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  1. I find this Idea pretty good, as pvp sometimes intimidates people in the beginning, especially when a big time investment is involved. I have checked: 1. 100% competitive, and designed by top PvP players 2. All cards U3, for deck lvl 120 As you said yourself these two are no-brainers if one supports your idea. 4. Players get more than one free composed decks per cycle, or this composed deck is choosable each cycle I like the Idea of people beeing forced to get out of their comfort zone, so I don't think every deck should be avaiable and the decks one receives should be random to a degree. But some vriants are simply neither fun nor interesting for some people so having only one deck you don't like for let's say two weeks might suck all the pvp fun out of it. Because of that the number of decks should be above one, maybe two or three not much more, but that also depends how many decks there will be. 8. Players may NOT rent composed decks: I think renting the decks would go against the "go out of your comfort zone" which I think is pretty important so I would like to avoid a solution where people can choose which deck they want with absolute freedom. As I said above two or three might be alright but if someone can just take the same deck over and over then you can just sell fully upgraded cards or even entire Decks, wouldn't make much of a difference. In addition, as this feature seems to be more for new players so having to play currency for getting this decks might be asking for a bit to much from them (you could make a mix of both though). 10. Composed decks have slight variations, even with the same faction (i. e. there might be up to 100 different decks spread among 10 factions) I think this is pretty important, some variete even if it is just one or two cards each deck will make a confrontation more intense. If I already know every single action my oponent can take then I will have more option then him (as I know his deck already amd he doesn't know mine). This of course assumes that said decks are public which they will becomme at least one or two days after distribution. Wait.... 10 factions? I thought we had only 8 factions? (fire, nature, shadow, frost, twillight, Bandits, Stonekin and lost soul) Did I miss something? Some aditional points from me: 1.I would like for this to be implemented a while afte rthe game launched, not right from the start. The reason for this is simply that in the beginning we all start with really weak decks so there is no need to have high level options to level the playing field. I also would rather start wiht low level cards as I like the flavor of seeing my cards become stronger. 2.I actually don't think mentioning this is necessary but the internet teached me to be extra carefull^^. I'm only in favour if that means we can still use our own decks and arn't forced to play with pre designed decks, that would be a big fun descalation otherwise.
  2. Gems!!! Literaly the thing that makes me think "well, that game has a pay to win cash shop... that's for sure". 100% great idea
  3. I hope, but from my experience a black market/RMT/cheating will always exist no matter how small or close knitt a community is. The main Problem for this seems to be that the buyers simply don't understand or care how much something like this harms the game normaly.
  4. I'm not against micro transactions for dlc that is more like an expansion for example a map pack or a new campaign is absolutely ok depending on the pricing. If you meant adding actually new content with your first one then I agree with you but it sounded like you wanted random boosterpacks of existing cards via real money. That said, in my experience the only thing that can really prolong a game for even decades is an active modding community as they can easily expand a game into many different directions.... but that is a bit off topic here^^ So to get back on topic: @Phoenix313: I don't know how exactly they would prevent a black market but the only possible way i see for that is banning everyone who is proven to sell or buy cards outside of the game (question is if they can afford to permaban i don't know how many people)
  5. Micro transactions are not made and are not responsible for a games durability neither as an incentive to play more or to play longer. They are partly the reason WHY you have to play longer as otherwise people would not spend money on micro transactions, but the actuall reason for longer playtime is increased rarity of specific drops/ amount of currency you get and so on. These are introduced to give a feeling of "I want X" while delaying the satisfaction of "I got/earned X" and as such trying to provoke buying said transaktion, the longer playtimes are a simple side effect and if wanted they could easily introduce them without any kind of micro transactions.
  6. yeah that is my main problem. But I assumed the moment I think it could work, I would make a post on the forum and beg people to test out my abomination and tell me after how many seconds the game crashes^^
  7. nothing for now, what i mean is that i will think about different ways to make possible what I'm thinking about and while reading through the possible script commands i will see which of them is possible and which is not possible and then i will probably start asking myself questions and try things out and then at the end of it i will come to the forum with all the left over questions that I just cannot answer myself^^
  8. Labadoos, I will apologize beforehand but i think next weekend I will come either into this thread or make a new thread with so so soooo many questions... but for now i will have to immerse myself into possibilities and roundabout solutions.
