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  1. Astiliano

    missing files

    Let me know if you're still having issues
  2. Astiliano

    Crash at loading screen

    It's a great thing for you to make a post for your friend but I would recommend he makes the post himself so he can answer any questions we may have. First off, from my experience this is because of missing files. I suggest following this: Want to verify your install? And if that comes up fine then have them provide their log.txt or follow this: Want to provide better log.txt output? https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/5914-tool-powershell-script-logtxt-parser/
  3. Astiliano

    missing files

    I sent you a message with a download link to the files you are missing, taken from my installation extract to your Battleforge\base\pak directory
  4. Astiliano

    Gamecrash in every game

    Dev's will probably need to get involved in order to view your cashdata file because I don't know how to read it https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/windbg-preview/9pgjgd53tn86?rtc=1&activetab=pivot:overviewtab log.txt
  5. Astiliano

    problem when logging in

    This thread is getting too big with too many people. Please make a new thread if you are still having an issue Also, if you are no longer having this issue please say so and if making changes resolved it please share what they were
  6. Astiliano

    [E] Exception: Certificate error

    Are you still having this issue @Mr_Turtle
  7. Astiliano

    Nothing happens after I press 'Play'

    Are you still having this problem @GandraxG
  8. Astiliano

    Why doesn't it open?

    Are you still having this problem @RazerPrime
  9. Astiliano

    [Tool: Powershell Script] Log.txt Parser

    Updated for better/unique output
  10. This is a tool to help pull the most recent Warnings, Errors, and Debug messages in order to better triage support tickets and for people to make better comparisons with their own issues rather than just reply "I'm having this issue too" to threads. They can see the output from OP and run the tool themselves to see cleaner output. Why is this needed? Going through each provided log in a long thread to verify people have similar problems and providing that output is a bit tedious. And asking the user to pull the necessary information also gives a chance for it to not include all the necessary information (overlooked messages). This process is a bit complicated for some people: Of course, for those that have a hard time or just don't wish to do this can still provide their log.txt in the post and it will be manually parsed. How do I use this? This is written in powershell. You need to open 'Command Prompt', type 'powershell' and press enter. Once at the powershell prompt you copy and paste the code from here: https://github.com/Astiliano/BattleForgeRebornCheck/blob/master/GetLog.ps1 And press enter to run 'GetLog' Step-by-step instructions: Step 1) Press your windows key, 'cmd', then press enter Step 2) This should open up command prompt which looks like this Step 3) Type 'powershell' and press enter. Note you should see 'PS' at the beginning of the line Step 4) Copy the code from here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Astiliano/BattleForgeRebornCheck/master/GetLog.ps1 and paste it into the box. (CTRL + V to paste or RIGHT CLICK inside box) Step 5) After pressing ENTER you will see output that you should provide. When providing below output PLEASE first click on the double quotes in the post text editor and paste the input INSIDE of that. Output:
  11. Astiliano

    DX9 Fallback

    Have you installed DX9? Item #6
  12. Astiliano

    FPS are down to approx. 4 FPS independent of settings

    @Twinson Awesome, and if would you mind helping me test something real quick? Press your windows key, type 'cmd' and press enter. In the black box type 'powershell' and you should see something like 'PS C:\Users\Astiliano>'. Once you do, copy and paste the following then press enter to run 'GetLog'. Provide the output here. This is not relevant to your issue but will help gather info for other folks. also let me know if you don't feel comfortable doing so
  13. Astiliano

    problem when logging in

    Made a network change to your home network? If so what did he change? Are you both trying to log in at the exact same time? Have you tried one person logging in and then the other? Personally I haven't tried multiple people logging in at the same time but my son was able to log in while I was already logged in and in a match.
  14. Astiliano


    Hi, do you feel your issue is similar to this:
  15. Astiliano

    FPS are down to approx. 4 FPS independent of settings

    My game would freeze once in a while doing rPVE and after waiting a few minutes the game would speed up and "catch up" to where it should be. In my case though the timer would also freeze and then catch up. If I remember correctly the latency checker also freezes (hovering over shows nothing) but from what you're describing it's not your pc performance that's having issues. If this is happening all the time, jump into a single player game and reproduce the issue. As soon as it freezes either force close the game (Task Manager) or wait it out and close the game then provide the log file found under Documents/BattleForge/Diag/log.txt Also do you feel your issue is similar to:

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