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  1. SERVER: Kubik game server NAME: Lore Book error on nature page 26 SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Lore Book REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: I was going on the nature page 26 and it show me an error. Seems to not be able to go more than the second page of the book after this error.
  2. Fauchderial


    Wish granted, you was doing this... the bacon dance because you forgot to take medication ! I wish my wish will be corrupted. (here we go I destroyed the game )
  3. SERVER: Kubik server NAME: Texture aren't properly showed SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge, Deck creation REPRODUCIBILITY: None DESCRIPTION: I was in the forge. I started creating my stonekins deck but when I put my first card the texture become suddently glitchy. SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I don't know where the bug came from but it's not the highest bug to fix. When I left the fullscreen mode it was mostly fixed. The left mouse click make the texture strange again. Restarting the game make the bug disapearing.
  4. Fauchderial

    3 - Game becomes see-through / Can see Desktop

    maybe next time do CTRL + O to take screenshots (Screenshots will appears in your battleforge document folder)
  5. Fauchderial

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I'm not disapointed because when server will be done it won't need to be done again so the work will be completed for that part.
  6. Fauchderial

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

    @ThomasMann what a scam :,(
  7. Fauchderial

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

    * cough cough *
  8. Fauchderial

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I followed this project for a long time now. I don't care the time it will need. I just want to play a day but not with these bugs if it make us crash. love this project and this community and please don't give up like ea fauchie fauch fauch
  9. Fauchderial

    What is marketplace for?

    it's what I said ?
  10. Fauchderial

    What is marketplace for?

    This topic should be on Off-Topic instead because it is in market me ---> wtf ???
  11. Fauchderial

    Connection to EA

    there is patreon if you want to support the project it's the community that will help the server to be not shutting down. https://www.patreon.com/skylordsreborn
  12. Fauchderial

    What will u do if you have to...

    it was too late to go at the washroom but look at that
  13. Fauchderial

    What will u do if you have to...

    So the topic is to complete the top comment with another one with the following condition... What will u do if you have to... Moon: go outside the world and (at this moment you must make the sentence able to be completed by the person below you.) Jorne: Fly away to get (there you repeat the process to always make the person below able to complete the sentence) The first sentence is What will happen when
  14. Fauchderial

    New Element/faction in the game!!!

    A RNG faction

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