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  1. Astiliano

    Game closes itself after pressing Play

    If you have a bad download re-extracting won't help (personal experience). You'll have to re-download the files. You can try using this to verify your install: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/5539-tool-powershell-script-battleforge-file-checker/&tab=comments#comment-78745
  2. Astiliano

    Sunbridge crash

    In my experience this is due to missing files. Please provide the file 'log.txt' that is found in Documents/BattleForge/Diag If you want to verify your install you can use this tool: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/5539-tool-powershell-script-battleforge-file-checker/&tab=comments#comment-78745 Other resource links:
  3. Astiliano

    2 - Trading Booster crashes Client

    NAME: Game crashes when booster added to trade window SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Forge > Direct Trade REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS (Started Today) DESCRIPTION: When adding a booster to a trade from forge, the game crashes crashdata.mdmp log.txt
  4. Astiliano

    Launcher "update 2/2"

    glad to hear!
  5. Astiliano

    cannot upgrade

    You need to upgrade in order, I, II, then III
  6. Astiliano


    This might be better suited for 'Report a Bug' section.
  7. Astiliano

    Launcher "update 2/2"

    @SalahMalla18 Are you still having this issue?
  8. Astiliano

    Launcher started but it just stays in the background

    Glad to hear, see you ingame!
  9. Astiliano

    Control groups not working

    @Creep Crusher Are you still having this issue?
  10. Astiliano

    DirectX TNF:ErrorInitializingDirectXFallBack

    @Typhoon910 Are you still having this issue?
  11. Astiliano

    Game freezing on new units or areas.

    @drzeto You might want to create a separate Topic as OP says his issue is after reinstalling Windows and yours is after an update.
  12. Ah I failed to respond to this earlier, no all they would need to do is increase quest rewards and gold drops from chest + pve. Not adding or removing anything but increasing values. As for the wipes, I would be really surprised if it took actual work to do them.
  13. Astiliano


    @lgagr96529 as a side note you should never provide logins/emails or any personal information on public mediums.
  14. Please recreate this issue and immediately provide your log.txt Open File Explorer (where you see your computer files) and paste this into the Address Bar (Where it shows your file location) %userprofile%\Documents\BattleForge\Diag You will see log.txt, please provide that here
  15. Astiliano

    only 2 dailys

    Do you see this issue every day?

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