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  1. Its the final Countdown

    Sad, this was my way of pushing the hype. I dont care about my post count, feel free to revert it to whatever you like. In the majortiy of cases, I added interesting Information on BF and its cards, people also liked. This will be my last post, due to your regualtion.
  2. Its the final Countdown

    Did you know that altar of Chaos with its mass destruction can deal up to 57 000 hitpoints?
  3. Open Beta Information

    Simple question, maybe simple answer. lets say open beta (phase 1) is 2 Months, how to proof that rare cards are working as expected, if nobody could have earned enough bfp to draw e.g. all promos possible. Same may apply to any other expensive bfp items
  4. Its the final Countdown

    Omg time is rushing, 59 days left
  5. Its the final Countdown

    Next month, but max 62 days left
  6. Its the final Countdown

    I keep my fingers crossed, hopefully it will be much less than 65 and therefore earlier than end of January
  7. Its the final Countdown

    The Juice Tank card allows for a player to receive up to 66 % more power from power wells through the course of a game.
  8. Its the final Countdown

    Mama Wing and its ability Every 3 seconds, unit casts a ray of mana that deals 67 damage to enemies in a 5m radius around its target, up to 100 in total.
  9. Its the final Countdown

    Windhunter isnt this a powerful 68 kb jpeg? ;-)
  10. Its the final Countdown

    Just call the homepage Www.69daysleft.de
  11. Its the final Countdown

    Than take it as your duty to count with me together; so far its closed to be a one man story :-/
  12. Its the final Countdown

    In 69 days we are curred
  13. Its the final Countdown

    What do have Fire Stalker and Firedancer in Common? Both costs 70