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  1. Hello, In order to get the Promo Snapjaws you must write in the Promo Code which is PROM-OMOU-NTAI-NEER in the market place (( the same screen that pops up when you go to buy a booster pack )) You may have missed this announcement as it was on the Discord. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  2. Hello, At the moment we are currently in the process of switching over to the full release which means all previous progress on everybody's accounts have reset and on the 18th of December it will be reset for one final time and after that you can play without worrying about it happening again. You can see this information here; Hope this helps.
  3. Alright great, glad to hear it! Moved.
  4. Going to move the thread for now since OP has not responded and it's been nearly a month. Either create a new thread if this problem is still occurring or contact me to put the thread back here.
  5. Moved for now since it's been a while since OP has even checked the thread, contact me if you wish it to be put back here.
  6. Moved since it's been a couple of months since OP has made the thread and has not replied since.
  7. Moved as it has been a couple of months since OP has made the thread and has not replied.
  8. Scourge


    Any updates / Has it been sorted out?
  9. Is the problem now fixed or could you provide us with an update to what's going on?
  10. Any updates? are you still having problems or has it been sorted?
  11. Unfortunately these things do occur within the game but as it is only open stress test no refunds can be given out, apologises.
  12. Glad it's been sorted. Moved.
  13. How well would the Construct theme'd deck work in RPvE?
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