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  1. Can we have it back?

    Like this: bafocards ? or do you mean something else?
  2. Its the final Countdown

    No, he is sliding from now on^^
  3. Distribution of Game Data

    oh that's what you mean. As far as I know EA greenlighted the project under the premisse that the EA logo would not appear and the name Battleforge would be cut out of the homepage (that is why the project is now called skylords instead of BattleforgeReborn).
  4. Distribution of Game Data

    From the FAQ: Can I use the old BattleForge client? No. A new client will be available once we reach a stage where we will be able to accept players into the servers. So they made a new client, if that is for the reason you fear of or something entirely else is something I don't know.
  5. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    Currently we don't have any fixed features. We just talked about it and wanted user feedback. To give you a small outline what were thinking about: social features, shop, auction house, pre game organization (like making a deck in Battle Forge to give this thread some Skyloards Reborn flavor), some mini games for daily rewards, etc. When I was playing an MMORPG (FFXIV) they announced an app for the game somewhere close after release. My guilde and I were talking about this quit a bit and the thinks we hoped to be in the app were the following: -Messages: in game you could send messages to people on your friendlist and we thought it would be cool if we could look at them via app (messages could have items attached) -friendlist, whisper : to be able to look into our friendlist, send whispers to friend (different from messages as they only get it when they are online or via app and no items). -Linkshells: these were like chatrooms, people could make one for whatever purpose and invite a finite number of peoplle -Guildthinks: similiar functions to friendlist, whisper and linkshell but additionally with the entire guildstuff. For example the ingame message for everyone in the guild, seeing whose online and their rank, looking into the guild storage,.... -Item/quest/... catalouge: that is what the app actually ended up to be. We could look up different items and their stats, even npcs and quest information were includet. -Checking Items: We had different Item storages, checking them out via app and maybe even sorting them and moving thinks from one storage to another (maybe not from storage to actuall bag during a raid or so^^) -Auctionhoiuse: maybe checking auctions, selling and buying things out and into your storage would be nice -Retainers: Storage came in the form of NPCs, so called retainers. These retainers could be trained in Figthting and gathering duing task needing either 30min or 18h per task, managing these via app would also be cool -Crafting: this one is a little bit questionable as we go into one part of the core gameplay here. But beeing able to craft via the app would be pretty nice sometimes. For Battleforge: -Chatting -Auction houses -Looking at your Cards -macking decks I think these are somewhat interesting Ideas and just some of them (not necessarily all) would make the app interesting for me. Just keep in mind that, especially if you make an online game, the more task you can accomplish via app, so to say without frequenting the game, the less likely the players will go into the game just to for example check their storages. SO if you make an MMORPG or something else that makes it important for other players to so people log in, then it might be good to carefully balance how much you put onto the app. (<-allthough if we go back to the ffxiv example then they could also just make the crafting char appear in a hub zone to make him visible for others while crafting, might still work out like that)
  6. Blue pill? Red pill?

    sry guys, I love my family^^
  7. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    I filled it. To elaborate on two points: 1. Graphics: For me they are most important during the first few seconds when forming the first impression but even then they just underline the shown gameplay. If the Gameplay looks good/interesting/fun/... and then good graphics improve on a good opinion, if the gameplay looks clunky/boring/otherwise bad then good grafics will not change the bad impression. Additionally the longer I play a game the less do graphics matter(not saying that they do not matter at all, but of all points they are one of the least important for me). 2.Pre-purchase: I only do this under one of two conditions. 2.1. I know and trust the developer (and possible publisher), right now I only do that for Nintendo and Cd project red. 2.2. The prepurchase comes with specific conditions that make it less of a blind deal. Example for this would be Warhammer 40k Battlefleet Gothik, when pre-purchased one could play the beta from the time of the purchase until release (and of course after release you could play the game), but until release you could always give the game back and get your money back from them, which made this a rather good deal.
  8. When I use Tier:[One orb] and Color:[fire] filters I get Girl Power which is a one fire and one neutral orb card.
  9. Help me building a Deck

