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  1. Palmolive

    NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!

    looks dope i like ocean maps
  2. Palmolive

    Bandits were underpowered.

    it has only one really useful T4 unit, I just can#t deal with Tortugun ..
  3. Palmolive

    Favorite PVE 4 orb card

    Overlord, Primeval Watcher, Forest Elder, Ironclad, Thunderwagon, Bloodhorn
  4. Palmolive

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Does the booster simulator still has the same probabilities of getting a card, like the boosters ingame? 'cause I'm getting loads of promos..
  5. Palmolive

    The story behind your nick.

    my soap
  6. Palmolive

    Faction symbols

    Fire could be a sun, kinda
  7. Palmolive

    New Element/faction in the game!!!

    I mean Shadow/Nature
  8. Palmolive


    Let's just chill and bring in more Amii and Nature/Shadow Cards, when the game works well ..
  9. Palmolive

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

    Overlord, Primeval Watcher, Lost Horror, all the worms, Grim Bahir, Ironclad, Mana Wing, Avatar of Frost, Forest Elder & Thunderwagon
  10. Palmolive

    rPVE frost deck help needed

    looks solid, thanks
  11. Palmolive

    quality Removing unoriginal Expansions form the game

    I can‘t imagine playing without Grinders or Bloodhorn..
  12. Palmolive

    rPVE frost deck help needed

    hmm I hate fire only thunderwagon is a nice card
  13. Palmolive

    rPVE frost deck help needed

    yea i know, and i hate slow units XD i maybe add an avator of frost
  14. Palmolive

    rPVE frost deck help needed

    nice, looks good
  15. Palmolive

    rPVE frost deck help needed

    its not loading :/

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