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  1. Emote + Link cards

    Hello ---> Emote suggestion 1. Add emote ingame 2. Add link to cards 3 Don't add or troll emote... What is link cards ? First of all it not a new cards but a functionnality. Cards will be linked by this ---> [] example [Windweavers] what it does after ? Once the cards is linked, it will change of color like this [Windweavers] So what does that do for trade ? It allow you to click on the [Windweavers] link and show you the card. *Idea took from warframe.* See you guys next topic fauch fauch.
  2. Open Beta Information

    Never heard of Deban Or Ubntu ? With a GNAUME chel ? deBANme sure
  3. More rPvE difficulties

    with me all will be easier
  4. I feel alone... but well, a watermelon is here for eating !



    First of all, it's my lastest post and activity here plus Discord... (until release)

    I'll left the forum/discord until release for multiple purpose such as argument and other things like that i'm just bored of this.

    I'm sorry to all people that I've hurted and think to change some things and be really serious this time... really, no joke and stop taking all like a troll from what I say. That annoying for me and that doesn't really help the things go better.


    See you guys till January.

    Hope things will go better this wait and be clear (I know i'm not all the times good in english but I do my best.)




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    2. Nephilim


      even though i am an active member i did not see any arguments including you, btw where are you from? France? 

    3. ThomasMann


      Oh shit... People being serious... I can't deal with this. 

    4. BionicReaper


      @ThomasMann u are a :watermelon:, what did u expect? :kappa: 

  6. Happy Birthday @BloodyHell, @Candyman and @Stardragonleon 

    tings go pow pow ! :cookie:

    1. Nephilim


      thanks, i thought you forgot my birthday

    2. Fauchderial


      I just do that randomly... but late happy birthday ^-^

  7. Battleforge and Resolution

    battleforge in 1 pixel is amazing
  8. Its the final Countdown

    81 day
  9. My Bad

    I dunno ;/
  10. My Bad

    Hello there, this topic will be for talking about bad situation. So here we go ! Fauchderial the real one
  11. +rep good Member :)


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    2. llunsyx


      it's even better x)


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    4. ThomasMann


      We getting rep for being an active member? :kappa:

  12. soundtracks for playing

  13. Game money in game The money of the game

    You will have some competitor who will trihard