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  1. sorry wrong word. What i mean is sometimes abilities get slightly changed effects depending on the color added to the ability (red/fire/infused, blue/frost/blessed, purple/shadow/tainted, green/nature/gifted) and seeing the colour can help with making a fast decision on which card to take. I do not know the exact effect of course^^, but it can give me a rouge idea. for example: diamond mostly seems to be for passives square with arrow into it seems to be for activated abilities lightning seems to be ranged attack rotation arrows seem to be a switch in the modus the unit operates in a straigth arrow from top left to bottom right seems to be a buff (normally targeted for other units) this does not seem 100% coherrent and as I said I never played before, but that is what I could make out by studying the cardbase.
  2. For 4. I'm 100% unsure about that, it was simply my first thought when looking at it tha tit seems strange. The big rarity marker in the middle feels out of place for me the way it is placed right now. (Maybe elevating it a bit would help? Again not sure just the first thougth that comes to mind) For 5. seems i missunderstood what you wanted. I thought you wanted to erase the abilitie sign AND name. As it is just the sign but letting the name stay it is much less of a no go for me, BUT sometimes these signs are usefull. For example when an abilitie is infused. *Edit: Almost forgot. I actually do look at the signs from time to time and they do help, BUT (and that is a big BUT) I never played before so it is absolutely possible that i will not care about them ingame.
  3. it seems they will give is a way to sign up for it and whenever space is avaiable players will be randomly choosen and get access
  4. As far as I can see you changed: 1. The Orb layout 2. The borders 3. Removed the "Numbers"+"Type" Info 4.Rearanged the botttom line for DMg, Health and rarity 5. Not changged yet, but you either want to remove or change the ability display Number 1: Not sure, it does not take away or give information so it is entirely a taste think, while it does look more intense then the old display I personally prefer simple displays so I'm more in favor of the older one. I would assume that veteranes of the old game also tend more to the older design. 2. The borders. They look very good, especially with the changed orb sign. 3. Removing additional information is an absolute no go in my eyes. 4.not necessarily bad, but not very intuitive either, it makes it seem as if the life of the card associates to the rarity of the card not the hearth behind it. 5. same as 3, if you just want to remove it then that would not be a good think, but more information depending on how you do it can be very welcome.
  5. Internetspeed should be good enough I think. It is normaly around 1mb and above (highest "normal" is 3mb), it fluctuates a lot thought because i share my conection with 400 other people (students dorm) and depending on how many are online it can get pretty low. Other things like youtube are working fine thought. I will try the client oyu advised.
  6. Maybe I really misunderstood this. But I thought the part where people were picked at random and then got the possibility to play was the giveaways they made?
  7. But you did and MRXLInk did as well, in this thread:
  8. Yes I know, but the Devs and Mods called it open Beta, that is why i put it in "".
  9. that was during the current "open Beta" As far as I understand it the next phase is indeed open to every one.
  10. I would love to watch your streams. Sadly I have some troubles with twitch (basically everytime i get either black screen or total lag fest). Well either way it seems we can all soon play the game directly instead of just watching others^^ Thanks FIki^^
  11. Doesn't work for me, the only thing that reacts are the filters on the side. all other buttons seem to be without function, the cards do not go into detail and i cannot even scroll down to see more cards besides the first 16 full cards + 8 partial cards.
  12. that could be a good idea I think.
  13. You can't just base balance on blanked statements like everything with high attack needs minimal life or everything with high live needs to be faster then everything with high attack. The only think worse would be putting the desicion of a card needing buffs or nerfs on the fact of it beeing a promo card or not.
  14. was an interesting giveaway, the format forces you to stay active the entire time (thats probably why it was shorter then ususall. Oh i see 2 more to go^^ Edit: To bad i dod not win^^ but alas one can't have everything^^
  15. I was answering 1.Not and 2.Nowhere above, mainly because i did not see the main post for some reason so i had to go with the info in the questions. If ads are really necessary i think the launcher and login screen would be best as they would be least annoying there. If it is absolutely necessary even market and trade are possible as long as itz is not within the actuall game and is not in an annoying form. Annoying in my eyes would be pop ups, ads that suddenly open your browser and bring you to weird sites or ads that constantly make weird sounds, Banners on the sides would be ok i think.