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  1. Tam Hawkins

    Look what I found #GoodOl'Times

    @Ultracool kind of: @Ultrakool
  2. Tam Hawkins

    Giving up in PvP and doing it wrong.

    Ok I looked up my score again and the lose is counted now. So it robably just needed some time to update. That is good to know^^, I will avoid that mistake in the future. Thanks everyone. Tam
  3. Tam Hawkins

    Giving up in PvP and doing it wrong.

    Hey guys, I have recently started doing PvP and I thing I already behaved rather rudely. I have seen on quit a few youtube videos that when a battle is lost but a few structures remain it is seen as good maners to give up (only if there is no chance left of course). Now during my second Match I made some rather big mistakes and was running behind my enemy the entire match (wellwise). After he managed to destroy two of my wells and a monument I believed it was time to give up. So I pressed esc and left the match. I was then shown the normal losing screen. The problem is that in my stats I have now one win (first match) and zero loses (second match should make it one lose). Did I deny my opponent his win? Will my stats stay like that or do they just need time to update? If what I have done was wrong, is there another way to give up that avoids having my opponent running all over the map to destroy my last building/unit? Another question in regards to my match but not in regards of giving up. One of the problems I had during the match was that the unit I spawned in the beginning was swapped by my opponents Night guard, I managed to escape and retake my Unit and even kill his nightguard. The problem was that when wanting to take over a well right after my unit had no ground presents. That lead to me falling behind in wells and was probably the biggest mistake and the one that lead to most other mistakes. My Question: Is it normal that units that got swapped have no ground presents? Thanks for your Anwers and to my opponent a hefty apology for messig up the end of the match, Tam
  4. Tam Hawkins

    "Noob" Question

    FaRocks youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FarRockBF I don't remember the exact termit hill video but i think it was one of his pvp replays. He also has a tutorial videolist which i recommend.
  5. Tam Hawkins

    Seasons/Stat Changes

    No, no, and no. Seriously the way they balance the game is the worst part about overwatch i do not want this flavour of the month rotation in any game I'm playing.
  6. Tam Hawkins

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    I think I had something with an 8 so probably either 8 or 18 not sure anymore.
  7. Tam Hawkins

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    I would like to enter, thank you^^
  8. Tam Hawkins

    Which double color type cards you liked the most?

    You didn't, I was annoyed with writting just that much but that was only me it had nothing to do with you or anyone else. Also your reply with quoting all the anwers did not come over as bad in any way, sorry if my answer made it seem that way I simply quoted it because you answered to my first post. Same for me, time to check the alarms and then hope for at least a few hours of sleep^^
  9. Tam Hawkins

    Which double color type cards you liked the most?

    I now what, I don't like that my post is just a one liner so I will explicate a bit on my former post(it was late last time I posted and I wanted to go to bed^^). (Important part her: i never played the game so all my information comes from watching youtube) 1. Stonekin: I like the combination of Dmg reduction and healing as these two go really well with each other (but can easily go out of controlle if not well balanced), I also like to have such a wide array of CCs and unit abilites that seems to work really well in most situations. The only downside seems to be the lower dmg output... but would be weird to have everything wouldn't it?^^. I also like the looks of most units. 2.Lost Souls, again very nice looking units and the ability to ressurect even though it is just a husk of its former self is pretty nice 3. Bandits, kinda not sure about them. In theory I like many of their cards but quit often players use pure shadow and pure fire (well shadow/fire orbs + some empty orbs) insted of actuall bandits cards. The ones I actually see quit often is the windhunter, there are cards I have seen exactly once like Sandstorm and Warriors death (<--pretty cool that one). But just from looking at them at the cardbase they seem to be rather interesting especially the lifesteal. 4. Twillight are my least favourite as they do not exactly look good for me, theyr theme ability transformation seems to be a really disapointing gimmick and I see them quit often as fire/nature happens to be played more than most other colours. Little adition for the combies that are somewhat neglected: - Shadow/Nature(Amii): Sadly as said before we only have one Amii card. But look at it, either a ranged unit that slows enemies down and poisons them or a swift unit with slam. Of course Mauler has better statts when it comes soley to close comabt and slam itself but with lower cost and added flexibility i think the Phantom can definitly hold her own. I would like to see more Cards like this (overall weaker stats but extrem high flexibility) introduced for Amii, but admitedly I do not know Lorewise how they are supposed to be. would probably between 1 and 2 -Fire/Ice: have no overlaping cards as far as I know but the aggresivness of fire combined with defensive frost is rather nice to watch. On the other hand ice barrier and homesoil makes the gressive fire even more of a threadth (what luck they can't have jugernaut with iceshield and homesoil on it...^^). Not sure were to place this, maybe either above or below Bandits. Now of course my Opinion is a bit biased because of all the replays I have seen. Most often players start with Fire or Shadow and then go either Pure fire, pure shadow, Thwiligth, Bandits or Lost Souls, . Pure Nature, pure Frost, Stonekin, Fire/frost and Shadow Nature on the other hand seem to be rare and so I'm always happy when I see someone starts with Nature or Frost. Personally I will probably play pure Nature, Stonekin or Shadow/Nature when the game comes back again (Shadow nature because there was one replay in which someone used shadow insects and I found it really nice). Thats it for my opinion for now, Tam
  10. Tam Hawkins

    Which double color type cards you liked the most?

    Probably stonekin for me but Amii also looks interesting sadly there is only one card for that so I can't really say ow I would have liked them.
  11. Tam Hawkins

    Hardreset after Beta

    They said they migth not need a reset between openBeta phase 1 and open Beta phase 2, they never said that the reset between open beta and release was optional.
  12. Tam Hawkins

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    I would like to join this dice roll^^
  13. Tam Hawkins

    Are they going to have merch or smthing?

    I can already see the Kiwi, Fiki and InsanHawk t-shirts and figures^^
  14. Tam Hawkins

    Keep the card in the beginning

    I don't think you misunderstood that part wrong. That is exactly how I remember it too. First reset (not 100% certain): between beta phase 1 and beta phase 2, might be skipped because of the delay Second reset (100% certain): between open beta end and release of the game The reason I quoted you two posts above is simple because BionicReaper, You and I are saying more or less the same thing.
  15. Tam Hawkins

    Keep the card in the beginning

    You say "this is not true" and then just repeat everything you just denied to be true. MMaybe you should read what you quoted one more time.

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