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  1. HeroPat

    PvP Started Game - instand win

    Hey, just a little Bug: Played Sparring PvP with my friend Ultrakool to rip his ass, I Started the Game but he was still in the forge So I got instand win what means I ripped his ass Doesn't really matter to fix it cuz its Just sparring..there are more often little bugs that the Game Crashes but its ok Cya Pat 😏@Ultrakool
  2. HeroPat


    We can also try to contact some Instagram gaming sites and make them post some screenshots/Infos about this project. Battleforge in times of YouTube/twitch and social media will be so great. In 2009 they had not the opportunities like we have now. Make battleforge great again!
  3. HeroPat


    Instagram account sounds good. If you want to make screenshots you can use snipping tool. And ingame pictures can be made by hotkeys. What if ppl send you pictures they have/make which you can take on the account? So you aren't alone with the insta site. Good Idea
  4. HeroPat

    Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    Is it possible to rename cards?:o I mean it sounds not that hard to do but I have no knowledge in these programmer things
  5. HeroPat

    Who is around my age or older?

    Couldn't we make a survey about it? I want to see the average and I think no-one will read the age of every person Would be cool if it's possible somehow✌
  6. HeroPat

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    But it should be playable and we don't need server crashes every day so..let them take as much time as they need
  7. HeroPat

    Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    Maybe they called it thunderwagon because if you play the card, it comes from sky down to the ground.. like a thunder ?
  8. HeroPat

    PVE Decks

    I would not plan decks with ultra rare cards.. especially if they aren't really necessary (grim bahir), 10 rare cards.. well it's possible but it will take some time imo If you want to play T2 with just shadow phoenix I would use embalmers shrine as well
  9. HeroPat

    Battleforge PvP deck overview - by Hirooo & RadicalX 

    I would change some cards in the stonekin Decks/Nature Deck and Lost Souls. I would miss cards Like spikeroot/brutus Well played Crystal fiend are very strong and stone tempest is better than aggressor imo Why is there no lost reaver in the Shadow/Frost Deck..?? And in the frost fire Deck i wouldn't take gladiatrix and storm Singer. Better Take gladi and gravity surge
  10. HeroPat

    Favorite Anime!

    1. Sword Art online 2. Fairy Tail 3. Death Note

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