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  1. Grifenix

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    Happeh birthday!
  2. Grifenix

    Favourite BF Card?

    Mine's the good ol' Cultists, ^^
  3. Grifenix

    How about a weekly quest :)

    The idea reminds me of questing used in Hearthstone/Heroes of the Storm. Where you receive a new quest everyday that gives you gold/whatever. And you can only hold up to 3 different quests. So if you miss a day you can still do the quest the next day. Their quests are usually something along the lines of "play X character 3 times", or "win 3 games", or "play X class 2 times", and stuff! Although those quests are kinda boring, so it'd be nice to have interesting ones that encourage people to play the game different from how they might normally (but not in such a way where it'd encourage people to troll, lol). And of course the quests should be doable by basically everyone. Maybe an example might be having to do a solo map with no tier 4 units, or to play 3 pvp matches, or beat a map within a certain time. Or troll quests like having to build 20 easter eggs in one game, I like the idea of the reward scaling upward, though!
  4. Grifenix

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    I played A LOT of Raven's End, so it's probably my favourite! Although I think my second favourite would be King of the Giants, I think. At least I think that's the one with all 4 characters in different corners. And everyone meets in the middle to go fight the boss in the top center! Also spent a lot of time playing it.
  5. Grifenix

    Where are you from?

    Reporting in from Canadia! Hello to all of the people!

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