  9. Oh god... I was on the side you just gave me and couldn't really use any of that.... but now after clicking onto your link i saw that these are just topics that I have to expand first.... thanks yeah that will help i think^^. Dunno if it would work in battleforge, but yeah you could easily cheat in those games if you wanted to... on the other hand, how often did i lose the code for my hero i've worked so many hours on.... well it is the best solution we had with our limited possibilities^^ (which were still pretty good posibilities)
  10. And stumbled over my first problem^^, the rough layout for the map is more or less done (was easier then expected) but nopw i wanted to start scripting all the special conditions... sadly I can't find any list for the normaly used commands. One of the youtube tutorials had two links for these lists but it was on the old battleforge forum and these links seem to be death. Is there anywhere else where I can look them up? For the saving: WC3 did not support the function either but the solution the community came up with was as easy, genious and complicated as it could be^^. Whenever you wanted to save your characte ryou typed "-save" into the chat, the game then displayed a code with something around 30-50 letters (depending on the map) this code would contain every single bit of information for your character and was practically your savefile. In the next game you then typped "-load XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-........-XXXX" into the chat and your old charackter with all the choosen skills, level, items and even quests would be newly generated or simply"loaded" from your save file^^
  11. Allright then i will go a bit more into detail for this: War craft 3 (WC3) is a pretty normall stragegy game in which you build your structurs with wood and gold and then build units in these structures, you can even build units that can level up and learn skills besides the one given to them after production, so called heroes. There are also upgrades you can research for your normal units (from damage or defense increases to new abilities) and there can be shops on the map to buy items for your heroes. Now the editor: That one gave people a lot of freedom to change the game up into ways that were extremly different from normal game modes. One example would be Mobas (during that time called "Aoen of strife") beeing made in this editor. other examples would be 1.creep wars: Build different structures that will spawn creeps depending on the structur that will move in waves to the enemy base, first fighting the enemies wave and then later attacking the base (if they were sucesfull), buildings could be upgraded and the units would become stronger, building/upgrading more would increase your income allowing you to go for better buildings/upgrades 2. Tower defense: buidling towers to defend against waves of creeps. these maps were either made in a coop version where you needed to defend a location with multiple players or were made as vs mode where everyone had his own location and the winner was the last man standing 3. RPGs Practically changing an RTS into an RPG sometimes single player sometimes multiplayer, they even managed to implement save options were you could load your old hero into a new game with new players <- this function was not at all supported by the game and was a massive step when it happened first. sometimes even with a good story and cinematics. 4. Survivals: Zombies/Aliens/Bugs/Whatever roam the map in great numbers and kill everithing they come close to. You and the other players will need to survive as long as possible. Sometimes basebuilding style sometimes Heroe style depending on the map and the options given 5.Monster vs Players: A number of players ae set into a scenario in which they hav eto build up a base to defend against an attacking monster. the interesting part about this is that no one knows who the monster is, at the first night a random player will transform into an either pre determined or randomly choosen monster. This player can only win by defeating everyone else (the other player need to kill him) and he has to make sure that no one finds out that he is the Monster which will be increasingly harder as he will transform back and forth everytime night and day changes and the number/direction of attacks/who did not get attacked yet will sooner or later give away the player (and in the worst case they see him transform). 6. So much more Almost anything was possible to make with this editor as long as you were willing to invest your time into it. So my question was more or less if making maps that go away from the original gameplay are a possibility or if that seems not possible at all? *Edit: I would like to give an example how 1. creep wars could look in Battleforge: let's imaging a simple map like this (this is an actuall wc3 map): You can see the colorfull crosses on the right and left side, these arethe player locations and the beige point behind them is the castle they try to protect. Every player can now build building from a faction he choose before (sometimes random depending on the game mode), in BF this could be done via the decks. For example a fire player could have the option to build a scavenger, thugs, or sun striders in the beginnig, he would place the units like he does normaly but instead of having controll over them the unit is stationary (or looks totally different if you want to make a new modell just for that). The player then has different options for the "building": Upgrade to get a better but similiar unit, deactivate: no units will spawn anymore but part of the money (enrgy in battleforge) will be gifen back ~80%, Activate: pay back the money(energy) again to activate the unit spawn. The Buildings will also work as an energy well with unlimited amounts of energy (if possible energie gain/need needs to be adjusted) Every "Building" would have one building specific function: 1.Spawning a unit every 15 sec(set globall time so all buildings will spawn at the same time) 2.Spells will have a cooldown after which either automatically or on the players demand the spell will be activated 3. Passive buildings that give different kind of boni either in a restricted area or on the entire map. 4. Defenses like towers Every player would also have acces to one small area outside of the normally accesible area in which four monuments would be accesible for these players. I have no idea how much work that would be, or how much people would like that. But it was a rather fun game mode iin War craft 3 and i think it might be a good way to increase the interest people would have for this game when we look at player numbers for lets say 10 years after release. **Edit2: You know what, I'll try creating this now. Without any knoledge about how the game actually plays and never having used the map editor besides shortly looking at it it will be rather frustrating, but i should at least be able to get the layout done^^
  12. Would it be possible to make maps similiar as they were in War craft 3? The possibilities for map making in that game amazed me and where one of the reasons why i(and probably a lot of other players) played the game so long.
  13. If the download is only 2-3 gb then i will not have any problem with it (6gb is my current download/upload limit) as long as they do not change my limit again.
  14. Cool, which field are you studying? I'm at the university (so right next to you^^) studying biologie.
  15. Oh wow. that's a big surprise^^ If we should not get the download a few days early and in case i don't have access to my university the day it comes out, then I will gladly come back to your offer^^ thank you