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  1. Virus

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    + best card in game!
  2. Virus

    Closed Beta Applications

    Greetings my name is Marcel im 20 Years old im really happy to see that the staff change the problem with the Inactiv Beta Testers and i want to be part of the New CBT Squad to help the Project to get More Bug Reports test Some new Staff I want to help the Team to Find new bugs to Fix Them and make to Project an Big Success I Support The Project Already Via Patreon and im Activ Since march 2016 im not that Activ on the Forum but on Discord normaly u just make an @Yarewyr and i answere AsAp i can Play in the Week From 17:00 - 23:00 on the Weekend i can play a much Longer When my Girlfriend isnt Here i can play from 9 to Open End no problem when she is here at my Home i cant come online but of course i would say that before i got a Bunch of Experienc in Battleforge im an Only PvE player and at the end of Battleforge i started with PvP but im not really good at it but i would Test it Anyways to Find Bugs and Help The Staff when im activ on Discord and see Some Ppl got some Issues i try to Help or Answere their Questions im a little Funny Guy and Really Activ and i wont stop to Support this Project or some Streamers With Sub´s or something else because i think this Project can get Really Big and an huge Success for any Questions just ask me directly Discord: Yarewyr#9702 Steam Yarewyr Skype: gamer.marcel Twitter : Minehuge Twitch : Yarewyr See ya All in the Forge
  3. Virus

    Open Beta Delay Points of View Megathread

    anyways its sad that such an thing happend
  4. Virus

    Open Beta Delay Points of View Megathread

    but its a hole bunch its not just 1 or 2 ppl its nearly 40% i would say
  5. Virus

    Open Beta Delay Points of View Megathread

    Greetings i was hyped as much as u all but! i can really understand the situation and the Staff team but i cant understand why the past few days there was so often such an bunch of shit storm against them they do their best to bring the game back to us und all what some ppl doing is to blame them for not being fast enough im not an dev but one of my Fam is one and i know what they are doing is hard i tried to learn some parts of developing but cant it was to hard for me so i look up to every one who can this and Fiki is an real good one! i really want to play this game as much as u all but if this game need its time we all should give it and stop blame the staff team they all do their best job im sad too that it was delayd and that i didnt get an Closed Beta Access i really wanted one but i didnt had luck but im still in an good mood because i can Talk to the dev team and ask them something this staff team is one of the best i every meet u can Directly ask them a few things and u get an answere not like EA u need to write an support ticket and maybe u get an answere so pleas The whole Community should stop this Shit storm and stop blame the staff team for anything they do it for free! and give u the game Total For Free! so when they need 10years of dev then it is so and there are always come some problems that no one was aware off sry for my gramma my Englisch is not the best ^^" Greetings Virus °L°
  6. Virus

    Can we get a Discord Emote for #fikinews?

    or #Fikiisawsome and #FikiTheDemiGod
  7. Virus

    Open Stress Test Information

    Oh boiii gonna get rekt ma live when OB starts
  8. Virus

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Good Luck to Every one Hope to get one This time want to play With an Friend Battleforge was an game in my Child hood
  9. Virus

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    May the Luck be with me i wanna play with an friend im so Hyped
  10. Virus

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    i spent almost 500€ but the games was so Awesome would do that again if i could
  11. Virus

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2237 i want more luck

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