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  1. Hi 🙂 I've already sent my take to Kapo on Discord but after people started sharing their ideas on here, I could'nt resist the urgue to post mine too! I honestly have no idea on how to balance a card, I just think the idea of this unit would be badass. It's kinda special from the looks, kinda like Bloodhorn, with nothing similar looking as a T4 unit to it (excapt Swiftclaws and the other medium Dinosaur units haha). Name: Amii Revenger Ingame model based on a resized Swiftclaw Tier & Orbs: T4, Nature Nature Shadow Shadow Type: Unit Power: 260 Hit poin
  2. I can't play at all but that doesn't matter to me, because I got one of my favourite cards (Thunderwagon) in one of the 2 Boosters you get & it is still a stress stest. I can see that the servers improve I'm incredibly happy. Buuuuuuuuuut I have one question: Will the resets of ingame accounts still happen in the future?
  3. so well I'm logging in at 3 o'clock in the morning (german time) and I still disconnect upon entering the forge .. kinda sad. anyway I'm glad u guys are bringing back the game and I can't wait until everything is finished. :)
  4. looks dope i like ocean maps
  5. Does the booster simulator still has the same probabilities of getting a card, like the boosters ingame? 'cause I'm getting loads of promos..
  6. Fire could be a sun, kinda
  7. lol? what is this for? thats new huh
  8. Idk if anyone already asked, but why can't I safe my deck as an image? (It worked now, great job dude!)
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