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  1. Astiliano

    Connect Failed problem

    @Anej56 Hi Anej, if you are also having this issue please create a new post as the cause may not be the same and it allows a more direct conversation
  2. Astiliano

    Connect Failed problem

    @Ghostrider2223 Are you still having this issue
  3. Astiliano

    problem to lauch the game

  4. Astiliano

    Game crashes when ingame with people

    @DIDGY Are you still having this issue
  5. Astiliano

    Game crashes

    @Schenkel Are you still having this issue
  6. Astiliano

    Press play, launcher closes and nothing happens

    @Savatar Are you still having this issue Edit: @Savatar I recommend creating your own post if you believe your issue is not related
  7. Astiliano


    @Kaito255 Are you still having this issue
  8. Astiliano

    Possible Bug

    @PJBrzost Are you still having this issue
  9. Astiliano

    How can i get an old Avatar back

    I don't believe there is a way to do that, either way card images are better in my opinion
  10. Astiliano


    @Tomsaydrum Were you able to resolve your issue
  11. Astiliano

    Crashes after running battle forge

    @Darshan Are you still having this problem
  12. Astiliano

    how make login

    @chinelopreto Is your issue resolved
  13. @Sneaky_Turtle Is your issue resolved
  14. Astiliano

    2550x1700 reSolution Fail Cant get it back

    @stelaru Are you still having this issue

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