy mother of god this girl is my new favorite singer
  4. NAME:During PvP Loading screen, if a player BSOD's the other players will have to manually kill their client SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Loading screen REPRODUCIBILITY: We tried having 1 player killikng his bfreborn.exe process while the loading screen, and the players loaded in the game fine, and the player was able to reconnect right away. DESCRIPTION: During the loading screen of a 2vs2 match, one player got a BSOD. This effectively hanged the loading process, remaining 3 players had to kill their .exe manually and the player that DC'd had to wait for his session to time out before being able to reconnect to the server.
  5. Dexirian

    Janis Joplin's Reincarnation?

    Her face says it all :
  6. Dexirian

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    Welcome to the dark side
  7. Dexirian

    Games you play while waiting

    Endless Space 2, Battlerite, Warcraft III, Divinity Original Sin 2, some CS:GO
  8. The friend that made my signature sadly isn't in the field anymore and doesn't have time to help me out. I'd like a similar if not identical one but with Skylords instead of BFR. I'll even go as far as doing a small commission for a brand new high quality one, just give me your quote.
  9. Dexirian

    Battleforge and Resolution

    I never tested a dual monitor setup with BattleForge but it's possible that it could work. As soon as we can test it out we'll advise. Personally it'd be awkward with my setup since i have different resolutions and refresh rates all around :/
  10. Dexirian

    Soundtrack of your Life

  11. Dexirian

    Heaven let your light shine down

    @Kiwi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKM0P9gWx7k
  12. Dexirian

    Heaven let your light shine down

    Fixed link, my b
  13. Dexirian

    Majestic Pleasure (Family) Tree

    Can i be the child of Blank and DoT?
  14. Dexirian


    Please note that asking for votes on contests is considered as advertising. Thread has been locked
  15. Dexirian

    English Grammar Test

    How d'you guys get 112....
  16. Dexirian

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Sunderer, which is the first rare card i've ever unpacked. I remember putting it in my then really bad PvP deck and doing great vs people with tutorial decks With insight, it's probably the reason i've played fire T1 for as long as i can remember.
  17. Dexirian

    When is your Birthday?

    If all of our nearly 10 000 members add up you'll have a headache soon enough April
  18. Dexirian

    Official Stream Incoming! (11/02/2017)

    You better be there, cause this is going to be HUGE.
  19. Dexirian

    Donations are back !

    I'd like to dispel the idea that any of us even see a cent of the donations, all the money goes towards server upkeep, which will grow higher as we upgrade our hardware to support more players. And if we ever get too much money it'll goes toward charity. All staff members are working voluntarily for free.
  20. Dexirian


    New game that just came out on steam, like league of legends teamfights non-stop without the boring farming. Similar to smite, if you buy the early access now you get all champs forever, the game will be F2P on release. http://store.steampowered.com/app/504370/ Really enjoying it so far, adrenaline packed non-stop action for PvP fans. Highly skill based, 0 RNG. If you plan on playing HMU
  21. Dexirian

    Opening Tournament

    Update : Eirias will be my 2v2 partner
  22. Dexirian

    Announcement - Stream on 10/09/2016

    I cannot confirm nor deny that i am extremely excited for the upcoming stream. but....
  23. Dexirian

    Introducing Inwutsch, our new developer !

    Welcome aboard!
  24. Dexirian

    Announcement - Stream on 11/06/2016

    They even changed my forum title to reflect the new job

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