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  1. Twinson

    32 bits help

    Are there also guidance for Windows xp to Update without losing data from 32-bit to 64-Bit? @ Developers are there Andy news on making this Game 32-Bit compatible again?
  2. Twinson

    32-bit vs. 64-bit system requirements

    Ok thanks for your input. Than I keep my fingeres crossed that DEVs will allow me in future to continue playing and supporting this game.
  3. Twinson

    System Requirements

    Finally, this was the only hit while using the search, therefore I have added my post.
  4. Twinson

    32-bit vs. 64-bit system requirements

    I have meanwhile tried to launch the game after full download (instead of updater only), but without success with a 32-bit system :-/ Would it help if I manipulate the 32-bit system in such a way? "bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072 "
  5. Twinson

    32-bit vs. 64-bit system requirements

    Good to read about it, thanks for following up on this! I would love to read this item in the dev post on the open items list ;-) I believe (and hope) this is a kind of low hanging fruit for fixing. Furthermore, this seems to be a simple way to get some (even not knowing how many) further people on board.
  6. Twinson

    32-bit vs. 64-bit system requirements

    Do you know how many people are using a 32-bit system, e.g. based on Forum stats? I am currently downloading the full rare package and hope that only the updater is 64-bit and not the exe of the game itself.
  7. Hi technical guys, since the "new" version is no longer running under 32-bit systems, some or at least those whichout a more recent hardware, cannot play the game any longer. I have still the same hardware setup since I have played Battleforge last time, but why is it now no longer compatible? I there any work-around or plan to make it 32-bit compatible again? Greetings twinson
  8. Twinson

    System Requirements

    Same issue for me with a 32-bit system
  9. Twinson

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I am also on a 32-bit system (as its still the same hardware as for Battleforge times). Is there an update planned to be comp. again?
  10. Finally it did Not work out (for US), but lets stay tunned.
  11. This post is addressed to admins and keep it as motivation to make the open beta beeing my brithday present. By the way "reveal nothing" to the others ;-)
  12. Twinson

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    I have taken vacations :-/ By the way "open beta" does not mean, everything must be perfect from beginning on.
  13. Twinson

    Its the final Countdown

    Thx, will Update the countdown So, today is kind of a second chance to say,.... 34
  14. Twinson

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    :-( Now I have to reset my Countdown.

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