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  1. Scourge

    When trading construct

  2. Scourge

    Lost Achievement Booster Pack at 30/30

    Unfortunately these things do occur within the game but as it is only open stress test no refunds can be given out, apologises.
  3. Scourge

    Freezing and crashing

  4. Scourge

    My game wont start

  5. Scourge

    Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 Driver

  6. Scourge

    Frezzing game

    Glad it's been sorted. Moved.
  7. Scourge

    Cyruel's Decks

    How well would the Construct theme'd deck work in RPvE?
  8. Scourge

    "Update the client"

  9. Scourge

    High command latency

  10. Scourge

    game not starting win 7 64bit

  11. Scourge

    frozen The game is frozen

  12. Scourge

    The Stress Test Rookies! 23.02.19

    LSkorpsD owned me hard lol.
  13. Scourge

    The Stress Test Rookies! 23.02.19

    Alright I have also signed up. I don't see myself doing too well but I hope I get 4th place at least lol.
  14. Scourge


    Moved and closed as it is not in English, please post in English in future.
  15. Scourge

    nach start des Updaters kommte ne fehler meldung

    Moved due to not being in English.
  16. Scourge

    Launcher.exe doesn't works

    Have you tried turning off your antivirus?
  17. Scourge

    Gifting Cards Question

    Yes it's completely fine for friends to give each other cards for free. If you do get banned which I doubt it and you have not done anything malicious then it can easily be sorted out anyway. Moved.
  18. Scourge

    i messed up

  19. Scourge

    Problem with ingame sounds

    Thread moved.
  20. Scourge

    Missing dll

  21. Scourge

    Game error missing launcher or battleforge.exe

    Thread moved.
  22. Scourge

    Connect issue Connect issue

    Glad it's been sorted. Moved.
  23. Scourge

    problem when logging in

    @VsamSam Have you tried doing what @Astilliano asked of you?

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