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  1. ADS TOPIC When I was talking on discord, noney and me have gotten an idea. Adding ads if donation isn't enough. Where to add ads and do we really need them ??? Suggestion is welcome !
  2. I don't know if it that but ok xD
  3. OK... here we go. I'm a Centrist, but sometime i'm going to the capitalism.... SOMETIMES OK ! ;P Don't think i'm like Donald Trump, i'm not Donald Trump. Anyway, I'm not in fact the person you will force Mexican to pay... I'm generous in some point that I can pay for Mexico to stop Donald J. Trump to harass them with the "Build a wall !".
  4. Always nice to see how much work are put into these presentation.
  5. migrant
  6. Interesting, seem a good option.
  7. Hair.
  8. The game will start with a picture. When I will post it, You must find another picture that have not already been used before. after the second picture you have again to do the same thing. In conclusion, I post a picture, someone post another one similar and the next person will post another picture similar with it and vis versa. Don't forget the forum rules ! Here we go...
  9. Thx to all donator ! Without your help, Skylords Reborn won't exist :).
  10. Nice job @MrXLink !
  11. It not just that song, There is a playlist too.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASj81daun5Q&list=RDQMBUlrxG0Mhyg Enjoy !
  13. #Viridyano ----> nono ;P
  14. It just want to inform who don't know, that will be a stream tomorrow....
  15. @JangoXIII there