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  1. Scourge

    Same pc for 2 Accs?

    Yes that's completely fine if you are not breaking the Multi-Account rule then it will be obvious to the Game Moderators, obviously though mistakes can happen and if you are punished unjustly then you can always go to the Game Community Leader about it.
  2. Scourge

    Problem with launcher(0xc0000007b)

    Glad to hear it's been sorted out. Thread moved.
  3. Scourge

    Battleforge has stopped working

    How many times have you tried to connect to the game out of curiosity?
  4. Scourge

    I cant Recovery Account

    Thread Moved.
  5. Scourge

    Lost connection

    Alot of updates are happening, devs are hard at work and remember we are in a stress test. Thread moved.
  6. Scourge

    4 man map problem

    This. Thread moved.
  7. Scourge

    Client keeps disconnecting from server

    This is currently a known issue as we are in the stress test. Thread moved.
  8. Scourge

    Mission 2 and daily quest problem

    Thread moved.
  9. Scourge

    Mediafire link for updater

  10. Scourge

    Players unable to ready together

    This is currently a known issue and it is being worked on. Thread moved.
  11. Scourge

    Archivements broken?

    This. Moved.
  12. Scourge

    Lag, high MS and disconnecting, fix this, please

    At the end of the day the people who are working hard to make the game playable for people like you do not need these passive aggressive threads towards them as it's incredibly disheartening. The server is in the stress test phase so problems like this are expected as there is alot of work that has to be done. Moved.
  13. Scourge

    Launcher System Error

  14. Scourge

    When I click start nothing happens

    Glad to hear it. Moved to Resolved.

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