    Hey everyone, thanks for the fast answers^^ I wanted to either: Stonekin: nature, frost, frost Nature: Nature, Nature, Shadow ... To be honest the main reason I put that one shadow orb in there is Sahdow insect. I saw that unit on youtube once and I really wanted to play with it^^. Additional Cards for T2 are not really sure yet (I have never played before, only watched others play), but I wanted: Stonekin: T2: Crystal fiend, stone Tempest, Razorshard Nature: Curse of Oink, Burrower and maybe Spirit Hunters Frost: Coldsnap, Lyrish knight(maybe) and maybe(big maybe) Northstar and Stormsinger T3: Stone Warrior and Rageflame Nature: not sure yet to be honest Frost: Silverwind Lancer and probably Tremor Nature T2: Burrower, Energy Parasite, Curse of Oink, Ghost Spear(maybe), Ray of Light (depending on Surge of Light) , Deep One, Shrine of Memory, Spirit Hunters and maybe parasite swarm T3: Fathom Lord,.. Shadow: Shadow Insect, from T2 maybe aura of corruption T2 and T3 are not really thought out that far, for the sole reason that I never played before so it is kinda hard for me to decide what is really good and what is bad, i just take the information I get from Youtube replays and then try to mix the necessary with the fun^^. 1. I thougth it was (I really would like all three spells) but I wasn't sure how imprtant it was when having druids and the driads, I was also thinking about taking Ray of ligth, but I'm not sure how good it works. 2. same as one (besides the ray of light thing) 3. yeah I'm a total sucker for dmg reduction and healing combos (that is when dmg reduction starts to shine) 4. Thanks, I will take a look and yeah I see swift claw all the time when nature starts^^ 5.I thought the low life would be a problem... though I hoped the flying would help countering it, but I did not think about spells here. 6. Yeah I see them in almost every natur t1 game and with manawing out of the window I will go for them. 7. I somehow feel a bit weird about taking a root unit without having a root deck, but who knows maybe that thought changes the moment I get to play them. What you said about how many cards are used in t1, t2 and t3 seems to fit with my knowledge. I assume I will only truly know how many I need when I really start playing^^ I will check the guides. Thank you. Yeah I thougth that these would be very important, I just was not 100% sure^^. I heard that green Driad was not liked by many but the few youtube videos I have seen her she was really usefull (thought I cannot say for sure what cc's she denies, besides taunt). I was not aware that werebeast had poor stats? They have a bit less life but isn't that somewhat countered by their self heal? I see, I will have to think more about which swift unit I will choose then. I was watching some of MaranV games (narated by you and mostly Yabroo), but I cannot reme,ber Aragon from anywhere, so I will look into him. Thank you^^ I wanted to keep the Treespirit and Amazon combo for my root deck (just to make sure my nature games feel different^^). With classic do you mean this one: Is Mauler good? I looked at the Card but it does not really seem all that impressive. Thank you all for answering my questions. Tam
  10. Help me building a Deck

    Hey Guys, When BF launches I would like to start in pvp with Stonekin or Nature (2 Nature and 1 Shadow Orb), but I'm Struggling a bit with my T1: Spells: 1: Ensnaring Roots (definitly) 2: Surge of Ligth (depending on how much extra healing I need and if I want to have a t2 healing spell or not) 3: Hurricane (not definitly but has high priority) Buildings: none Units: For Healing and Support: 1 Driad, both affinities (definitly) 2. Druid (definitly) Swift Units:(one or two of them) 1. Werebeast: I like the regeneration and that it is S/S 2. Swiftclaw: follows closely behind Werebeast 3. Amazon: somewhat left behind, I like that card but if i take that one I will probably have no other Beasts in my t1 Depending on how much slots I'll have left I might take two instead of just one. Others: 1. Spearman (pretty sure): I think they are a solid choice because of weapon switch, I'll also need some more close combat figthers incase I'll only take one swift unit 2.Manawing(absolutely unsure): I do not reaaly know what to think of this card, it has low health but the flying migth be a rather big advantage in t1, I have never seen it in any replay so I have some trouble evaluating this card 3.Windweavers (low priority): They seem quit good and I like the Multishot ability, but I think I have enough ranged units for now, especially if I take Manawing 4. Treespirit (very unlikely): definitly not a root deck so for now that one is not really consideret. I would personaly like to have all 3 spells, the 3 supports, Werebeast and/or Swiftclaw, if only one of the swift ones then additionaly Spearmen and then Manawing or Windweavers. That would set me at 9 card slots for tier 1 and would leave 11 Slots for Tier2/3. What do you guys think? I'm of course aware that i will not have access to all of these in the beginning and that I will have to slowly work towards these. I'm especially interested in your opinion about manawing and how much slot syou normaly use for t1. Thanks for reading, Tam
  11. Windows 10 yes. My computer should update automatically but i will check it out. For Java and Browser Updates yes they should be the newest.
  12. A small warning.

    Grownups? Yes probably. But there are also Children playing that game and most children do not think that anyone wnats to harm or trick them (from my experience at least).
  13. Also possible, my network is a bit special (student home, 400 poeple on one conection, via wlan send to a central student home and then via lan send to the university and from there we enter the internet) that is needlesly overcomplicated. So maybe it is at fault for this. Just never thought it would. *Edit: ok, it is probably something on my pc. I tried oppening the site from my laptop (via Wlan from my pc) and the site works perfect on firefox. So definitly a problem with my PC itself.
  14. I looked if my firefox has the actuall java script update, but it turns out i have the 64bit version of firefox and they do not allow java script anymore.... (at least that is what java says). So the side not working is probably firefoxs fault. I also tried to use chrome now and it has similiar problems like edge had, no info text pobs up and the language button does not work. *Edit: I just installed the 32 bit version of firefox which says it supports java, updated java and started the site. Same problem so that wasn't it.
  15. Hey ICE, I discovered your side during work and was really happy with it (seriously great work), but now that I'm home it does not seem to work anymore. I tried it out on firefox and microsoft edge. On firefox it loads really slow no scroll bars appear and nothing reacts, so i can not make it only show ultra rare or nature cards, when hovering over a card no info appears and they cannot be put into the deck, the buttons on top also do not work. On edge the side also loads really slow (even slower), but the buttons do work (besides language buttons) and the only other problem seems to be no info text while hovering over the cards. I tried disabeling adblock and checked if firefox is up to date (it is), is there anything extra that side needs?(some kind of plugin?) But either way thanks for the side and if you still need someone to translate into german then I could do it (though i never played the game so i might not know the official translation for some BF terms. for example swift could be translated into either "schnell", "flink", "geschickt",... I would either use "schnell" or "flink" for it but maybe the official was one of the other dozen translations)