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  1. For a long time now, I do nothing on the rp. I think to take it back from death. but there is only 1 people on the rp yet ;/ (Mrgenki seem inactive)
  2. Hi kapparinos ! The forge is great to test some cards right ? But there can be another way to have more fun in the forge. Like having some friends in it ! I think it could be great to have friends to test new strategies and don't lose rank on ranked pvp. Yes there is unranked pvp but if you can test on the forge or "on that kind of special forge map" that where suggested on that topic by MephistoRoss (a nice moderator ) A good idea and a more extended kind of forge where friend can join to train with you. (the map is always too small :X... and MephistoRoss said that too ) Just to be sure to not losing a lot of people here, This topic isn't a copy of forge replacement. This topic is there to add "friends forge" (I don't know what name we can give it *huh* ._.) Anyway that topic can be a good idea to play with friends and develop new strategies to test it on pvp after. Hope you guys enjoy and see you next topic !
  3. As I can see, my example seem to confuse some people. All of these kind of "Nerf" are example and aren't really good ;/ ..... I think I will update this topic to create more elaborated Nerf and balance. But only when I will have access and can test those cards. Unfortunately, Nerf cannot be preview without testing and there is my mistake...
  4. Hello sky eater ! Battleforge isn't the only game that need some balance and I think it would be a great idea to improve some death cards and some op cards to improve the experience of new players. We cannot add a lot of cards... Because if dev choose to add new cards, there will be too much cards and unfair combo... it will be very boring if everybody rush on only one faction. In hearthstone for example, Jade is the most powerful class and need nerf >.<..... Or another exemple would be "You have for 1 orb in battleforge a Giant who can just walk on other 1 orb minions..." Or unplayable cards "You have for five orbs a minions more cheaper than other classes" SOLUTIONS ! 1. we can put all minion type (small with small, giant with giant) life and attack to equal. (that not a good one....) 2. change life on high attack (1000 life and 1000 attack --> 1000 / 4 = 250 life point) 2.02 same as 2 but with attack on high life 3. the speed of enemy on high attack must be decreased. 3.02 On high life, speed will be increased. 4. Promo cards have a small amount of life and attack in additions so promo won't be affected by speed. 4.02 Promo looks great, but aren't very strong except some rare cards like Promo Harvester some change can be appreciated for these exceptions... 5. I have no more idea yet because I cannot test cards x,D.... so I can't really confirm which cards need Nerf... rip Hope guys you have more suggestions ! (I know there is some topic where people talk about balance and Nerf, but I want to create a more complete topic to Highlight some point...) See you guys in the forge soon, keep the smile and the !
  5. Because of the double post I will post another suggestions ! The addition of a Jukebox ingame where you can listen some battleforge music you want !
  6. I will update the topic thx Eddio
  7. Hi there ! It was a long time since I posted on the forum right ? So today, I'm gonna talk about Skylords Reborn Battleforge is a nice and amazing game Owned from EA for sure but there is someone who had the idea to take the game back. I never expected this can happen... For a lot of years now battleforge became Skylords Reborn and the game continue to give and hope to everyone. The project is a lot of works, so there is a lot of time remaining (I guess). Suggestions are the most important thing to give idea for future purpose and functionalities. The only thing that can stop us is time, so be patient and keep the hype up ! Update on the dev platform keep us informed on what important or major decisions have been taken or what happened during these weeks. Forums is there to inform us in generality. I invite people joining discord to be more informed and chit chat and finally for giveaway if you don't care about "chit chat". Giveaway is not every day, it totally random and everybody have the same chance to win. But sometimes active member can be favored. On discord you can ask some questions in #ask_skylords and there is always someone to answer your question :). Stream is another way to inform us, but it rare to see Streaming and it shocking for some people who want to see streaming. But you can check some replay if you are interested. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZLtgBj59SBfIZzcYWbxJVg What do you think about all of this ? It is clear or confusing ?
  8. there is no picture...
  9. Wow, I want to hear that :D.
  10. ADS TOPIC When I was talking on discord, noney and me have gotten an idea. Adding ads if donation isn't enough. Where to add ads and do we really need them ??? Suggestion is welcome !
  11. I don't know if it that but ok xD
  12. OK... here we go. I'm a Centrist, but sometime i'm going to the capitalism.... SOMETIMES OK ! ;P Don't think i'm like Donald Trump, i'm not Donald Trump. Anyway, I'm not in fact the person you will force Mexican to pay... I'm generous in some point that I can pay for Mexico to stop Donald J. Trump to harass them with the "Build a wall !".
  13. Always nice to see how much work are put into these presentation.
  14. migrant
  15. Interesting, seem a good option.