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    If you want to win, don't lose:P

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  1. I agree with you guys. There are a couple of good cards to add here, this was quickly done. I'm collecting BF and making a super deck so I'm sending you a deck to evaluate again.:D
  2. Hello guys old player are back, this is my deck right know for Pve: This will be the perfection: Any Suggestions???
  3. GrubaSrb

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    If we wait all this years, we can wait litlle bit more. Guys give them support, they are doing everything they can!!!!
  4. GrubaSrb

    Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    Can't wait for the stream..
  5. GrubaSrb

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I just know when it leaves the alpha, I will play all day. The awards will come themselves...:D

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