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  1. I think it's time for more new cards 👀 Just forgot to add summon Unhappy Cat when Majesty Mouse dies
  2. hey ! It's been a long time (August 3, 2018).

  3. hello :D

    1. Deadman


      No flirting please 

    2. BurningWorld


      @Fauchderial To quote ThomasFrau II, the great leader of the ottomelons, "Bye"

  4. hi :troll:

    1. Deadman
    2. BurningWorld


      @Fauchderial I thought you stopped taking Skylords..? 
      well I thought I did aswell, so nevermind... :D 


  5. would like to understand german that's unfortunate
  6. :ladadoos::kappaross: hello there

    1. BurningWorld


      General Kirogi

      *insert batorfly here*

  7. ! IMPORTANT !

    Hello amazing skylords community !

    I have to announce I'll not be able to do testing purpose anymore, because I'll be super busy.

    I'll maybe be back here in rare situation (I dunno how things are going to be)

    because of that, u can if u want kick me out of the closed beta to give my access to someone else "more active". It's sad, I loved to help this project to be less glitchy, but my situation in the incoming days won't allow me to test for an indefinite time.


    Love u guys, see ya next time I'll come here <3.

    Hope to have much more time to check back what happened with this community and see the progress ;) . (it will be a pleasure to say hello sometimes :D.)


    Fauchies, your lord senior of meme salt.

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    2. Equinox98x
    3. BurningWorld


      My Fauch is over the ocean my Fauch lies over the sea, oh bring back bring back my Fauchie to me ;( 

  8. _launcher.log After multiple attempt to join burning I tryied to create a lobby and it make me crash....
  9. SERVER: Kubik Server NAME: Some players aren't able to join the match (stuck in loading screen). SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Loading screen REPRODUCIBILITY: Random (I would say 9/10) DESCRIPTION: It seems to be random, but I can join matches alone when others are stuck in the loading screen. (Sometimes I'm stuck too) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As u can see, other players have orbs and wells.
  10. wow, I've not been here for a while o_o....




    (ps: my new discord name is Connor Fisher)


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    2. BurningWorld


      Thanks for ze correctioning!

    3. batorfly


      :kappa: Grammar Nazi :kappaross:

    4. BurningWorld


      Lol at least you're not a real nazi like me :thinking: 
      (said the leftist dude) :D 

  11. wow dude, 100 rep congratz !


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    2. BurningWorld


      I don't think it's 40 :O 

    3. batorfly


      Nononono, the one person who upvoted Nico over 9000 times is me.

    4. BurningWorld


      This is more accurate than what steezleron said :P 

  12. SERVER: Kubik game server NAME: Lore Book error on nature page 26 SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Lore Book REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: I was going on the nature page 26 and it show me an error. Seems to not be able to go more than the second page of the book after this error.
  13. SERVER: Kubik game server NAME: Leave on the map crash the client SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Lobby created + Map REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: You first create a lobby for exemple in pvp or any other map and going to the map to select another game, you right click on your profile to disband the group and that make you crash. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO:
  14. Happy birthday @Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @Azta


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    2. Fauchderial


      yeah, a little bit busy these day :/.

    3. Azta



    4. BurningWorld


      Ah okay but glad you're at least healthy and alive hehe :P 

  15. am I the only one ? I got problem with discord...


    1. Ultrakool


      nope ^^ discord has been going crazy

    2. BurningWorld


      That happened because you played too much Dead By Daylight with me .. I'm sure about that! :P 

  16. I have a laptop Processor: AMD Quad-Core A10-5750M (Accelerated Processor) Memory: 12GB DDR3 SDRAM Graphic Card: AMD Radeon HD 8650G + HD 8600M Dual Graphics Hard Drive: 1TB Hard Drive OS: Windows 8.1 DESCENDANT 6.17Mbps ASCENDANT 0.63Mbps
  17. Wish granted, you was doing this... the bacon dance because you forgot to take medication ! I wish my wish will be corrupted. (here we go I destroyed the game )
  18. SERVER: Kubik Server NAME: Legend book bring the game to disconnect from server SEVERITY: 1 (or 2) LOCATION: Lore book, Legends Section REPRODUCIBILITY: Always SCREENSHOT:
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